“Hell Week II: The Revenge” Threatens Unrestrained Election Rejection

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Late in 2016, I predicted the week after the election would be hell week as people revolted against the election results, and it was so. First, the mainstream media stared into living rooms in shock and awe as they reported with tear-brimmed eyes that the nation had not voted for the media’s Anointed One. Then city blocks closed down to allow for proper rioting. By morning, the nation awoke to find that rioters had smashed windows and were lighting fires. Upset liberals announced petitions for their liberal states to secede from the union. Immigration Canada experienced a melt-down of its website due to requests for information on how to become a Canadian citizen. Movie stars dressed in sackcloth with faces smeared in ashes, clawed their skin and declared the end of the nation had come, but they didn’t move out of the country as they had bravely promised us they would. (Sighs.) Liberal school bullies beat up classmates who supported Trump. Colleges closed in mourning and served student activists tea and biscuits and puppies to calm their nerves. The snowflakes melted in the hot glow of Donald Trump’s orange hair, and retired hippies raised their hands to the sun and bowed to mother earth as they declared the end of the world was here.

The queerest thing about all of this to me was that, a week before the election, these people had reviled Donald Trump as being the most unAmerican, unpatriotic human being in the history of United States for refusing to promise he would unequivocally accept the election results no matter how they came about. Now these righteous people all turned and unequivocally rejected the election results:


  • They rallied and rioted by the thousands in cities all cross America with signs that said “Not MY president.”
  • They challenged the election returns for recounts in every area where they thought they had a chance to overturn the election.
  • They complained that the electoral college (which they had no problem with when they were so cocky and certain it would tip Hillary a landslide victory) was unjust to the core, undemocratic and should be abolished.
  • They did everything they could to persuade the electoral college members to stage an electoral coup by not to voting in the manner the college always has.
  • And they cried a lot.


Thus closed a year that I had deemed one January ago the “Year of the Epocalypse.” While it had not turned out to be the full-on economic catastrophe I predicted for the US, it certainly turned out to be the most bizarre and chaotic political year I’ve ever witnessed. Probably the worst you’ve ever seen, too. It seems almost everyone agrees the surprising political rollover that started showing up in massive changes around the world last year was largely due to deep economic discord finally rising to the surface and finding its voice in people like Trump and Farage who are bellicose enough not to care about PC rules.

(This, in my view, is the Epocalypse Rising, not coming about in the order I anticipated, but I always said the order of collapse was unpredictable, but the collapse was certain.)

So, yeah, hell week hit and didn’t go away, just as I said it would. It metastasized as the initial despair of forlorn liberals and gloomy globalists moved backwards through the first four stages of grief, which are denial, anger, bargaining, depression. First, they melted in tears and cried over their puppies and poured their glasses of celebratory election champagne onto the dust of the earth (depression). Then they bargained with the vote counters and the electoral college to try to overturn the results. Now they are organizing to gather in angry rallies through which they hope to deny the election results by preventing the inauguration from happening. In the very least, they want to make sure Trump’s inauguration is the darkest day in national history, so help them God, in whom they don’t believe.

It all adds up to the most colorful strutting display of hypocrisy I’ve ever witnessed from people who have claimed it is totally unAmerican to not accept election results, and now …


A new hell week begins as election rejection kicks into overdrive


They’re going to dump the Trump with an inauguration events set to beat the boos and jeers given to George Bush when he won the electoral vote even though he lost the popular vote. Here is a list of events already planned for Hell Week II: The Revenge:

DisruptJ20 calls for “NO PEACEFUL TRANSITION.” Their website states, “On Friday, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as President of the United States. We call on all people of good conscience to join in disrupting the ceremonies. If Trump is to be inaugurated at all, let it happen behind closed doors, showing the true face of the security state Trump will preside over. It must be made clear to the whole world that the vast majority of people in the United States do not support his presidency or consent to his rule. Trump stands for tyranny, greed, and misogyny. He is the champion of neo-nazis and white Nationalists, of the police who kill the Black, Brown and poor on a daily basis, of racist border agents and sadistic prison guards, of the FBI and NSA who tap your phone and read your email….

