George Soros: The Man Behind the Mayhem

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I have struggled to understand George Soros because he is a character riddled with contradiction. His push to break down borders by increasing immigration all over the world is undermining his desire to establish a unified Europe and a unified world. By pushing too hard, too fast, he’s creating obvious pushback. So, I decided to work on an article that would help me get a little better sense of what drives him.

On the one hand, he openly acknowledged at the end of 2016 that an “immigration crisis” is busting Europe apart at the seams. On the other, he states that the EU has always been his cherished project. So, why is he pushing immigration to the EU’s breaking point?

I see the same contradiction in German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Europe is clearly her favorite project, too, and yet she seems hell-bent on stuffing immigrants from outside of Europe down every European nation’s throat, including her own, to a degree that is clearly over stressing indigenous cultures and creating fractures everywhere.

Clearly Europe already has financial fractures that risk busting apart Europe’s always-precarious union of iron bonded together with clay. Do these two leaders thrive on stress so much that they feel compelled to force more discontented and impoverished people into an already fractured vessel? Are they just pathologically inclined toward self-destruction? Are they immigration bulimics who can’t stop stuffing themselves –addicts who have to keep shoving another needle in their arm, no matter the harm?

Another full-on euro crisis in 2017 seems like an obvious prediction to me. Why is it not obvious to those who so want the eurozone to succeed?


Poor Sore Soros


George Soros lost a billion dollars because his bets against a Trump victory crashed on his head. Soros recently fell into a public tirade and wrote that Trump is a Nazi — a would-be dictator who threatens the glorious hope of the new world order. (The very fact that Soros feels compelled to admit that Trump now “threatens the new world order” makes me feel good to know that even the new world order’s strongest backers feel his hot breath on their necks. We can only hope Soros is right.)

Soros is concerned that rejection of Hillary means the dawning of democracy in the world is being extinguished. Those words tell me Soros will do all he can to rile people against the new US leader who extinguished Hillary’s flame, democratically elected as he was. Here again, Soros is a contradiction, for he is always talking about how important democracy is; but I hope to sort that out in this article, too.

Soros is afraid that America will now be ““unable to protect and promote democracy in the rest of the world.” If he thinks Hillary would have done that, he must mean that, under Trump, we will now no longer carry out as many wars and coups as the US staged under Hillary’s state department in order to assure democracy. (Again, I would find that refreshing; but it is apparently alarming to Soros who, himself, was an advocate of the coup in Ukraine and of Hillary’s war in Syria. See my earlier published State Department documents.)

Soros laments that his new world order is disordering itself, “first from Brexit, then from the election of Trump in the US, and on December 4 from Italian voters’ rejection, by a wide margin, of constitutional reforms;” but everyone knows these movements are primarily being fueled by the EU’s insane immigration policies. Even in the US, immigration was a main issue. Maybe liberals love these immigration policies, but clearly there are too many people who don’t, and when you try to force feed people on each other, they’re going to throw up on you.

With equal blindness, Soros laments all the fake news that has “disoriented electorates” and “destabilized democracies.” I say it is blindness because Soros does everything he can to destabilize any democracy that is nationalistic by bankrolling riots against any government that is not going along with his globalist dogma. He is both pushing unwanted immigration in mass and financing protests and coups, which makes it seem peculiar that he’s surprised by growing disorder in the new world order.

The baldfaced hypocrisy is astounding.


What makes Soros tick, and what makes him talk?


George Soros states that his overriding cause in everything he supports philanthropically is what he calls the creation of “open societies,” and he states that the one principle he believes can save humanity is pluralism. Without that, he believes we will destroy each other. He witnessed such destruction as a boy in Hungary under Hitler’s occupation where clearly pluralistic cultures were not embraced, and he states those years were formative to his character, as I imagine they would be.

Maybe that is what drives Soros to put enormous amounts of money into squeezing people together through immigration, even though he sees that it is creating stress fractures in his beloved European Union. Given the horrors that he witnessed as a child, his need to force pluralistic societies into being could be pathologically driven.

But there, I think, is the key failure in his belief system. Soros truly believes he can create pluralistic societies by pushing people together so that people of different beliefs and culture learn to get along. If I were asked what is the greatest common trait humanity has that can save us from each other, I wouldn’t answer “pluralism.” I’d answer that it would have to be love of humanity. In the absence of love for all humanity, pushing people together will only create conflict, but I don’t think Soros understands love. Soros is working like a machine to force something to happen because, like a machine, he doesn’t understand the underlying love that is necessary in order for that to actually work.

Given his childhood, as retold in the video below, I believe he truly believes in the value of open societies. I can certainly see where that kind of childhood would make that a belief of fierce importance. By the same token, then, Soros only believes in it so long as those societies are moving democratically toward his unifying principle of pluralism were Jews and Germans, Blacks and Whites, Christians and Muslims can live side by side. If, however, democracies elect autocratic leaders, he prefers to rip them into shreds. Maybe that is how he acts out his pent-up rage against Hitler, and maybe that’s why he has wanted to see so much immigration into Germany.

Even Steve Kroft on Sixty Minutes struggled almost twenty years ago to understand the Jekyll-and-Hyde nature of George Soros who openly describes his financial endeavors as being done without any regard to morality or social consequences but who, outside of his business life, “tries to be moral” and is very socially involved. Here is the actual interview, not the popular fake-news one plastered on conservative sites all over the internet (which attempts to make Soros look even worse than he naturally does by editing together statements that didn’t happen in the same context and by removing his qualifying statements):





Even in this unmanipulated version of the interview, Soros makes the peculiar statement that it was “not at all” difficult for him to travel with his Nazi protector and watch the man confiscate the property of his fellow Jews. It didn’t trouble him in the least because he wasn’t the one doing it.

While Soros was not the one actually seizing the property of his fellow people, as the fake news versions make it sound, I have to think most people with a conscience would experience duress just watching what was happening to their own people. That Soros says it wasn’t the least bit difficult indicates some pathology had already set in … as though he was numb to what was happening or was able to completely dissociate himself from what his Nazi protector was doing.

The particularly telling part is when he immediately goes on with a smile to equate that experience of watching the confiscation of Jewish property to being just like his work in financial markets where, if he wasn’t the one causing currencies to break down with his own speculation, someone else would be causing the chaos anyway, so what difference does it make?

That is how he has learned to compartmentalize life. Since someone is going to do it, it might as well be him. He admits that he never gives a thought to the morality of his investing or the pain he creates. After causing financial pain to entire nations, he then gives money to build what he sees as better, more pluralistic nations. Like an android who is compelled to do the right thing for humanity by his programming, he doesn’t understand that you cannot force love, so you cannot force people together. You can nurture love, but you cannot force it.

The sociopathically broken boy is trying to make society work the way he believes it should. He’s trying to push the pieces together in belief that they should meld.


What does George Soros have in store for 2017?


In a publication addressed to his many socio-political charities, Soros wrote at the close of 2016,


Well before Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, I sent a holiday greeting to my friends that read: “These times are not business as usual. Wishing you the best in a troubled world.” Now I feel the need to share this message with the rest of the world….. I find the current moment in history very painful. Open societies are in crisis, and various forms of closed societies – from fascist dictatorships to mafia states – are on the rise. How could this happen? The only explanation I can find is that elected leaders failed to meet voters’ legitimate expectations and aspirations and that this failure led electorates to become disenchanted with the prevailing versions of democracy and capitalism. Quite simply, many people felt that the elites had stolen their democracy…. The lack of redistributive policies is the main source of the dissatisfaction that democracy’s opponents have exploited…. I was an avid supporter of the European Union from its inception. I regarded it as the embodiment of the idea of an open society: an association of democratic states willing to sacrifice part of their sovereignty for the common good…. But then something went woefully wrong. After the Crash of 2008, a voluntary association of equals was transformed into a relationship between creditors and debtors, where the debtors had difficulties in meeting their obligations and the creditors set the conditions the debtors had to obey. That relationship has been neither voluntary nor equal. Germany emerged as the hegemonic power in Europe, but it failed to live up to the obligations that successful hegemons must fulfill, namely looking beyond their narrow self-interest to the interests of the people who depend on them…. Democracy is now in crisis. Even the US, the world’s leading democracy, elected a con artist and would-be dictator as its president…. What lies ahead? I am confident that democracy will prove resilient in the US. Its Constitution and institutions, including the fourth estate, are strong enough to resist the excesses of the executive branch, thus preventing a would-be dictator from becoming an actual one. But the US will be preoccupied with internal struggles in the near future, and targeted minorities will suffer. The US will be unable to protect and promote democracy in the rest of the world. (Zero Hedge)

These words resonate with the boyhood experience Soros had with Germany’s hegemonic power in Europe back in his childhood. I’m sure he can’t help but feel Germany is at it again. And Trump with all of his impassioned speeches sounds a bit like Hitler to him, as do the racial overtones in Trump’s immigration concerns. Soros is confident that the US has institutional structures that will prevent things from going that far, but he’s convinced Trump would go that far if not for those constraints. So, Soros is going to put all of his power into battling Trump in the years ahead as that, for him, is his battle against Hitler.

