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A Scotsman’s View of Globalism -or- Or How a Guy with Red Hair Becomes President


The following is a guest editorial from one of The Great Recession Blog‘s faithful readers who prefers to simply go by his pseudonym “Auldenemy.” I wanted to share it here because it offers observations from the UK — the first nation to exit the EU — that closely parallel the immigration issues that fueled Donald Trump’s victorious anti-globalist campaign in the US.



Hillary Clinton pushed and pushed Obama into regime change in Libya. What has that achieved? Libya has no coherent government, only tribal factions slugging it out with bullets, torture and blackmail. It has also become the gateway for endless thousands of young, mainly Muslim, African men to make their way to a financially bankrupt Europe. What jobs will mainly non-educated young African men get in Southern Europe where unemployment among the young, indigenous populations of Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal ranges between 39 to 50%? So of course they, then, try to get to Northern Europe, but even Northern Europe has high levels of youth unemployment and huge levels of national debt.

How can these countries provide the poor and war torn of the world with housing and benefits for years if not most of their lives? Of the over 1 million Syrian refugees who made it to Germany last year, only 34,000 are in employment. So even mighty, worker-hungry Germany with its aging population is subsidizing hundreds of thousands of Syrians. Female Muslims are expected to reproduce in high numbers. What exactly is Germany going to look like in a future where its indigenous population is constantly shrinking while its Muslim population is constantly growing?

The young, along with cosy academics and well paid, middle class, media hacks are completely brainwashed with the false PC message peddled by the triangle of banking, politics and big Corp. world. They love all the gush about a world with no borders, the entire human race freely moving where they please, everyone being equal. They appear to have no regard for the reality of such an ideology, as in the poor and war torn will of course head to the West. Who wouldn’t to escape wars, lunatic dictators and terrible levels of poverty. The problem is that it is unsustainable.

Even if the West wasn’t mired in impossible levels of debt, how on earth can it accommodate endless millions from Africa, the Middle East and Asia? What work is available to them in a climate where many indigenous Westerners are struggling to make ends meet due to low paid jobs and stagnant wages? How do we sustain them exactly?

50% of primary schools in Holland are now made up of Muslim children. The curriculum has had to be dumbed down because many Muslim children — even second and third generation — speak little to none of the language of their adopted country. I, myself, at one point taught Muslim children in Glasgow who were deemed, ‘Special Needs’ but whom I quickly discovered were in fact struggling at school because they spoke little English. (Some had mothers who spoke not a word of English.)

In a recent survey, 74% of British Muslims wish to be ruled by Sharia Law. The proportion of those wanting this is highest among young, second-and-third-generation Muslim men. So we have many Muslims born in the UK and educated here who identify only with a Stone-Age, female-repressing religion that by its very nature cannot operate by being democratic. And, yet, the media focuses only on Muslims who have integrated into Western society, ignoring completely the majority who do, indeed, live here peacefully but completely despise Western culture.

Trump raised these valid immigration issues, and the neo-liberal establishment of the West and all their fellow rich luvvies like George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bob Geldoff, etc., went crazy. What was not allowed to be said by anyone in a position of power … was said … and that is why so many Americans, sick and tired of the status-quo, cosy, corrupt set-up between Banksterville, big Corp. world, politicians and the media voted for Trump.


The Polish contribution to UK immigration overrun


Poland loves the EU because it has received endless billions in subsidies (paying for a much better transport system, etc.) while putting nothing into the EU other than sending its youth unemployment to Britain! Yes, big Corp. world loves cheap Polish labour, but 3 million Poles now living in the UK in a matter of years has contributed to our out-of-control immigration, in turn causing the worst housing crisis since WWII, over-crowded schools, a bucking NHS (which the BBC blames solely on our aging population but never mentions the fact that we have the highest population in our history, despite our indigenous birth rate shrinking for decades).

If all immigration was stopped tomorrow, the UK will still be the most highly populated country in Europe, per our land mass, by 2050. So how does any country keep sustaining uncontrolled immigration? It is simply impossible. If a country is over run by immigration then at some point it turns into exactly the same shXt holes these poor people are fleeing. How does that make the world a better place?

