Stock Market Crash 2015 Will Arrive in Time for 2014

Posted April 3, 2015 By David Haggith

Granted, I bet my blog that the U.S. stock market would crash in the fall of 2014. So, on what basis can I say the crash of 2014 is happening right on schedule in 2015? And why am I still writing?   The great stock market crash of 2014 that didn’t happen … yet   […]

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There is one reason I’m posting again on my blog and that is that the Federal Reserve lied. The long-promised end of quantitative easing by the Fed last fall never happened, and, strangely, no one has called the Fed on that. I cry foul.   It was the end of quantitative easing in 2014 … not! […]

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2015 Economic Predictions

Posted January 1, 2015 By David Haggith

I start the year by ending my blog in fulfillment of my bet, so this will be my last post, even as I lay out my 2015 economic predictions, which I think will be my best to date. Last year, I predicted that the economy would become particularly volatile in the fall — especially the U.S. stock […]

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An Economic Vision for Real, Sustainable Recovery

Posted December 24, 2014 By David Haggith

My economic vision for a sustainable economic recovery is easy to understand, easy to believe in and almost impossible to enact politically. I’ve laid it out in bullet points throughout the article below:   Banks that failed would be allowed to fail, so the bad stuff dies and decays back into the fetid earth, and the evil and greedy are […]

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This article is meant to be a kick in the ribs to a sleeping America. So, I hope you don’t like it. I hope it annoys you and jars you awake. Six years of economic struggle, and America has learned nothing from the Great Recession. Congress just passed a bill that assures cash-bloated banksters that the […]

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Stock Market Collapse Continues to Unfold in Turbulent Fall

Posted December 13, 2014 By David Haggith

Yes, the economic headwinds all over the world are growing, and a subconscious awareness is spreading that there is no recovery. It is now starting to look like the stock market is banging its head on a glass ceiling. Consider just the events of this past week:   Stock market collapse seen in second correction?   What? […]

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Fall shows no recovery in economic recovery in the news

Posted November 26, 2014 By David Haggith

The stock market plunged. Then it seemed to recovery as if the good times would keep rolling, but look at what’s around the corner. Just a few headlines here showing where the economic news is starting to drift:   Orders for Business Equipment Unexpectedly Fall Orders for U.S. business equipment such as machinery and electrical gear […]

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Predicting the Iran nuclear talks would get nowhere was as easy as shooting fish in a fish market. What’s hard is understanding why so many others fail to see the obvious. Last week, I wrote,   It would surprise me greatly to see the West have the pluck to say, “This was our fourth deadline, […]

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Global Economic Headwinds Continue to Build

Posted November 19, 2014 By David Haggith

The economic turmoil I predicted last spring and summer arrived onshore right on schedule, but the arrival was not quite the storm I said it would be when I later added that the U.S. stock market would likely crash. While the stock market did take a serious plunge a few days after I said its crash was likely imminent, it now rises […]

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Reagan Budget Director: Recovery of Stock Market Rigged

Posted November 19, 2014 By David Haggith

Was the recovery of the stock market rigged? David Stockton, President Reagan’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget, says it was:   The markets plunged on a vague recognition that the central bank promoted recovery story might not be on the level. But that tremor didn’t last long. Right on cue the next day, one of the very dimmest Fed heads — James […]

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In this candid YouTube video, the architect of Obama’s signature accomplishment states that avoidance of “transparency” was essential to selling the law to “stupid American voters.”    (This video, just posted on YouTube today, is of candid remarks made by Jonathan Gruber at the Annual Health Economists’ Conference in 2013 in which he is essentially boasting to his fellow economists about […]

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Wealth Inequality in America Funded by Federal Reserve

Posted October 23, 2014 By David Haggith

When Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen worries about growing wealth inequality in America, I wonder if she’s truly unaware of how she creates this disparity. All of the Fed’s efforts at economic recovery have been directly applied toward helping the America’s most wealthy recover first. How can you not create greater wealth inequality in America when the recovery program for the Great Recession […]

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For Once I Agree with Larry Kudlow

Posted October 19, 2014 By David Haggith

Larry Kudlow wrote, “One of the absolutely stupidest things I have heard in recent weeks is that the recent drop in oil prices is bad.” Stupid, indeed. I wouldn’t even use falling oils prices to claim I won my bet that the economy would enter a stormy period this fall. All the same, Larry practically hands me the winnings on my […]

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Can the CDC Stop Ebola in the US?

Posted October 17, 2014 By David Haggith

Looking at this list of failures of the Centers for Disease Control to stop Ebola in the US so far, there’s good reason to wonder if they are up to the job. The cheapness of hospitals and the foolishness of adminstrators and doctors in not being better prepared is inexcusable. Consider the following examples and my common-sense […]

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