In other words, I think Soros isn’t just name calling. I think that is how he sees it, and it plays on very deep childhood trauma in his life.

Soros, crying over the disruption of his new world disorder and having lost a billion because of Trump, is going to fight back with more force than ever, and in the letter above he hints at his planned attack: “The US will be preoccupied with internal struggles in the near future, and targeted minorities will suffer.” The irony here is that Soros will be the one targeting those minorities in order to get them as inflamed as he can, empowering protestors who convince minorities that Trump actually hates them. (Just as mainstream media constantly retold the fake-news story that Trump said Mexicans are rapists.)

Soros is making this prediction in the same manner as when he has predicted crashing currencies. He predicted their fall because his own investments were betting against those currencies. He new he had enough money involved to tip the balance in currencies that already wanted to fall and that his words had enough clout to create further push in that direction.

Soros is going to stir the pot for all he’s worth this year and make sure the rage explodes into flames, and he’s got enough money to do a lot of stirring, and the rage already wants to happen anyway. So, that should tell you what you need to know about where the year is going.

Soros sees the European Union falling apart, and he sees Putin pushing it in that direction as more elections come along where anti-establishment candidates like Trump are rising in prominence in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy and France. He knows that Trump will encourage those movements, too. So, Trump and Putin are a combined threat to the European union, which Soros avidly supported from inception.

Soros put his money behind the Ukrainian coup because he saw Putin as an autocrat with whom the democratically elected government of Ukraine was aligning itself. If Trump is Hitler to him, Putin is Stalin, who overran eastern European nations like Hungary after Hitler left. Soros likes democracies that decide things his way, but Ukraine chose a leader that was reaching for closer ties with Stalinist Putin. Democracy is great so long as it leads to the kind of government Soros believes is best, but must be fought if it leads to nationalism or leans toward autocratic leaders (at least, those that Soros sees as autocratic).

Soros says he is concerned that Russia will interfere in this year’s upcoming European elections with with more “fake news.” Ironically, Soros writes, “The trouble is that the method Putin has used to destabilize democracy cannot be used to restore respect for facts and a balanced view of reality.” Yet, Soros seeks to destabilize democracies, himself, with protests and riots that certainly don’t restore any respect for facts or any balanced view of reality either because who is listening for facts or trying to be balanced in the middle of a riot?

Soros spends billions of dollars through “charitable” organizations to sow discord all over the world, particularly over issues like immigration, then writes,


With economic growth lagging and the refugee crisis out of control, the EU is on the verge of breakdown and is set to undergo an experience similar to that of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. Those who believe that the EU needs to be saved in order to be reinvented must do whatever they can to bring about a better outcome.


He can see the refugee crisis is out of control, and yet he fuels it. He can see it is breaking up his beloved EU, but he keeps pushing in that direction, just as Merkel does. I can only understand this Jekyll-and-Hyde nature as a pathological belief in the virtue of pluralism that developed during the Nazi occupation years that he says formed his character. Others might see it as though he just pretends to care about a refugee crisis, but that he is pushing that crisis because of some other hidden agenda.

He seems completely earnest to me when he says these things, and my lie detector is usually razor sharp; so I am inclined to believe he’s not conspiring for world control but really believes in what he’s doing. It is, however, a pathological belief that has raised pluralism as the supreme virtue, which comes from his Jewish experience under the Nazis. When you put the wrong virtue on top of all your values, it usually ceases to be a virtue and becomes a tyrant. If, for example, loyalty is your highest virtue, you will be loyal to the evil leader you serve, no matter what wrongs he does; and that’s how Hitler reigned.

I haven’t seen much to indicate that Soros knows love from personal experience. If his character were built on love, he would not have been so indifferent toward seeing property confiscated from his fellow Jews as something that was going to happen whether he was there observing it or not. He also would care about how many people get hurt in the violent protests he finances. Because he doesn’t really get what it takes to make people function together, he keeps trying to push them together to make it work, and he tries to create conflict where he perceives the threat of dictatorship in order to destabilize those dictatorships.

So, his is a two-pronged approach: shove people together to create pluralism; bust up dictatorships that don’t tolerate pluralism. He is deeply pained at this point that his new world order is falling apart everywhere, so he’ll push it harder, apply more money, to try to make it work.

In my next article, I summarize the movements that are already forming to make that happen.



  1. Ping from Al:

    I am Ukrainian and I’d like to ask you not to lie about Ukraine. There was no coup in Ukraine, and the link you provided doesn’t even mention Ukraine. The criminal dictatorial president simply ran away to his puppet masters in Russia, after shooting protesters and getting scared about a possible response. If there was a coup, this bastard would be executed or in jail for life. Instead, he removed several truckloads of cash stolen from the Ukrainian people to Russia (we are talking billions of dollars!), used it to buy high-end real estate there and is enjoying an extended vacation on Russian resorts.

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      This article was about the formation of George Soros’s character. It wasn’t about Ukraine. It mentioned that only in passing. That’s why there were no links to that information; but as it is quite fascinating, here you go:

      The rest of the world considers the violent “protest” that built up around against democratically elected, albeit corrupt, President Viktor Yanukovyc to have been life-threatening by intent, and the immediacy with which the US backed another government associated with the “protest” that stepped in to fill Yanukovyc’s place, provide all the components necessary to call it a coup and to indicate even on the face of things that it was likely US sponsored. (Later, leaked documents proved that connection true.) It was not just a “protest” in that the “protest” involved violent occupation of numerous government buildings. (That’s called “taking over the government,” and that’s the point at which it moved from a violent protest to an all-out coup.):

      “The protests continued despite heavy police presence,[88][89] regularly sub-freezing temperatures, and snow. Escalating violence from government forces in the early morning of 30 November caused the level of protests to rise, with 400,000–800,000 protesters, according to Russia’s opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, demonstrating in Kiev on the weekends of 1 December[52] and 8 December.[90] In the preceding weeks, protest attendance had fluctuated from 50,000 to 200,000 during organised rallies.[91][92] Violent riots took place 1 December and 19 January through 25 January in response to police brutality and government repression.[93] Starting 23 January, several Western Ukrainian Oblast (province) Governor buildings and regional councils were occupied in a revolt by Euromaidan activists.[13] In the Russophone cities of Zaporizhzhya, Sumy, and Dnipropetrovsk, protesters also tried to take over their local government building, and were met with considerable force from both police and government supporters.” ( )

      Prior to the leaks, I was already convinced it was a US-backed coup because the instantaneous manner in which the Obama administration supported the protestors in word and later backed the new government shows hinted that the new government was fully known and accepted beforehand by the US. It wasn’t just some spontaneous uprising, or the US would not have given such quick and sure acceptance in backing up the “protestors” and in dealing with the new government as legitimate. But don’t take my word for; take Soros’s own words.