So non-entity, Polish Donald Tusk (by the way known in Poland for corruption and possible involvement in the murder of the ex-president in a suspicious plane crash), struts on the EU stage and has the nerve to threaten this country with trade tariffs. This after Britain, ill-prepared and loathing the thought of another generation lost to an industrial scale war, went to war with Hitler specifically because he had invaded Poland. So much for loyalty!


The insidious invasion of the German superstate


European Emperor Angela Merkel

European Emperor Angela Merkel

I see NO loyalty in the EU. All I see is a vast, out-of-control, bureaucratic dictatorship mainly run by Germany and an old, unelected alcoholic, Jean Claude Juncker who drivels and rants about a borderless superstate, with one Federal government (which of course will be run mainly by Germany), and an EU Army (welcome to the Fourth Reich!).

The EU should never have grown beyond being a trading alliance. All of Europe was conned! When did Europeans get to vote for a trading alliance to turn itself into a borderless superstate run by Germany??? Is that why my own father, joining up aged only 17, went through five years of seeing death and destruction? Is that why his 27-year-old brother, who loathed the prospect of war and killing but bravely did his duty, joined up and was killed? NO!


Brexit and Trump are the reflexive response


Anyone who speaks out against this fake neo-liberalism that has infested the West is, at best, derided as ‘”ignorant.” (The Guardian, The Independent, The BBC, and Channel 4 News have claimed endlessly that Brexit voters are, “uneducated.”) God forbid the “ignorant masses” should be allowed to decide the future of their countries.

I think two key things are happening in the West; the first is that millions of actually not extreme — or even politically inclined people — are simply tired of a neo-liberal front in politics, which they know is a complete fake. They know because they saw how easily Banksterville got bought-out governments to bail them out and hand the bill to Main Street. They then watched Banksterville just merrily carry on in corrupt mode.

The second-greatest problem for more and more Westerners is watching uncontrolled and mostly Muslim immigration take place in their countries, this at a time when indigenous Americans and Europeans are struggling to keep their heads above water. Our countries are sinking in debt and yet here is this neo-liberal agenda merrily allowing all and anyone into our countries.

Some of these immigrants are committing terrible crimes but don’t get deported, and the media won’t report it if it is only one person with their throat cut, or one woman raped by a Muslim asylum seeker in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Britain etc. The fact that now hundreds of rapes have been committed in Europe by so-called asylum seekers is not reported by most of the MSM. Yes, most Muslims are peaceful but that doesn’t mean the lunatic ones can just be ignored and allowed to roam about Europe and the USA as they please until eventually they commit a bigger atrocity.

To talk of this is to immediately be accused of racism by the established elites in the West and their media shills. That is ridiculous and another reason why people who are not racist and have no problem with controlled immigration voted for Brexit and in the USA, Trump. Both Trump and Brexit are the desperate cry of ordinary citizens, hollowed out between Banksterville and a neo-liberal agenda peddled by paid-out elites, who have simply had enough.


  • Auldenemy

    Am very honoured David that you should deem one of my rants good enough to be used on your site. Thank you for giving ordinary people like myself a voice.

    • It’s nice to get a UK perspective. Everything that is happening there — in terms of the economy, immigration, changes in education, banking, and political revolt — seem to match exactly with what is happening in the US. What could speak more clearly of a global agenda?

      I’ve appended to your article comments you posted in another article about immigration as they make a good wrap-up for this article.

  • horn blower

    “…..Brexit voters are, “uneducated.”) God forbid the “ignorant masses” should be allowed to decide the future of their countries.”

    The movie Idiocracy depicts the future when the uneducated take over–hence the overwhelming homeschoolers in America use books from original source or books dated earlier than 1960 (when they started to change the history books here).