“He is the harbinger of even more climate catastrophe, deportation, discrimination, and endless war. He continues to deny the existence of climate change, in spite of all the evidence, putting the future of the whole human race at stake. The KKK, Vladimir Putin, Golden Dawn, and the Islamic State all cheered his victory. If we let his inauguration go unchallenged, we are opening the door to the future they envision. Trump’s success confirms the bankruptcy of representative democracy. Rather than using the democratic process as an alibi for inaction, we must show that no election could legitimize his agenda…. If you can’t make it to Washington, DC on January 20, take to the streets wherever you are. We call on our comrades to organize demonstrations and other actions for the night of January 20.

Legba Carrefour, an anarchist in charge of the group’s press relations, says, “We are planning to shut down the inauguration, that’s the short of it. We’re pretty literal about that, we are trying to create citywide paralysis on a level that I don’t think has been seen in D.C. before. We’re trying to shut down pretty much every ingress into the city as well as every checkpoint around the actual inauguration parade route.”

Carrefour states there are no overt plans to do things like jumping barricades or throwing projectiles, but autonomous actions of that kind are encouraged. “I can’t comment on specific stuff we’re doing like that, mostly because that would be illegal. But, yeah, it will get pretty crazy, I expect. ‘Have fun!’ I say.”

Here is some leaked audio of a DisruptJ20 organizing meeting that says they actively plan to blockade roads and security checkpoints:



So far fifty-seven anarchist groups around the nation have signed on to support DisruptJ20’s call to action in various parts of the US.

Refuse Fascism says, “In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America. Stop the Trump-Pence regime before it begins. Take to the streets every night and every day…. Bring DC to a halt!” They plan events for every day of inauguration week and are surrounding the Trump Hotel in the old Post Office Building. “Among huge numbers of people there is a deep anxiety, alienation, disgust and anger in relation to the recent presidential election and its outcome…. The current angst and outrage could be transformed, in a very short, telescoped period of time, into resistance which reaches such massive proportions, and is characterized by such a depth of determination, that it actually creates a “crisis of rule,” and prevents the Trump/Pence fascist regime from consolidating its hold on the governance of society…. As many have noted, Hitler himself came to power through the process of elections and established legal procedures…. This is not an exaggerated comparison…. The aim must be nothing less than to create such a profound political crisis before the intended inauguration (January 20, 2017) that the fascist regime is actually not able to take the reins of government.” Events are planned for various cities. Their full-page ad in the New York Times warned that Trump “has assembled a cabinet of Christian fundamentalist fanatics, war mongers, racists, science deniers. NO! His regime must not be allowed to consolidate. We REFUSE to accept a Fascist America!

Anti-Capitalist & Anti-Fascist Bloc writes, “We are calling for a mobile bloc opposing capitalism and fascism at the inauguration…. This January 20th, thousands of people will mobilize to disrupt Trump’s inauguration, rejecting the tyranny, greed, and bigotry he represents. Many different permitted marches, blockades, and other autonomous direct actions are planned. Those who travel to DC hoping to celebrate Trump’s ascendance to power will find the inaugural ceremonies reduced to a total clusterf…. Towards becoming an ungovernable force this winter.

Occupy Wall Street now partners to create Occupy Inauguration: “The Equality Coalition and Occupy Inauguration are working together to bring you a mass event taking place in Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day, January 20th-21st, 2017. Numerous alternative political parties, communists parties, socialists parties, green movements, Native American groups, and progressive/liberal organizations have endorsed their effort.

The ANSWER Coalition, which stands for Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, says they plan to stage a large demonstration near the White House if they can get permission for a spot that often makes it on national TV. New York organizer Ben Becker says, “We think the most important thing is having the largest possible turnout. We have a peaceful plan, it’s loud and it will be visible…. We think it’s the beginning of a potentially massive new movement in the United States and it’s important that on that first day we send a message about our numbers, a message about our politics, a message about what it is in the Trump agenda that we reject. We’re not encouraging any tactics that are going to detract from that.”

DC Anti-Fascist Coalition claims, “Members of the Alt Reich are having a fancy ball [the DeploraBall], taking a smarmy victory lap through our DC streets to celebrate their sexual assaulter in chief, Donald Trump…. We must stand for a world based on love and justice, not fear…. We must stand against racism, Islamophobia, sexism, and all forms of oppression. We call on people of conscience to protest and help send a message to the Trump Administration and his followers: We are better than this, and we will never accept this hate in our nation’s capital…. We ask that protestors, do not under any circumstances initiate any violence, but protect one another and practice self-defense.”