      As Newsweek reported during the crisis, “EuroMaidan [had] grown into something far bigger than just an angry response to the fallen-through EU deal. It’s now about ousting Yanukovych and his corrupt government; guiding Ukraine away from its 200-year-long, deeply intertwined and painful relationship with Russia; and standing up for basic human rights to protest, speak and think freely and to act peacefully without the threat of punishment.” ( )

      Later, the peaceful part gave way to violent seizure of government buildings (no longer so peaceful).

      Perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it a US/Soros-backed “revolution,” rather than a “coup,” given the size to which it grew.

      Leaked documents eventually solidly connected Soros and the with the government’s overthrow and the establishment of a new government: . They also show that Soros and the Obama administration were in communication about this before the protests happened.

      In a CNN interview, Soros proudly claimed involvement in setting up what he calls a coup prior to it happening:

      “May 27, 2014 – George Soros told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria over the weekend he is responsible for establishing a foundation in Ukraine that ultimately contributed to the overthrow of the country’s elected leader and the installation of a junta handpicked by the [US] State Department.

      “’First on Ukraine, one of the things that many people recognized about you was that you during the revolutions of 1989 funded a lot of dissident activities, civil society groups in eastern Europe and Poland, the Czech Republic. Are you doing similar things in Ukraine?’ Zakaria asked Soros.

      “’Well, I set up a foundation in Ukraine before Ukraine became independent of Russia. And the foundation has been functioning ever since and played an important part in events now,’ Soros responded. ( )

      Long before the revolution/coup Soros funded those who were eventually involved in it. In 2012 alone, he gave over $6.5 million dollars toward supporting what eventually became the overthrow of the Yanukovyc government:

      “Many of the participants in Kiev’s ‘EuroMaidan’ demonstrations were members of Soros-funded NGOs and/or were trained by the same NGOs in the many workshops and conferences sponsored by Soros’ International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), and his various Open Society institutes and foundations…. “IRF provided UAH 63 million in funding to civil society organizations…. That translates into roughly $6.7 million that IRF provided to Ukrainian groups in 2012…. In the cash-starved Ukraine, Soros’s dollars go a long way toward seducing and co-opting all legitimate political opposition into the Soros-approved “progressive” camp.” ( )

      So, you bet Soros had a huge hand in stirring up dissent all over Ukraine and in funding training for the protests that became a revolution:

      ” A tranche of some 2500 Internal documents, mostly Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point files, as well as pdf files, from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation (OSF) network of non-governmental organizations, which were obtained from the group «DC Leaks», shows that Soros and his advisers lorded over US policy toward Ukraine after the 2014 coup supported by Soros and the Obama administration ousted the democratically-elected Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych and his government. The leaked Soros documents describe how the OSF and Soros’s International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), based at 46 Artema Street in Kiev, worked with the US State Department after the 2014 so-called «Euromaidan» themed revolution to ensure that a federalized Ukraine was not in the picture.” ( )

  2. Ping from zara:

    What an interesting and disturbing character Soros is. This article really looks at the building blocks and I have to say the interview is so well executed that I think most if not all of the questions regarding this man’s character, motivation and rationale behind what he has done and does in the world are answered in this one interview. It certainly helps to read your very straightforward and uncomplicated analysis of his supposedly complex mind and actions. I think the mistake in the past has been to over complicate him and his abilities, his actions and his politics.

    The truth is it is much more simple to understand when one looks at who this man is as a human being. His expressions and words give so much insight into what and who he is but the interviewer conducts his job masterfully, because he has already done his homework and knows the answers but asks questions in such a way as to extract expression and humanity (if there is indeed any) from him. That is the true achievement of this great interview.

    To me then, it is really quite simple, despite any complex politics. The battle is within himself yet he is playing it out in the world arena using his wealth, power and influence to justify his own ideas about humanity. I think he thinks humanity is depraved and without love or principles. This may be true of himself and his family who did whatever it took to save themselves without concern or consideration for their fellow Jews. But it is not true of all. Anne Frank showed great bravery and humanity, many, many others would rather die trying or at least try to help in some small way even if they were children and had very little means, they had a conscience.

    My kids ask me scenario questions often and to one such scenario posed, I think if I were on a boat with another human drifting without food knowing that I would survive by cannibalism if the other died naturally what would I do? My conscience and respect for humanity, no matter who the person was, would draw the line at that. I would rather die. No question. This is at the heart of George Soros’ personality. No principles, conscience or humanity. Sure, he can be generous and give tonnes of money, it looks good and covers the turmoil and disaster he creates but he is trying to confirm his belief that all humanity are alike, they are all dog eat dog and will beg like a dog if you give them a bone. It validates him and his mistaken view of humanity that to beat with a stick and then pacify and manipulate with a carrot is universal. It is not, many will respond like that, nations and individuals. Especially so when they are desperate which is why he creates the chaos and disasters in the first place as he can then go in with his carrot.

    But some have a little more pride and I would tell him to stick his carrot where the sun doesn’t shine. I would rather die than confirm his twisted view of humanity borne out of his own lack of conscience and principles. He is a shame to humanity and he knows it. We already know he doesn’t believe in God or have any faith. He needs to read some Tolstoy. If that doesn’t change him, nothing will.

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      Hi Zara,

      I think you are right on about the interview. Soros seems completely oblivious as to how much he is revealing of himself. The interviewer does a good job of flying in under the radar and letting Soros reveal himself.

      It’s good to see that the less complicated analysis of Soros works for, at least, one other person. I think he can be understood from that early childhood in a way that explains his contradictory behavior better than some complex conspiracy theory. The contradiction lies within himself.


  3. Ping from Nen Sul:

    This is how they will form the NWO, a One World Government, there will be no borders, we will become Global Citizens. A One World Economy and There will be One Religion too. The Globalist must tear down what is, to rebuild it into their NWO. This is Satans goal the Globalist are pushing, and Soros works for him

  4. Ping from actionsspeaklouder:

    Putting it plainly, Soros is a delusional socio/psychopath. He has no morals period. He is a monster. I find Obama much like Soros with his malignant narcissism and delusional and ideological rigidness. They both should be rotting in prison.

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      We seem to be win a world run by Narcissists right now. Even Trump is clearly a narcissist. He just happens to be a Narcissist that, at least, claims to be a non-globalists. So, even for our anti-globalist champions, we’re still stuck with narcissists.

      • Ping from actionsspeaklouder:

        This, what you point out, is a very perplexing issue. There are narcissists and there are narcissists. Obama is a “malignant” (look it up) narcissist and also (IMO) a sociopath/psychopath. His arrogance, is not due to anything he has “EARNED”. He has been coddled and surrounded by “yes” men and women and thinks (for a crude use of the problem) that his s h i t doesn’t stink. He is delusional. He is a Muslim (but says no, but we know he is) and uses taqiyya to an art. Lying has, thanks to the Propaganda media, has had no consequences for Obama. He has been protected by the Marxist/Communist democrats and also has bullied the RINOs (who, it appears, but we will never know, wanted his Socialist/Marxist agenda all along) into their weak, submissive cowardice. Trump is not a malignant narcissist. He is only narcissistic in the sense that he has built an empire, has been hugely successful in business and has “hob-nobbed” with the movers and shakers of the business and political world. His narcissism, or arrogance as some will call it, is WARRANTED. Obama’s IS NOT. I was not a Trump supporter from the get -go, but realized that when my guy (Cruz) didn’t get the nom, that I had to stop Killary at all costs and Trump was the choice – like it or not. Narcissism is a psychological term that can hold a number of definitions. Trump is narcissistic because he has ACCOMPLISHED so much. Obama is narcissistic because he is catered to, surrounds himself with “yes” people, and was raised by people that told him he was special. He took total advantage of “affirmative action” and, because he was considered “smart”, was afforded undeserved promotional advantages that many who were so much more deserved, were denied because he was BLACK. I will accept Trump’s “narcissism” and encourage you to do so as well. Trump is a worker. Obama is a slacker.

