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The Great Recession Unemployment Game

The difference between a recession and a depression is whether you are in it or looking back at it. “Depression” is the D-word no one wants to use for their own time. It is kept at bay by another D-word — “Denial.”  If the government believed as it said that the recession ended in June of […]


Unemployment Rate Highly Underrated!

Here are the glossed-over facts behind today’s vaunted news about unemployment, which has kept the stock market dancing in delirium. After a year of remaining stuck above 9%, the unemployment rate dropped in November to 8.6%, and the stock market was able to sustain yesterday’s drunken stupor. What is not immediately clear in these reports […]


DOWNTIME Part 14 – It’s Up, It’s Down for the Count

The fickleness of the stock market as a predictor of the economy versus just a responder to the economy played out clearly in the past week. On March 5th, CNN reported that the market had broken a five-day losing streak, bouncing off of twelve-year lows. “The markets opened higher and never looked back, following reports […]