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Bank of America, How Are You? (A song for the Great Recession)

I’ve posted a new video for a song I wrote to give Bank of America credit that is due for helping to create a great recession for us all. The video is illustrated with photos from the Great Depression. My tribute to Bank of America with images of the time when it was born:


The Great Recession Unemployment Game

The difference between a recession and a depression is whether you are in it or looking back at it. “Depression” is the D-word no one wants to use for their own time. It is kept at bay by another D-word — “Denial.”  If the government believed as it said that the recession ended in June of […]


Stock Market Euphoric Over Ongoing Recovery from Great Recession; Credit Ratings Indicate Ongoing Crash into Great Depression. Which is it?

Today’s news gave rise to outspoken hopes that the Great Recession is ending … again. This seems to have the whole world excited, except me. The stock market is soaring this morning as the U.S. Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank announced an agreement to loan U.S. money to European banks at lower rates. Jobs […]


The Greek Crisis — A Euro-Splitting Headache or The Greek Depression?

We have seen it many times before in the last couple of years: dark weeks of gloomy economic news day after day — nothing actually fixed in the economy — yet suddenly the bulls explode into the marketplace over a mere glint of sunlight. We have particularly seen the running of the bulls with respect […]


The Tipping Point into Economic Collapse

This week the European bank Dexia was partially nationalized by Belgium because the Fed’s bailout two years ago didn’t work. Belgium and France has already nationalized part of the bank months ago. That essentially amounts to bailout after bailout, now reaching the third round. The large international bank, in other words, is a very sick patient that […]


Economic Apocalypse Now?

Bad news is good news, I suppose, if you are starting a blog about the economic crisis and are hoping to find an audience. I feel a bit like a vulture perched on a snag, waiting for the economy to die, but I don’t create the news. I started The Great Recession Blog because the […]


Saving Capitalists from Capitalism

The main reason this depression is being talked about now as a “second recession” is that the governments of this world propped up the initial phase of this global depression with all the cash they could manufacture — more cash than has ever been pumped into the U.S. economy at any time in history. Thus, […]


DOWNTIME Part 12 – Talking Stock Versus Taking Stock

Some people keep talking stock, whether they’re right or wrong, and stay with their pollyanna beliefs. Others take stock of their own predictions, ignore what they want to believe, and look at reality square in the face. We’re now at a perfect time for taking stock of some recent predictions. Talking Stock Two weeks ago […]