Qockblockade Brigade is a group of self-described queers that plans to “hold a queer anti-Inauguration party at a security checkpoint! Even though we’re taking over a security checkpoint, we’re there to have a good time – have fun, dance, celebrate our queer identities – no matter how anyone else reacts. This is NOT a space to instigate, and we will not be trying to provoke arrest…. Make sure you can make it out to celebrate the queendom.”

Climate Convergence plans “a number of marches, rallies and actions all weekend.”

The “Women’s March on Washington” is planned for the day after the inauguration and is more of an old-fashion mainstream event, starring Gloria Steinem and Harry Belafonte. Planned Parenthood is one sponsor and says, ” “We will send a strong message to the incoming administration that millions of people across this country are prepared to fight attacks on reproductive health care, abortion services, and access to Planned Parenthood.” Organizers say the event is not planned to target Trump specifically. Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York, said the march will be a “stand on social justice and human rights issues ranging from race, ethnicity, gender, religion, immigration, and healthcare.” Nearly 200,000 people have pledged to attend so far, and sister events are scheduled for various cities around the nation on the same day. Their website says, “We are working with local and federal law enforcement and do not intend to engage in any civil disobedience. We expect all marchers to abide by all laws and any instruction of law enforcement…. Finally, we are planning a peaceful demonstration and are training marshals in de-escalation tactics and ask that all marchers remain peaceful.”



Not all events are planned to be violent or crazy, but many are. The Secret Service has stated that it is preparing for what is the most intense inauguration in its history. And, so the anarchy that I said last year would typify the Epocalypse begins … or, at least, tries to.


The year ahead


I suspect the protests are just gearing up this week, and 2017 will look a lot like the sixties where everything the president does results in another march in another city, and where we’ll see increasing violence on the part of self-righteous protestors who feel their own righteousness merits violent action. You can be sure many of these groups have billionaire George Soro’s money backing them.

In my last article, I wrote,


You can be sure that Soros, crying over the disruption of his new world disorder and having lost a billion because of Trump, is going to fight back with more malice than ever, and here he hints at his planned attack: “The US will be preoccupied with internal struggles in the near future, and targeted minorities will suffer.” … He’s making this prediction … because he knows he’s going to be investing his money in making sure those struggles happen. He’s going to stir the pot for all he’s worth and make sure the rage explodes into flames, and he’s got enough money to do a lot of stirring, and rage already wants to happen anyway. (“George Soros: The Man Behind the Mayhem“)


The more Trump does to restore law and order, the more he will be seen as running the police state these groups warn is coming. Their actions will assure the fulfillment of their own prophecies.

All of this means the economy will continue on its inexorable slide to the bottom because a nation in unstoppable chaos is not likely to accomplish anything successful economically.

While 2016 didn’t turn out to be the Year of the Epocalypse in which all these things became visible, it certainly was entirely about the election that has set these things all in play in the US now. So, it was the beginning, but not the manifestation. Trump won because of all the economic corruption that had been left in place through the Obama administration, causing long-silent masses of people to want a change from the establishment.

I did say repeatedly that the economic aspects I predicted for 2016 could likely be delayed because all stops would be pulled out by the Obama administration to keep the economy’s head above water until the election was over or, more likely, until Obama is out of office so that Trump can be the one to take the fall when the Fed’s fake recovery all collapses. We are now almost there, and all this political chaos will give the Federal Reserve even more cover for the failure of its recovery. They can not only blame it on Trump’s policies but on all the political turmoil he has excited.

Ironically, the biggest capitalists, like Despicable Soros will use the little anti-capitalists as their minions to stir up trouble all over the nation in order to make it nearly impossible for Trump to keep the economy running. They will say the chaos is all Trump’s fault because his rhetoric constantly inflames people. While there is some truth to that, they are doing everything they can to enflame people, too, and to use them like mercenaries to make sure the recovery’s failure happens on Trump’s watch. (I’m not saying they planned for Trump to win, but that they will make the most of the opportunity to turn it in their favor.)

So, welcome to the Epocalypse, which I always said would be particularly notable for the spreading of anarchy. It’s all part of the deepening Great Recession because, had the enormous economic flaws that caused the Great Recession been thoroughly and properly corrected over the past eight years, Trump would never have been seen as necessary. There wouldn’t have been a hidden groundswell of voter rage that revolted against all establishment candidates to put Trump into office. But nothing was corrected.

