Economic Collapse — The Train Wreck that is Happening Now!

Posted October 2, 2015 By David Haggith

Even the Tweedledumbs of Wall Street are finally catching on to the fact that global economic collapse is happening all around them. Two weeks ago, they could have stood inside the building shown on the left with their nicely polished, rose-colored glasses and seen only signs of an improving housing market. Now enough shingles are falling on their […]

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Market Bulls are Full of Bull

Posted September 22, 2015 By David Haggith

The list of idiots who believe that the economy is in recovery and that the bull market is, apparently, eternally long is, itself, eternally long. I became breathless critiquing their dumb comments and had to cut the list short: Here’s a simple one to start with: Marketwatch’s Brett Arends says,   “Now is the time to buy stocks. Buy, […]

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A strange thing happened on the way to the stock market this week

Posted September 20, 2015 By David Haggith

Markets clenched, waiting to see whether the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates. Economists and brokers practically begged the Fed not to risk raising rates. The International Monetary Fund warned that a rise in rates at this precarious juncture could tip markets around the world into chaos. A few brave souls said, “Do it and get it over […]

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How to create sustainable economic recovery

Posted September 20, 2015 By David Haggith

It should be coming clear that economic recovery has evaded us. If you’re not seeing that just yet, your illusion of recovery will dissolve quickly this fall, just as I’ve said it would. Nothing the Federal Reserve has done has created recovery because it was never possible that such simplistic stimulus — made to appear […]

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The Obama Economic Recovery in Nine Easy Images

Posted September 20, 2015 By David Haggith

If you refuse to blame the Obama administration for the “economic recovery” pictured in these charts, then you’re just a Democrat protecting your own ideology. If, on the other hand, you refuse to blame the Republican congress, you’re just a Republican protecting your own ideology. Either way, you are part of the problem. You are […]

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We Are Now in a Global Economic Crisis

Posted September 6, 2015 By David Haggith

First comes global economic crisis where major economic issues are bursting into flames around the world. Then comes total economic collapse, where the damage is a done deal and we live in the rubble. Right now, in September, 2015, the world is in the economic crisis stage — some parts of the planet more so than others; […]

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Cashless Society War Intensifies Globally

Posted September 4, 2015 By David Haggith

The most recent headline in the intensifying war against cash is “MasterCard is at war in Canada, and it’s not against who you’d expect.” The battle described is MasterCard’s foray to establish Canada as another cashless society. The article states,   In Canada, the biggest rival MasterCard Inc. is working to obliterate, according to its local […]

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China’s & Russia’s Currency War on the Dollar

Posted September 2, 2015 By David Haggith

About a year ago, I said the Chinese economy would not crash, but that it would come in for a controlled landing as Beijing sought to lower it to a target of 7% growth — still excellent growth. So, there’s one I appear to have gotten wrong, given that China is starting to look like a train wreck. At […]

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Look Around You And See Where We Are Now

Posted August 30, 2015 By David Haggith
What road is our economy on. Where are we going from here?

If you want to understand what is on our event horizon right now — as the blurb about this blog in the sidebar says the blog is about — look around you without rose-colored glasses. Take off the funky shades and see what reality really looks like. Here is how we got to where we are now: […]

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The one prediction I’ve made over the past years on this blog that came the closest to looking wrong has taken some time to gain perspective on. When I predicted the stock market would crash in the fall of 2014, it did take a big plunge, but it immediately spiked back up, so I couldn’t exactly call […]

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A Simple List of Current Causes of Global Economic Collapse

Posted August 27, 2015 By David Haggith
John [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Here is a clear and simple list of the pressures that are building toward global economic collapse. All of the following toxic elements are pouring into the global economic mix at the same time to where I am certain this toxic brew will blow up this fall. The foreshocks are already being felt.   Shrinkage in production and consumption […]

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How the Coming Global Economic Collapse will Play Out

Posted August 24, 2015 By David Haggith

I feel like David versus Goliath. The Goliaths are the fantasy fund managers, the T.V. economists and the centrally bloated bankers that nearly the entire world listens to, even though they were gravely wrong in not seeing the Great Recession coming. Far more people listen to their aspirations than listen to my beliefs about a coming global economic […]

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Illegal Immigrants Outnumber Unemployed Americans

Posted July 29, 2015 By David Haggith
By Rrenner (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The number of illegal immigrants in the United States totaled 11.3 million in 2014, outnumbering the 9.6 million Americans who were unemployed in the same year, according to data from Pew Research Center and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). “The new unauthorized immigrant total includes people who cross the border illegally as well as […]

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Bursting Bubbles: China’s Bubble Burst, What Next?

Posted July 28, 2015 By David Haggith
Wall Street bubbles being blown everywhere

Bubble, bubble, we’ve got trouble. China’s market turned to rubble. Wonder, wonder who comes next? Burst your bubble; read this text.   U.S. stock market’s hot-air balloon ride has already ended   With China’s bubble burst, you might want to re-examine the U.S. stock market if you have ever enjoined the illusion that the market’s growth […]

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