        • Ping from Knave_Dave:

          I don’t know. I think Trump’s narcissism runs a lot deeper than just being arrogant because of what he’s accomplished. He always needs to be in the spotlight. I’ve known lots of people who were wealthy and accomplished a lot that didn’t always need to be in the spotlight. He also is very reactionary to anyone who dares prick his ego — can’t let it go … for months. Almost seems to obsess on it. Those are troubling signs. Time will tell.

          • Ping from actionsspeaklouder:

            Trump, before he ran and became President, was not always in the spotlight at all. Yes, he had his tv gig, but, this is a whole new venue for him. I think he is taking advice from Conway and Bannon – in that, he needs to be front and center and not let the Propaganda media and those that dis him get away with it. Actually, I (and many others) like this about him. The RINOs were TRAMPLED but the Propaganda media and Democrats and Republicans are fed up and sick to death of their betrayals. Trump is being the alpha male and many are “lovin’ it”. It’s long over due that the Propaganda media and the RINOs get a good asswhoop and “back in your face” rebuke by someone who doesn’t give a rat’s petard about the consequences. Trump knows “the people” have his back” – at least those that care about America. It’s way, way, way past due that the Propaganda media and Communist/Marxist/Socialist politicians (Uniparty) get their heads handed to them on a platter. Trump has the guts to do it and people are loving it. Crude at time, yes. Not eloquent, yes. Not statesmanlike at times, yes. BUT, EFFECTIVE. Yes.

            • Ping from Knave_Dave:

              Actually, in several past election cycles it looked like Trump would pretend to run just so he could get back in the media spot light with no real intension of running — so much so that this time around my wife believed he’d drop out of the race. He used to make a big, big deal about how he was thinking of running, was PROBABLY going to, and would get several months of media coverage, which he’d use to constantly pitch his TV show and other project. He’s been playing the media like that for years.

              I do like the fact that he stands up to the media, but I also think his ego really cannot take people saying bad things about him and getting away with it. Take for example his rants about Saturday Night Live. It bugs the heck out of him that they play him like a buffoon, but when have they ever not made fun of a president or of candidates. That’s what they’re there for. So, a war with the news media, I can understand; but a war with a comedy show like SNL, that just looks like a big ego that can’t take the lampooning.

              It is definitely long overdue that the the major news networks get their buts kicked. I think that actually serves a purpose, especially when they do run a fake news piece and get it shoved back in their face. So, I see him as definitely being clinically narcissistic, but he’s also brazen enough to keep attacking the MSM an globalists, and he’s all anyone who is anti-establishment has. Unfortunately … because he’s a caricature of himself; but, at least, that ego makes him willing to keep punching out the press, which is good.

              As for being anti-Wall-Street or anti-bankster, I don’t think so. His tax plan is a total gift to Wall Street and will certainly worsen the national debt, and his cabinet is loaded with more banksters than any president in history has ever loaded the White House. So, I don’t think Trump’s going to be all that he has presented himself as being. Already, he’s made major reversals on several of his campaign promises. So, we’ll see. At the end of the day, I think Trump is always all about Trump.

              So, I’m all for the drubbing he’s giving the media, for they have certainly created many false stories against him; but he also has made many false statements himself — now claiming he’s never met Putin when he has more than once in the past said that he has personally met him and has directly spoken with him and that they got along great; campaign promises that he appears to be running from like “lock her up;” he repeated statement that he was not making fun of a handicapped reporter when it is so clearly evident that he was. (Why else would he lead off with, “Have you ever seen this guy?” and then go into mimicking him?). He made a huge, huge deal out of Obama not being born in the US and repeated claimed he had evidence that he was coming to with that was going to be huge, but never produced any evidence that wasn’t already all over the internet only to turn and say he was born here with no comment about how it was he was apparently so wrong. He said he’d be coming out with evidence that Russia didn’t hack the DNC (“I know things that others don’t know, and you’ll see later this week.”) only to come out of his intelligence meeting saying that it looks like they did but that it didn’t make any difference on the election.

              So, I understand that people — especially readers here — want a champion to pummel the press (as do I) and that they want someone to go after the establishment (as do I); and Trump is the only person they’ve got. So, they’re investing a lot of hope in him and they’re glad his brash ways accomplish some of what they want to see (and so am I); but I see a lot of reasons not to think Trump has been as much of a narcissist all his life as you could ever think you might meet. Just the fact that his name is writ huge across America and has been for decades and that he’s been pounding his chest for decades about how he’s the greatest and everything he does is the greatest is a pretty strong sign that everything is about Trump.

              I hope I’m wrong. At least, his BRAND of narcissism makes him brazen enough not to care about politically correct speech. I hope he’ll rise to the occasion — that he’ll feel humbled by the trust vested in him and will actually try to be the little guy’s champion.

            • Ping from actionsspeaklouder:

              David – I agree with you that Trump is an attention “Ho” and he has a gigantic ego. I also hope that his actions will prove he says what he means and means what he says. Like you say, time will tell. I think Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will be big (if not the biggest) obstacles for Trump. Trump can handle the media. I hope he is insightful enough and inquisitive enough to research Ryan’s and McConnell’s records of betraying the Republican conservative base. If he isn’t aware of their duplicity and “saying one thing but doing another”, and if he blindly goes along with either one of them because they are “experienced” politicians, then we are in trouble. But, that’s why I think he has surrounded himself with knowledgeable people (Conway, Bannon) who have been paying close attention to the conservative base and what the people want and expect from Trump and they will help him deliver. There is no doubt that he is a “showman”. It’s in his nature. We all have personality defects, good and bad! We’re only human after all . . . 🙂 Everything Trump does is BIG. Big talk, big crowds, big promises and, yes, big bluster, big ego. So we have to be big boys and girls and let him strut his stuff and prove he actually has “stuff”. I think he does and the people advising him do too.

            • Ping from Knave_Dave:

              That caps it nicely.

  5. Ping from Lockstein13:

    Respectfully said: you’re missing the obvious!

    Soros (and Merkel) *say* they want a unified Europe,
    but do everything in their powers to DESTROY it (and the Westas a whole).
    His money does the same in the USA.

    Doesn’t that suggest THE OBVIOUS?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    He seeks a unified *global* market/oligarchy (as opposed to one of Europe as claimed, or of the West)
    …with him in the “Big Boys’ Club”….

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      No, that makes no sense at all. You don’t create instant globalization by waving a wand. You do it by creating something like the EU and building on it, which is exactly what many have been saying the EU was all about. The EU IS globalism. And Soros is upset because its breaking down. It’s breaking down because globalists are as stupid as other people. Some, like Soros and Merkel have ideas that are not working for them. They think they can accelerate globalism by now pressing Muslims and others who are not a part of Europe into it. The result, is they are getting ahead of themselves, pushing things too far too fast and raising the temperature to an explosive point.

      People assume that evil and corruption are genius. They are not. They assume, therefore, that everything is always going according to plan. It is not. There is no straight line to anyone’s objective. There are always obstacles and, among the smart, contingency plans for dealing with obstacles. There are always failures along the way. What we are seeing is a breakdown in those globalist objectives because they have been drive too far and fast by an ideal that is stupid in the first place.

      If I am going to judge them by their actions and not just by what they say, YEARS of their actions tell me loud and clear that a unified EUROPE is one of the most important things in all the world to them. They do not just talk about it. They have given YEARS of their lives — invested their careers — into making it happen. Now it is falling apart. That happens because they are not infallible. They are not unbeatable. At the end of the day, they are humans with as many stupid ideas as other humans and as much likelihood of seeing their ideas, which were ill-conceived in the first place, fall part.

      • Ping from Lockstein13:

        Though I agree with one point you make,
        “What we are seeing is a breakdown in those globalist objectives
        because they have been driven too far and fast
        by an ideal that is destined to fail in the first place”

        no, YOU’RE wrong.
        You can just as easily collapse systems a la Cloward-Piven.
        Over-burden them with bureaucracy and meaningless/non-productive “action”
        just enough to allow evil to take control.

