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If 2016 Wasn’t the Epocalypse, What the Heck Was it?

2017 Economic Forecast is looking like the mother of all storms

So, 2016 wasn’t the predicted Epocalypse, but it sure was weird! Globally, it was a year of continued economic malaise and increasing financial risks. Most notably, though, it was a year of political upheaval that pitted voters in the UK, Italy and the US in civil wars at the ballot box. Here are a few of the otherworldly highlights that typified the troubles of 2016:


You may have thought it was your nation’s worst year or maybe even the world’s worst if you …


  • were a globalist and saw your world start to fly apart in Brexit and other pending exits or
  • if you were a European citizen who had to watch your streets lit on fire or your friends get raped and pillaged due to unimaginable immigration inflation
  • or a Hillarite and you watched your wretched bobble-head candidate faint from crisis to crisis, win the popular vote in spite of the endless scandals, and still lose the electoral vote to someone you regarded as a boisterous buffoon
  • or you were a Hillarite who revolted against the election results after lambasting her opponent for not agreeing before the results to accept them no matter what … and then found yourself unable to overturn the election
  • or a Sanders supporter and you watched your candidate get a shiv in his back from his own party
  • or the president of the United States who saw his whole eight-year legacy game plan end in an incomplete pass to a player who left the field
  • or George Soros who couldn’t buy an election that year with all the money in the world, only to rant like a baby about how the world would end due to one man who trumped him at every turn
  • or anyone important in the Democratic Party who used email that year
  • or a member of the mainlining media, which saw its overrated reputation finally shredded because your networks endlessly retold fake news stories, hoping to spin them into golden threads of truth by merely spinning the wheel of the news cycle over and over
  • or a Trumpette who had to endure months of seeing your candidate endlessly lied about and who then faced the hatred of half of the US population when you won anyway because the electoral college does what it does
  • or a Trumpette who watched in bewilderment as your anti-establishment candidate backpedalled on nearly all your favorite issues and lined up the establishment’s Who’s Who for a cabinet and kissed up to the house speaker you couldn’t stand and backed away from putting crooked Hillary in jail because she’s “good people”
  • or if you just got weary of watching the liars call the liars … “liars”
  • or an Israelite who saw the US pave the way for future UN actions against your nation with the unorthodox withholding of a veto
  • or a Venezuelan or Brazilian who watched your economy fall into abject ruin to where a bag of bread will cost you a bag of money (so you might as well eat your dough before you spend it)
  • or a Chicagoan who accidentally left home without your gun that year
  • or anyone who doesn’t like mushrooming wars in the Middle East as you watched the US president attempt to launch the world’s first cyberwar with the world’s other greatest nuclear power over alleged weapons of cyber destruction
  • or if you lived in Syria and had to watch the US empower its arch enemy ISIS to kill your children in order to oust a leader who never did anything good but never did much directly against the US either
  • or if you were CEO of one of the two oldest and largest banks in the world that weathered every storm in 150 years only to beg for money and your bank’s survival this year
  • or the CEO of an oil company or the head of any oily Arab state, dying under your own policies as you, ironically, kill off your own OPEC cartel
  • or a bond-fund manager.


Yes, it was annus horribilis for many, as Queen Elizabeth II said of the year when her palace burned and her princess daughter-in-law died and scandal plagued the family. 2016 wasn’t just a year of bad things; it was a year of freaky bad things; but it wasn’t the end of the world … so far.

If it wasn’t the actual Epocalypse, it must have been its antechamber. If it wasn’t the queen of all bad years, it was her joker. And its whirling dervish of abnormalities came foremost because it was the first year in the history of the world where globalists everywhere saw sweeping peasant revolts turn against seventy years of expanding unification under centralized control.


With that as backdrop, here is my second prediction for 2017:


This is the year the globalists dig in and fight back. They will fight to the death of any and all opponents before they will see seventy-plus years of globalizing work plowed under. That means conflict and economic turmoil will escalate all over the world in 2017. The fight is on.