    • Auldenemy

      Very interesting comment. Thank you. It was the same here; once the 1960s got going there was this radical, anti British sentiment that took hold in education and the media. Our, ‘Betters’ started beating up our own country and turning all of our history into something to be ashamed of, thrown away, replaced with a Brave New World, Neo Lib. agenda. I am not saying there aren’t things in British history to be ashamed of, but I think that probably applies to most major economies on this planet. I am not saying they shouldn’t be exposed and discussed either. I do however think the, ‘Elites’ have gone over board in their desire to make us feel like scum for being white. The PC garbage is taken as reality; every white USA, UK and European citizen is a racist and every black and/or Muslim a victim of white oppression. There are no black or Muslim monsters in the Neo Lib agenda. The BBC just ignore black versions of Hitler (like Robert Mugabe). Rapes and murders by immigrants are not reported (on the basis that it incites, ‘racism’), but any attacks in the UK against migrants (and thankfully they are mostly verbal) go to the top of the BBC and Channel 4 News, ditto most of the press. In desperation the Neo Libs in the UK and EU are now peddling – via their shill media outlets – the belief that more serious attacks in the UK and EU by Muslim extremists (as in when they manage to kill quite a few innocent civilians in one go, which the media knows it cannot ignore), as being the product of, ‘Mental Illness’. So they are turning vicious killers into victims again! Going by that argument, Hitler and all the SS extermination squads, concentration camp guards etc etc were mentally ill and none should have been put on trial and hanged following their destruction of Europe. Instead they should have been sent to luxury prisons, appointed their own personal psychiatrists and released quietly a few years later (which is what happens to many sadistic murderers in the UK and EU these days).

      It looks like the Neo Lib agenda struck the West like a flu epidemic, hitting the USA, UK and EU all at the same time (beginning in the 1960s). I can see why it started and quickly took hold. The generation that grew up post WWII were naturally horrified by it. Germany had been considered the most civilised, cultured country in Europe and yet it was taken over by a monster who unleashed the monster in too many others. So all the old ways of self discipline, of attending church, of facing challenges without going to bits at the first hurdle (the well known, ‘stiff upper lip’), had lead to nothing but two terrible world wars in Europe. Worse still, two atom bombs had been dropped on Japan. So the young of the 1960s put their two fingers up to the old and far more Conservative ways of the West. They threw themselves into The Beatles and The Rolling Stones; drugs were cool man and so was having as much sex as you wanted (especially with the invention of the pill). Even if your girlfriend got pregnant, abortion had been legalised and heck, if she was daft enough to keep it the new Welfare State could pay to support her and your illegitimate child, (who you could just forget about as you moved on to bed other chicks). Meanwhile, academics in their 30s and older got busy on demolishing Western history. Politicians joined in and so did the media. At some stage, banking and big corp. craftily realised that they could manipulate this new, PC Neo Lib agenda by pretending to join it! Banksterville (once free of the gold anchor in 1971), was let loose to begin the process of turning as many Western citizens as possible into debt junkies, and they did, in spades! Big Corp. swallowed up the High Street while peddling fiction about its, ‘High standard Ethnicity policies ‘ and, ‘Being Environmentally Friendly’ (while poisoning us with its GM crop produced junk food, and out sourcing so as to pay peanuts to men women and children working in slave labour conditions in Asia and the East). Cheap Labour needed in the West was welcomed in the form of immigration and then welcomed even if non who came ever intended to work!

      I look back and like all old farts I prefer the world I knew before the age of the computer, mobile phone and, ‘Globalisation’. There is something so cold, so plastic, so utterly dead about the world we live in now. I am hopefully completely wrong and the young will go forward and somehow, the sense of individual isolation (which is causing unprecedented amounts of depression in the West) will be resolved. Worse still I hope that mass poverty and another raging war in Europe, or even a full scale global conflict, will be avoided.

      As a child I remember seeing those, ‘Free Love’ banners carried by the Cannabis smoking hippies of the time. The problem is, there isn’t, ‘Free’ anything. The piper always has to be paid one way or another.

      Well, Knave Dave gave me my 15 mins of fame. Time for me to shut up and not leave any further monologues for awhile.

      Multum In Parvo