        Of COURSE, everyone makes mistakes (“is no infallible”)…

        …BUT: It seems you’re conflating
        the “waving of arms wildly” and “spinning of wheels”
        with genuine plans and progress.

  6. Ping from Christian Gains:

    David, I agree with your general assessment, that George is Pathologically motivated by his experiences as a youth, AND, your assessment that George has no concept as to HOW LOVE makes dissimilar Groups work much better together.

    But I’m afraid you’re actually missing the MAIN SOURCE of George’s motivation, which is demonic.

    An utter despising of humanity, a loathing of weakness, and a DRIVE to control under HIS hands…As did Helel Ben Shakar, [actual Hebrew name of Lucifer], who swore that HE WOULD be as GOD,[Yahwey]; due to his anger at NOT being made the head over Earth & all else! (Isaiah 14: 4 – 23; {esply. note ver. 9 – 14}; And then the reaction that “…they that see thee…”, shall have, (esply. note ver. 16 – 23)…George has such desires of grandeur, but he will suffer the fate of ALL who do…(Ver.16 – 23), Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc. Because “Pride cometh before a fall”…”The fool hath said ‘there is no God!”….And, due to his obsession, he will continue his plan, till he destroys all that he touches, (as he’s already done in Ukraine, and several other of his “Projects”), and as he is doing BOTH in the E.U. and here!

    He is ULTIMATELY DESTRUCTIVE, therefore, anti-humanity…thus despicably evil. (Some might even suggest that he is a “type & shadow” (a predecessor) of the Biblical Anti-Christ…(Dan. 8 “little horn”; Dan. 11: “vile person”, & II Thessalonians 2: 3 – 10; “son of perdition”; I John 2:18, & 4:2 – 3 “Anti-Christ”).

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      Hi Christian,

      Thanks for adding your thoughts here. While I won’t say that you are wrong, there are reasons I don’t go there, which have nothing to do with whether or not demonic possession can exist as I’m pretty broad in what I’m willing to believe this reality can hold. I have just found that leaping to that conclusion whenever we see a someone who is a sociopath or a psychopath or acting very bizarrely is often not helpful.

      For example, you wonder if he might not be the antiChrist. I’ve seen Christian Fundamentalists who were absolutely convinced that each big, bad leader who came along was the antiChrist. My first experience was in how many Christians believed Henry Kissinger was the antiChrist. Well, he may be all kinds of things, but he certainly wasn’t that, and he cannot live long enough now to ever fill that role. So, scratch that one off the list. There was a lot of stuff floating around about Anton LeVay being the antiChrist because he is a Satanist priest. That was back in the 70s, and I’m pretty sure he’s getting too old for the job now, too, and how much damage as he even managed to do? He’s pretty much become forgotten. The letters of Ronald Wilson Reagan, following a simplistically contrived gematria added up to 666; so, he was the antiChrist. Dead now. ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE jumped on board with the idea that Barrack Obama is the antiChrist. He’s still got time. Maybe that’s his next job.

      But I get tired of the demonization because it has been applied wrongly too many times, and it causes people to absolutely hate some people like Obama as if he is the devil incarnate. Well, maybe he is, or maybe he’s just a person with some bad ideas. After all, he and George Soros can’t both be THE antiChrist. Maybe they are contenders for that throne.

      Here’s why I don’t find it helpful to go down that road: I’ve seen people convinced someone was demon possessed who was damaged from too much drug use. I’ve seen more than once people delivering others from demons who were no better off after the experience than before and who were embarrassed by the experience or convinced their problems were worse because the exorcism didn’t work, and I’ve known people who thought they were demon possessed who were hugely helped by medicine they would never have received if they hadn’t been argued out of their own demonic self-diagnosis.

      That said, I’ve read accounts of exorcisms (like the one the movie The Exorcist was based on) that seem genuine. I’ve read non-Christian psychologists who risk their reputation by stating that some cases they come across are in their belief demonic possession; but I’ve also read the head Catholic exorcist saying that even he cannot readily tell whether something is demonic possession or psychological so he always insists on thorough psychological evaluation first in order to rule out everything that might be treated with medicine or other treatments before he will perform exorcisms.

      So, at the end of the day, I’d never say it cannot be exactly what you say. I’d just say that jumping to those conclusions doesn’t help me any. But digging into Soro’s past and learning about experiences that would be likely to make anyone a sociopath, especially if he had a very unloving upbringing (which I am not sure about), does help me. It helps me because I can see that he is not just someone seeking money or control but clearly is sociopathic, given his complete lack of compassion or empathy as a boy for people who were being robbed of everything they had — his own people. Show’s something is broken deep at his center, even as a child. In the very least, I think that before a person could become possessed, there would have to be a lot of breakdown of that personality before it was weak enough to be taken over by some other presence. George shows that breakdown, but I’m not sure that I need to add the demonic possession on top of being a sociopath to understand what he does.

      Hitler is certainly a person who appears to have been demon possessed, and I’ve written about ways in which he displayed that; but I can never KNOW that. What I can learn is what things in his past also contributed to him becoming the monster that he was.

      So, I would not be surprised you are right, but I don’t know of any involvement in demonic activities that would support it, and I’m not sure it helps me understand anything he’s doing in the end anyway. (But it is fascinating ; )

      • Ping from Christian Gains:

        Well, thanks for replying Dave, and making more clear what you thought I was saying. MOST of what you’ve stated that you believe, I WHOLE HEARTEDLY agree with.

        Yes. Jumping to conclusions, or calling someone demon possessed, with little or no knowledge of them, (especially not having met &/or dealt with them personally), CAN be dangerous, and SHOULD be CAREFULLY approached.

        That said, I think it only fair that I try to more clearly explain what & how I wrote yesterday.

        If you’ll note, I said NOT that George is DEMON POSSESSED, but rather, that his MOTIVATION is demonic.

        From what you’ve said, you seem to have experience with a breadth of “theology / Exorcism” that is above the norm…since MOST folks have NO such experience; so, I’ll ask you to please understand that when I say “his motivation is demonic”, that is NOT equivalent to demon possession, — Theologically speaking, a person can be INSPIRED by a demon, while not being wholly controlled by that same being.

        For example Peter…Yeshuah rebuked Satan’s “inspired” comment from Peter, (Matt. 16:23), but, I find no record that Peter was ever possessed by a demon. Whereas, Judas is SPECIFICALLY STATED as being possessed, (Lk.22:3). I hope that clarifies my meaning there a bit.

        Then, you seem to have concluded that I believe that George IS “THE” Anti-Christ; while what I said was: “…some MIGHT suggest that he is a “TYPE & SHADOW” of (a predecessor), of “THE” Anti-Christ…”.

        “Type & Shadow” is a Theological description of a person or action, or event, that is an INDICATIVE…or an EXAMPLE OF, someone, or action or event that will occur again in the future. (Such as David is a “Type & Shadow” of the “SALVATION Messiah” who would come latter. But, is NOT THAT SPECIFIC Messiah). Also, there’s John the Baptist, that fulfills Malachi’s prophecy, (Mal. 4:5 – 6; & Matt.17: 11-13). Hope that helps.

        Also, I FULLY AGREE that there ARE degrees of illness that SEEM that they COULD be indication of demon possession, but that there SHOULD BE a THOROUGH Medical examination & a Doctor’s opinion FIRST, before “jumping to a conclusion” of demon activity. AND, I understand your caution in these matters…It’s just plain wisdom.

        That is PRECISELY why I stated “…Some MIGHT EVEN suggest…”. Because I wished to #1] leave ME out of that group; & #2] Point out SPECIFICALLY the “Type & Shadow” reality…NOT that I think that George is “THE” A.C., but that I have read & heard SOME folks say they believe that he is VERY MUCH LIKE what they’d expect the “A.C.” to be like.

        A do apologize for not being more clear and specific.

        I also do hope you understand now that I DO NOT, (nor ever will), consider George as a candidate for “THE A.C.”; BUT, that I DO consider George’s “fruits”, (Matt.7:20), to be indicative of demonic INSPIRATION, but CERTAINLY NOT possession.