So, now, we have revolution and counter-revolution. We have a nation flying apart because of all the deep-seated corruption, the ever-widening disparity in who shares the rewards of capitalism (which Trump’s tax plan will make worse as all supply-side plans have), the bailing out of banksters, the refusal to bring the corrupt to justice … and we have Trump filling all of his offices with Goldman Sachs executives and other establishment corporate CEOs.

No wonder the anarchists are crawling out of the woodwork to try to defeat the “anti-establishment” president. It’s an absolutely bizarre and chaotic mess in which the anarchists you would normally think are most anti-establishment are being funded by the establishment billionaire George Soros and are supporting the globalist movement that Soros is a part of. That’s how bizarre the world has become.

This is not going to end well.



  1. Ping from Donald Sergent:

    hey, Dave.

    Wow, that was almost a flame war with Tom

    Supply Side may have been a useful tool for a certain phase in the economic cycle to break the psychology of stagflation engendered by the oil shocks of the 70s, but it had a limited shelf life.

    The cycle we’re trying to contend with is the invasion of the WalMartians- the loss of wage power leads to shopping at walmart, which robs the former middle class businesses of revenue which increases downward pressure on wages, which leads to the dollar stores, which leads to empty storefronts on main street, which opens the door for Congo(Sarc) which kills off walmart (and Macys and Sears) but leads to more jobs at FedUps until the drones and driverless delivery vehicles render them unemployed all while delivering crap to people who get their money from where? Its like (Self)Terminator- SkyNet is in control.

    It didn’t have to be this way.


    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      Don’t even get me started on the evils of Walmart, Don. I’ve refused to shop there all my life unless the thing I needed to get could only be found there. I’ll pay more to buy it anywhere else as I’d rather support the local economy with my money than participate in bringing it all down to the lowest common denominator.

  2. Ping from Chris P:

    It’s no difference than politics you can’t change peoples minds even if you show them a gaping hole it their beliefs. The only way people will change is if they get a new heart. And the only one who can do that is Jesus Christ. I always look forward to your next post and as always I’m curious to see how the great recession pans out.
    Thanks Chris

  3. Ping from Chris P:

    I come here to read your informative and thought provoking articles. It seems like most people come here to argue about what you write. The last one on Soros was a good one but didn’t want to comment in the midst of the turmoil. I may not agree with everything you write but then again unless we are a robot nobody would.

    This is going to be an interesting week and year. I look forward to reading more of your great reads and hope your days are blessed.

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      Thanks, Chris. I’m hesitant to be so harsh with readers, as I was below, but I really am sick to death with people’s willingness to believe that bilge water about supply-side economics helping the middle class. If we haven’t learned what a lie that is after decades of watching it build up to the economic crisis of 2008, we really are too stupid to ever solve any of our problems.

      We now have DECADES of history that prove throughout every period of trickle-down tax cuts almost nothing trickled down. The rich grew OBSCENELY richer while the middle class disappeared. Anyone who cannot see that is willfully blind and stuck in dogma. It is mind-boggling that people will continue to regurgitate the nonsense that the way to help the middle class is to give the lion’s share of tax breaks to the upper class. Even without history’s proof, people should always have been smart enough to know that greedy doctrine would never work.

      Even Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have stated repeatedly that they would have done all the same investments all the same ways, even if there had never been a capital-gains tax cut. They would have had just as much incentive to create just as many jobs. Apparently, however, some people think they know more about what the rich need in order to make entrepreneurial investments than the rich do!

      The only kind of investment capital-gains tax cuts cause is speculative buying and selling of stocks in the Wall Street casino that does absolutely NOTHING to create new factories and new jobs.

  4. Ping from Tom Tutone:

    “which Trump’s tax plan will make worse as all supply-side plans have”

    This statement undermined the author’s credibility. It is a statement based on a narcissistic world view that ALL can be equal. There will always be a gap in wages and wealth. The gap always gets bigger under a demand side economic plan this writer endorses. Letting the producer keep more of the wealth and getting the government out of the way is the only way to reduce the gap and create a middle class. All other approaches fail much worse at reducing the gap these people always claim they care about. What approach has produced a sustainable method to reduce this gap?

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