Maybe the Epocalypse comes as an exponentially faster acceleration into global hellishness and not a sudden plunge over the abyss. Maybe its not “Epocalypse Now,” as I announced last year but Epocalypse Dawning in years of ever increasing aberration that are now the new norm.


  • Chris P

    I have thought about the markets and banks for the past week in regard to what the great recession is and will turn out to be. I believe the bankers will never let the markets crash as long as they have control over the printing press. In your last post you show the kind of things that are going on but we all keep looking at the charts to see what is going to happen. If we look over the past 7 years and look for the real unemployment numbers and real GDP we would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are in the worst depression in America’s history. Thanks to the MSM we have been shouted down and will continue to be.
    Like I said last time if we look at the other countries that are in various states of decay from bad to worse we never see their markets go to represent true value. The reason is banks and governments rely on this to support their lie of real wealth. I guess what I’m getting at is you hit the great recession right on time with great accuracy and timing but the results are not going to be dropping stocks and rising bonds but social unrest and civil war with great turmoil around the world. I know I can type it with the eloquence and grammer you do but hope you see my general thought?
    Thanks Chris

    • Hi Chris,

      We may have to see oner time where the Trump rally goes, but so far, it seems to have completely softened as I said it would this month. It’s not quite a “slump” yet, but the rally appears to have died. It may, of course, be that people are now treading water to see wait for the inauguration and see what the Trumpster’s first moves are.

      I agree with you that the big prediction I’ll make for this year is social unrest and chaos. Lots of it. The fight is on. And, if Trump doesn’t deliver, the fight will be on from his own unsatisfied supporters over the larger course of time. If he does deliver on even half of what he promised, it will be the establishment fighting back with everything it can AND liberals (even the non-establishment ones like Bernie supporters) looking for a nice return to the 60’s so they can stage endless protests and riots all over the country. It will be George Soros fomenting discontent and violence wherever he can with plenty of people who are ready to join in the fray.


  • Chris P

    We are very myopic when we look at the world and our lives. That is a good job of looking at the world from different perspectives. I think we are all going to feel the heat from the globalist’s for trying to resist their wisdom. Thanks Dave

    • Thanks, Chris. I’m sure we won’t have to wait long to find out. The next series of big conflicts will come around Trump’s inauguration as millions of people do everything they can to refuse to accept the election results that they castigate Trump over when he wouldn’t promise that he’d accept him. That, they said, was the most un-American, unpatriotic thing they had EVER heard of, but now that THEY’VE lost, it is the most patriotic thing in all the world!

      What did THEY do when it came time to accept the election results? 1) Challenge the counts for recounts in every area where they thought they had a chance; 2) Create petitions for their states to secede from the union and become a nation of their own; 3) do everything they could to persuade the electoral college NOT to vote in the manner it always has; 4) undermine the election results with endless unproven stories about Russian hacking (maybe true, maybe not; but intelligence agencies were FAR from the agreement that the press and the loser candidates kept claiming); and, with all of that failing, 5) create protest rallies all over the nation during Trump’s inauguration to see if they can either prevent the inauguration from happening or, in the very least, make is inauguration the darkest day in national history that they can try to create.

      There has always been a lot of hypocrisy among voters, but this is the worst and most inflamed and rampant hypocrisy I’ve ever seen from those who have claimed it is totally un-American to not accept election results.

      As for the media, everybody else’s news is fake news, but their own exaggerated and highly spun stories, which they run day after day, that’s all bedrock reality. They have lost even the pretense of separating their own commentary from news stories. So, while “the Year of the Epocalypse” did not turn out to be the financial catastrophe that I predicted for the US, it certainly turned out to be the most chaotic political year I’ve ever witnessed, while finances in the US got worse, not better.

      I suspect the protests are just gearing up, and 2017 will look a lot like the sixties where everything the president does results in another March, and where we’ll see increasing violence on the part of self-righteous protestors who feel their own righteousness merits violent action. And, so, the economy will continue on a long inexorable slide to the bottom because I don’t think a nation in chaos is likely to accomplish anything successful economically. Gridlock i congress and on Main Street will only grow more intense.