        Possession is a TOTAL CONTROLLING reality…and I cannot even seriously consider putting THAT out, as more than a VERY SLIGHT possibility; which is true of ANY one who bears such attitudes of disregard for others health, or happiness, as George has stated he has.

        And lastly Dave, I want to thank you for sharing your convictions, (which I TOTALLY understand & agree with), as I myself was GREATLY disillusioned by “Christians” that had LITTLE KNOWLEDGE or EXPERIENCE in the “REAL WORLD” of Exorcism or Spiritual problems, and influences, until I spent years as a FIELD MISSIONARY in some rather “interesting” locations where there REALLY WERE SERIOUS Spiritual problems and influences, that taught me the difference between a “problem” and an “influence” or a “possession”…and how important it IS to maintain a balance! Not to jump to conclusions. So, I CERTAINLY agree with your “I don’t go there”.

        I’ll DEFINITELY be back to peruse your posts, as I sense that I won’t be disappointed nor bored, but WILL learn! Thanks again!

        • Ping from Knave_Dave:

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Chris, and taking time to clarify. (Sometimes when people say “some would suggest,” they really mean that they would suggest, but they just aren’t fully owning it. So, it’s good that you clarified that.) I think I’ll let your thoughts stand on their own, and others can make of these things what they wish.

          I’m glad you’ll be hanging around.

    • Ping from Al:

      Stop lying about Ukraine!

  7. Ping from Traveler:

    sedition >noun conduct or speech inciting rebellion against the authority of a state or monarch.
    -DERIVATIVES seditious >adjective seditiously >adverb.
    -ORIGIN Latin, from sed- ‘apart’ + itio ‘going’.

  8. Ping from Fish Deep:

    Study the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan and Soros’ “contradictios” will make sense.
    Also see…

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      No thanks. I’d rather love people of all races and particularly love seeing them intermarry because the results are so incredibly intelligent, athletic and beautiful (at least all of the mixed-race people I have had the pleasure of knowing). It’s just a way more enjoyable way to live.

  9. Ping from barbarakelly:


  10. Ping from Rev. James B. Medd:

    of course that should be satan.

  11. Ping from Rev. James B. Medd:

    Soros is a tool for the Rothschilds, all of them under satin.

  12. Ping from disqus_xp4GYx7DZk:

    A lot of words wasted. Let me give ya the Cliff Notes: S A T A N makes Soros ‘tick and talk’. SATAN. THAT simple….

  13. Ping from Zaphod Braden:

    There was NO holocaust — if there had been Israel & Jews everywhere would be DEMANDING George Soros be HANGED. Soros’ multi $BILLION fortune was started on supposedly stolen Jewish property, and yet NOT A PEEP out of Israel?! Why are janitors and clerks persecuted but Soros walks free and BRAGS about it!? No demands Soros’ money be turned over to holocaust survivors? !
    “The Holocaust is the Holy Grail of white guilt.”

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      Oh, so all those US soldiers, including Eisenhower who recorded the images of dead, shriveled Jewish corpses being stacked like cord wood were just using special effects to create the appearance of atrophied bodies that had starved to death. They didn’t even have enough flesh or matter in their stomachs to bloat when they died.

      Soros didn’t say HE ever stole anything from Jews. That is a lie told about him by detractors who don’t find the truth strong enough, so they have to embellish. Remwatch the video I posted, and you will see that Soros says repeatedly he was only an observer — that he did not to any of the taking. It has nothing to do with how he got his wealth.

      • Ping from Zaphod Braden:

        Statement by Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus University of Ulster, December 5, 2005:
        “I’ve checked out Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ’six million’ Jewish victims of the war.
        Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War total 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.
        In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ’six million’ Jewish victims of the war.”

        • Ping from Knave_Dave:

          That’s all a very interesting page count, but I’ve seen the US Army films that documented hundreds of thousands of Jewish corpses that had clearly been starved and that show the gas chambers and ovens. Whether Eisenhower chose to mention that in his book or not, he was in charge of the army that made and distributed those films, shot by US soldiers.

          So, if I’m going to not believe that, I should probably also not believe the films that show the London Blitzkrieg or the films that show the Allies grand entrance into Berlin when Hitler killed himself.

          • Ping from Fish Deep:

            There are no historians left who will say there were ANY “gas chambers in any of the camps where these propaganda films made. Now they say gas chambers were only in the eastern camps. E.g. Auschwitz. But no Westerner ever set foot in any of the eastern camps before 1955, which were under Soviet (you know…those masters of merciful, tender sensibilities) control.
            All the “starved corpses” you see in these films were victims of typhus which emaciates much faster than no food. They were victims of typhus because the Al lies bombed all the German supply lines so Zyklon B, which was used strictly for de-lousing clothing and facilities, couldn’t be reliably delivered, along with such niceties as food.
            Even Wikipedia, not exactly unbiased in these matters, shows them in Bergen-Belsen as “typhus victims.
            The Cap Arcona and Theilbeck were German ships that were loaded with inmates from Neuengamme Camp being evacuated to safety in the face of the Red army. They were sunk by the RAF with survivors strafed in the water. Then the British had the audacity to say they didn’t know…sure.
            If you want to see some real victims, study Eisenhower’s Death Camps. Or read Hellstorm. Or watch “The greatest story never told.”

            • Ping from Knave_Dave:

              Oh my gosh. I guess the millions of Germans who say that the holocaust happened are all a bunch of dumb fools who are willing to believe the most outrageous American propaganda films, even though they could easily talk to people in the films and even though, if you’ve ever seen a 1950’s Sci Fi film, you will know that even by 1955 no one had the ability to do special effects that looked that real — not even close. You cannot explain all the hideous wounds in those films with something as banal as typhus. Never saw typhus burn flesh and put holes through it. So, to say the emaciation was due to typhus and not starvation and abuse is ridiculous in the extreme. Of course there was typhus there. The camps were all so filthy, but typhus doesn’t begin to explain all the brutality that those films reveal.

              It absolutely astounds me that anyone believes the US could pull off a conspiracy that tricks millions of Germans into believing they did things they never did. I mean, imagine sucking up all that blame for such monstrous things without a shred of real evidence being presented to you when you live right next to the people accused of doing it, and imagine that so many of the people accused of doing it admitted they did it when they didn’t. You’ve got to be filled with hatred or insane to believe anyone could pull of something so huge and so outrageous and scam an entire nation to confess guilt to something they never did.

              And the hundreds of thousands of Polls, Russians, Jews, and others who were found still alive, they were all collaborating and lying when they said they had been starved and tortured and that their friends had been gassed and all claimed NOT to have typhus. Then, in all the decades since, none of them broke rank to confess that they were actually typhus victims and were never starved or tortured.

              I have a toll bridge over the Pacific Ocean I’d like to sell you. Think of what you could make in tolls if you owned it.

          • Ping from Zaphod Braden:

            The European People saw what was being done to the CHRISTIAN Ukranian/Russian People by the Bolsevick Jews, even though Americans never pay attention to what is going on. Do you think the actions of the JEWISH Bolseviks just might have influenced Hitler’s view of Jews. He did not “hate them for NO REASON” These crimes happened as Hitler was climbing the ladder and he KNEW what the Jews were doing to Christians, unlike America where Jewish Bolsevik actions were NOT REPORTED.
            HOLODOMOR : The famine-genocide of Ukraine, 1932-1933. In June of 1933, at the height of The Holodomor, 28,000 men, women and children in Ukraine were dying each day. The intentions were clear, genocide of the CHRISTIAN peasants. Holodomor is the name given to the mass starvation in the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33. Occurring between the Russian Revolution and the Second World War …
            The Great Purge under Stalin 1937-38. … the Great Purge encompassed the entire Soviet Union and all categories of people. Out of 388 members of the new revolutionary government in Russia, only sixteen were real Russians. “Apart from one negro,” we are told, “the rest were Jews.”
            Of the 502 highest officers of the 1917 First Soviet Socialist Government, 467 were Jews. Alexandr Solzenitzyn writes in his last book on the history of Russia that the Jews murdered over 66 million Russians. Marx, Engels, Trotsky, Bakunum, Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev, and others were all Jews by two or at least one parent. All the prison camps, torture chambers, gulags, etc were all commanded and run by Jews.
            The Jews’ 1933 declaration of war on Germany was no mere bluff or empty threat. Jews were an active internal enemy. At home, alert Germans had already seen the bloody Jewish revolution of 1918-1919 that installed the secessionist Judeo-Communist Bavarian Soviet Republic. While Germany was trying to fight World War 1, subversive Jewish revolutionaries like Kurt Eisner, Gustav Landauer, Ernst Toller, and Eugen Leviné were murdering innocent Germans at home. By the time the Jews formally declared war on Germany in 1933, Germans had already seen millions die in the Jewish-led-and-funded Communist revolutions of the early twentieth century in Russia, Hungary, Bavaria, and elsewhere in Europe. There was a holocaust of over 60 million at the hands of Judeo-Bolshevism.
            To understand the ancient historical pattern of Jewish subversion and treachery, see Dr. E. Michael Jones’ thoroughly referenced and authoritative 1,200 page book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History, ISBN 9780929891071.
            Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, “You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They Hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse…More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their blood- stained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of its perpetrators.”

            • Ping from Knave_Dave:

              You mean you are actually going to blame all of Hitler’s atrocities on the Jews, instead of on Hitler? Your hatred is stunningly blind. In the very least, blame Hitler for Hitler. Don’t cop an excuse for his horrid behavior by blaming others.

              Clearly you did not watch the entire video above as there is not a chance in the world (not even the tiniest shred of chance) that the US was able to fake films like that back in the forties with real people like Patton and Eisenhower in them and THOUSANDS of corpses and THOUSANDS of soldiers and Germans shown in the film. Even Hollywood in the fifties could not come up with makeup that looked half that real. (Have you ever watched the best fifties films?) It is even more absurd to think you could fake it in real places, using real people, not actors, and THOUSANDS OF THEM, and even more absurd to think you could convince all of them that what they are seeing is real and that THEY did it so that they’d all tell others, “Yeah, we did that. I was there, and that’s what I saw, too.” THOUSANDS of Germans have agreed that this is what they saw in person themselves, and the entire German nation has official OWNED it.

              Wow! What a great film to have convinced an entire nation they did formerly unimaginable atrocities and that it was THEIR fault!

              It is stunning beyond belief how blinding hatred can be.

            • Ping from Zaphod Braden:

            • Ping from Knave_Dave:

              Well, then, it must be true.

      • Ping from Auldenemy:

        I am deeply appalled by those who deny the Holocaust ever happened. The British and Americans liberated some of the most notorious Nazi death camps

        • Ping from Knave_Dave:

          Good to see you back, Auld, and well said as always.

          All those local Germans made to walk through the camps on film and see what happened, and not a single one of them said years later, “Oh, that was just a movie set, a propaganda film.”

          The proof is solid with thousands of living witnesses. German’s don’t deny it and, in fact, openly admit it as a horror of their past and for the most part own responsibility for it. But hate doesn’t care about truth.

          • Ping from Auldenemy:

            I never went away! I am always hungry for your next take on this crazy world. Your clarity of thought combined with your brilliant writing skills makes your articles addictive. I have simply kept quiet because of health issues and a general feeling of deep sadness about certain things.

            Yes, the evidence of the Holocaust is literally overwhelming. I almost came close to listing it in response to the cretin who denied it ever happened. I decided I cannot interact with someone that stupid, that biased, that extreme. You are braver than me, you confront hypocrites with their delusional lies. Well, I used to but am too old and too tired now. I refuse to hate all Jews just because banking tends to have a lot of Jews at the top. I find it ridiculous that extreme Right Wing people go on and on about Jews in banking but fail to mention the success of Jews in ALL areas of society (the arts, music, science etc). Perhaps they are hated for having a tendency to be so gifted at many different things? All I do know is that they have been persecuted through out history, firstly by Arabs and then Europeans. In fact one of the main reasons the Arabs supported Hitler was because like them he hated the Jews.

            By coincidence, after leaving that response I saw a BBC programme about the many young children who came to the UK – absent their parents – to escape Nazi Germany. Of course they are all old now but the scars run deep. They spoke calmly about parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who of course they never saw again; all of them swallowed up inside dark, fetid, cattle truck trains to be transported to slave labour camps and gas chambers. One woman spoke of her Jewish husband (whom she met after the war when he came to the UK). He had been a boxer prior to WWII. Due to his physical strength he was one of the, ‘lucky’ ones who was selected for slave labour. By the time the camp he was in was liberated he weighed 5 stone.

            I am not interested in how wicked, stupid extremists go into denial about the holocaust nor am I interested in how extremists at the other end use it as a guilt trip, a sort of self flagellation if you like (which I think is the problem with Merkel and Germany right now) and why the EU elites are committing a slow genocide on their own people and culture, as in they think a Europe full of Muslims will somehow atone for their Nazi past. I am only interested in the truth and the truth is always an on going investigation (both of ourselves and of the outside world). If we have no truth and no compassion for others then we have nothing.

            Multum In Parvo

            • Ping from Knave_Dave:

              Sorry to hear about the sadness, Auldfriend. Too much reading of this kind of material can do that. That’s why I try to give some of the stories a little levity to ease the load, and I also try to steer clear of the darkest conspiracy stuff because it can flood one’s mind for endless hours trying to figure out what’s real and what isn’t. So, I most try to stay with writing about what I can actually observe.

              You are missed when your comments don’t appear because you eloquently lay out your thoughts, and your thinking is carefully nuanced. Plus I enjoy the European perspective.

              It does get wearisome confronting people who are so readily willing to accept something like the holocaust as an enormous conspiracy theory without a single thought to how impossible it would be to convince an entire nation that they had done horrendous acts that never happened.

              And I agree with you that self-flagellation for the sins created by one’s forefathers is also a sick behavior. In my view, each person is only guilty for their own actions or inaction, never for those of their ancestors. It is how we live each day today that counts.

  14. Ping from Zaphod Braden:

    All of these DOMESTIC TERRORISTS protesters, rioters, THUGS, attacking the FREE SPEECH of Americans ….. must be BANNED FOR LIFE from receiving SNAP/EBT/Food Stamps, Public Assistance, housing, Unemployment Benefits, Student Loans, or any form of Government Aid.

    Brought to you by George Soros. Look at how PREPLANNED they are. This was designed well BEFORE the election. Explore it to see what they are teaching. These are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS
    George Soros’ ( 136 CANTITOE ST IN KATONAH NY. ) is FUNDING the riots and looting from #BLM and, TAKE ALL of Soros’ money to pay for REPARATIONS for the damages he is creating HERE ……. and JAIL him AND HIS SONS for DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

  15. Ping from God's Messenger:

    Just a little input for your analysis. G.Soros is a master hypester. Playing both sides to optimize his own gain, profit & above all, more control & order from the chaos. One chess match, one player playing both sides of the board, so many pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, castles, queens & kings sacrificed along the way until the crowning win; “I am the surviving winner, you ALL lost!”, says he. The only way we win is if we stop being played & join the fray ourselves, then we actively have a chance to counter his moves, strike back & turn the tide to win. So far he’s the main player & he’s playing us all. Believe you me, he’s among the most virile & active players, unafraid of showing himself & his hand. His hubrice dares us cowards to challenge him in the arena, wherein few have ventured to meet him in battle. We need to awaken & realize his strength lies not in his $, but in our trepidation & inaction. One man acting alone with God is a majotity!!! The devil has never, nor can not ever win!! To hell with you George, we too shall play!!!

  16. Ping from No More Neos:

    In the video clip below, Douglas Rushkoff, author of Nothing Sacred: The Truth about Judaism, he explains that Judaism does not believe in the nation-state (nor do the globalist neocons) and acknowledges that they are a “corrosive force” in the world in order to smash the false gods that separate us.