      Thus, the Epocalypse may have fooled me a bit in HOW it plays out, but it is certainly playing out on schedule … as I did say repeatedly that the economic aspect would likely be delayed because all stops would be pulled out by the Obama administration to keep the economy’s head above water (particularly the most visible part — the stock market) until the election was over or, more likely, until Obaa’s out of office so that Trump can be the one to take the fall. Looks like that is how its going to happen. Now they will use all their financial backers to stir up trouble to make it harder for Trump to keep the economy running, and they will say it is all his fault because his rhetoric constantly inflames people. (Partly true, but they also WANT to be enflamed and they constantly assure that whatever inflammatory thing he says gets presented over and over in the worst possible light in order to MAKE CERTAIN it causes the greatest amount of social damage possible.)

      So, welcome to the Epocalypse. Like all global crashes, there are (as I’ve always said) too many pieces to know exactly hot it will play out (which pieces will fall first). What matters most is simply that you see it is coming and make your financial situation as stable as you can. There is not a lot you can do but take reasonable precautions — be prudent — and hopefully not be too shocked by it as its big waves come onshore.

  • QEternity

    I vote for the ongoing event, much like “The Fourth Turning”.

    It really does not matter what pols & CB’s actually say, they’ll just do whatever TF they want because, well frankly, no one stops them.

    And I certainly don’t expect Trump to stop them either.

    Economist Richard Duncan thought the US could get to $24T or so before we see a $USD crisis. I used to believe him but now I think we get past $30T.

    This whole “inflation” thing is a blip. Rates will go down again against deflation. The world is in hock past it’s eyeballs. No one can afford higher interest rates by any stretch.

    So despite all the “news”, you can look forward to…

    …more QEternity.

    Coming to a Fed near you!

    • You could be right about the maximum limit of debt we can reach before it comes down of its own dead weight. (Who knows because no nation this size and this economically diverse has ever gone there before?)

      I’m staying with this is the year it goes down, however If the global banksters are ever going to switch to a global, digital currency, there would be nothing like a global crisis to move that along. But if they let the economy crash, knowing they cannot keep up their recovery mirage that much longer anyway, it only proves THEY failed. Their recovery was worthless. In that case, who would trust them with the answers? (Maybe people would; they seem pretty willing to be duped over and over.)

      …Unless the banksters have a fall guy.

      In comes Trump who has rallied most of the anti-globalists around him. He’s got most of the non-globalists in his net. Now, if the international bankers let things fall, they can blame it all on him and his anti-establishment followers and say, “See, this is what happens when the masses support nationalism and narrow non-global thinking. We had a recovery going, and you guys killed it with your foolishness. We warned you this would happen.”

      That will make it easier for them to step in with an even more global answer to say, “Let us get back to the recovery we were starting to enjoy just before all of you elected Trump.” They will get away with saying that because they have already convinced many people that there actually is a recovery and not just a QEternally propped up recession … as you and I believe.

      I don’t know that they planned Trump. I’m not saying he is part of a globalist conspiracy; but those who think globally and think gargantuanly have contingency plans for everything. “What if an anti-establishment person makes it in as president and isn’t on the game plan?” There is always contingency thinking — even if its not a globalist conspiracy (as in a neatly laid out fifty-year plan) but just a lot of like-minded self-interested bankers pursuing their own interests from year to year.

      They will be opportunists and say, “If Trump cannot be brought under our influence and tries to run things in the opposite direction of where we’re going and turns back to nationalism, then we’ll let it all fall on his head so he takes the blame.” (An alternative, of course, is that they arrange an accident for him. One thing that is definitely NOT an alternative is that they let him succeed with steering the country toward a more nationalist stance.)

      They’ve managed to get so many of their own colleagues on his cabinet, though, that it looks to me like they could absorb him by using all those advisors he will be leaning on to convince him their ways are better … while letting him think he is finding his ways through his advisors.