    All well and good, heaven knows that religions have caused much bloodshed on the earth, but people are now naturally gravitating toward a sectless and even scientific understanding of energy/spirituality. But nothing positive will ever be accomplished through brute force and mass-induced chaos, Soros-style. Only mutual respect and peaceful evolution will bring about world unity.

    One of the main architects of US foreign policy to this day, Zbigniew Brzezinski, wrote this in his book:

    “The “nation-state” as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.” ~ Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages, 1970

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      A true comment from Brzezinski, but I don’t think Rushkoff even begins to have the authority to speak for all Judaism. There are Jews who are Zionist, but there are Orthodox Jews who are completely non-Zionist, who believe that they should just wait until God delivers the land of Israel and not try to take it by their own force and their own schemes. Judaism is not monolithic.

  17. Ping from Donald Sergent:

    A piece on why he(and they) may be pushing on a string
    A speculation on the imminent demise of Homo Economicus

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      Another person who sees “chaos” as being the operative word that will most overall describe the year 2017. He, too, sees rising and rampant anger as the driving force. And that, unfortunately, is what happens because someone like Obama didn’t deal with the underlying problems — didn’t jail all the banksters who created the mess and, instead, gave them abundant opportunity to amass even more.

      In the US, if Trump does what he says, liberals and globalists (not the same thing, as one be conservative and be a globalist corporatist, too) will become enraged. If he doesn’t do what he promised, his own supporters will become enraged for having been tricked again. Either way, the battle is on because the problems were bottled up and not dealt with harshly from the beginning.

      The author talks about how, when people feel powerless, they raise a strongman into government to fight as their champion. Trump is strong in that he fights back viciously against anyone who attacks him in any way, and he gives voice to the rage people feel. So, he’s the junkyard dog people have put in this fight. (It’s a golden junkyard in his case, pretty nice junk, but he has the personality of a junkyard dog. Both Trump and Nigel Farage act and talk all the time more like street fighters than rich men.)

      This statement in particular registers with what I was saying about Soros:

      “Yet a mechanistic and materialist way of conceiving human actions has become entrenched, in part because economics has become the predominant means of understanding the world. A view that took shape in the 19th century – that there is “no other nexus between man and man than naked self-interest” – has become orthodoxy once again in an intellectual climate that views the market as the ideal form of human interaction and venerates technological progress and the growth of GDP. All of this is part of the rigid contemporary belief that what counts is only what can be counted and that what cannot be counted – subjective emotions – therefore does not.

      Soros knows only the mechanistic way of simply pushing the pieces together. Love is the unseen incalculable thing that is subjective and cannot be counted, cannot be made or manufactured. It can be taught from childhood by others who love, but I don’t think he had that in his childhood.

      I think the author, though, is too intellectually complex, and that is actually the biggest part of the problem with everyone’s attempt to understand our economic problems. All we ever really needed to do was get the basics right. We need to stop trying to engineer society. Government’s job should be to provide a level playing field with justice for all, and we didn’t try anything like that after 2008.

      Justice for all means the rich go to jail as quickly and as easily as drug dealers on the street. We are far from being that kind of society. It means that taxes would never give special breaks for different methods of getting income (such as capital gains breaks). We don’t care how you make your money, you pay X%. (We are moving even farther from that with Trump’s plan.) It means that, if you go broke because of bad business decisions, you go broke no matter how big you are. Good-bye, flush. It means we’d be as likely to put a small but shrewd banker in charge of the treasury as a pompous handshaker from Goldman Sachs.

      The rage is so great because the basics are so unjustly out of whack. If we could just get the BASICS right, a huge portion of our problems would never have come into being in the first place.

      “We have too little intellect in matters of the soul”

      That is what is missing in Soros, but I think the human soul is best understood not through intellect, but through the heart. That appears to be what is missing in Soros. If we could just get the basics right in terms of economics — the level and just playing field for all — we would not be abusing so many souls and would not have all this animosity. What people are really angry about is that the simple, basic justice just isn’t there. (And meanwhile, don’t be cramming a bunch more people in on top of me for me to try to figure out how to get along with them, too.) And a part of that justice and level playing field also means that we don’t saddle the next generation with our debts. We pay as we go. (We’re also moving further from that with Trump’s plan.) We may want things or think we need to do things, but then PAY FOR THEM or go without. That’s hard? Too bad.

      If we did what Keynes actually suggested and only raised debt in bad times to stimulate the economy and always paid it completely back down in good times, that would be fine; but we have NEVER tried that. We just raise it all the time and pass it forward. Even the Keynesians aren’t true Keynesians.

  18. Ping from Donald Sergent:

    Good morning, Dave. Just a small addition to the factors in the crisis in Europe. It is acknowledged, albeit not widely in the media, that the Euros’ effect for Germany-a devalued DeutscheMark-has driven the Italian industrial sector into depression over the last sixteen years. Given the prevalence of smaller, almost boutique, scale of much of Italian industry, being trapped in a currency union with Germany added financial stress to the already present cultural stresses. Grillo has alluded to this, and as an accountant he adds a counterview to that of the economists. Brexit was already brewing a decade ago with the effects of the Schengen Agreement with the advent of lower wage labor from the former Warsaw Pact /FSU. Adding the blowback from the wars of choice in the near east/north Africa to the mix was the match. Outsource/Insource, as the weapon of choice of Capital vs Labor, neither wants nor respects National boundaries.
    Consider the language in describing corporations over the last 50 + years
    International->MultiNational->TransNational->Supranational->FREE TRADE!
    The endgame?->TPP,TiSA,TTIP with the ISDS Clause
    As one of the pet projects of the “Deep State” that was (temporarily?)derailed by Trumps election these immensely profitable scams will not be abandoned without a fight-using proxies/useful idiots- but they have spent too many years weaseling toward that prize to give up without inflicting a lot of pain.
    Soros is a convenient face for the Open Society, but the rest of the team is just as supportive for their own reasons.

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      Hi Don,

      Indeed, all those factors are in play. I don’t think they have too much to do with Soros, though. I don’t think his reasons for unification have much to do with financial concerns. I could be wrong not that, but even in the interview given, he seems to be saying that he can make money in any system. All he wants is that the rules apply the same to all.

      Aside from Soros, though, you are right that those factors are part of the Eurozone’s troubles. Italy has no way to devalue its currency in order to make its exports more attractive to Germany

      Back when the euro (and hence the Eurozone) was only being talked about as an Idea, I said, “It’s never going to work over the long run because no Irishman is going to let someone in Brussels tell him what the price of his hops can be.” In short the differences between the states of Europe (both economic and cultural) are far greater than the differences between the states of America. Therefore, the stresses on the currency and the stresses created BY the currency are going to be too great, and will ultimately tear things apart.

      Imagine how much worse it will be if we try to force a unified digital currency on the whole world … and then everything can go down when a single currency fails because its the only game in town. There is something to be said for diversity.


  19. Ping from akaGaGa:

    I agree with most everything you’ve written, and realize the thought and
    care you put into the process. Even so, I think you’ve missed a larger
    point. Where you state that the tactics Soros uses are his problem
    (pushing people together instead of “loving” them together), I rather see his
    objective as his problem. He has, in effect and effort, put himself in
    charge of bringing people together, which can only be done by God. No
    matter his approach, he will always fail. Soros cannot do what only God
    can do, which is directing the footsteps of mankind. And even God will
    not “push” people together, but instead when they come to Jesus in
    repentance, He grants them a new heart, and from that new heart, they
    will of their own choice come to love one another.

    Thank you for a thought-provoking piece.

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      Thanks, Gaga.

      Just to clarify, I wasn’t thinking of love as a tactic that Soros cold make happen or even that would cause people to come together if he had love in his heart. I was saying similar to you that getting people to get along isn’t something you can make happen by pushing them together. I’d add for clarity now that you cannot “love” them together either because love isn’t a tactic. So, I’m saying that people need a change of heart; and, without that, forcing them together is like putting fighting cocks in the same cage.

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