Is Trump’s Immigration Concern Racism or Just Uncommon Sense?

immigration economics has a huge cultural cost

Most Trump supporters voted for him because he is the only voice against the establishment that speaks in a visceral way that resonates with their own concerns. They don’t hate Mexicans, but they hate an American establishment that imports as many people as it can from areas where labor is the cheapest in order to do what I call “insourcing their outsourcing.”

It doesn’t make a dime’s worth of difference what country someone comes from. It’s just that Mexico shares a border with the US so it happens that most immigrants enter from that border because Canadians don’t need economic opportunity, while many Central American and South American people clearly do. All of those people travel across the Mexican border, unless they try to sneak in by boat or plane.

Point is, concern about the Mexican border is not concern about Mexicans per se but about all nations that use that border crossing. It’s not about any one race or nation, though most racially are Hispanic … but not all. Unless you intend to inflame hatred, you can take some heat of the argument by realizing that concern about the Mexican border is not specifically concern about Mexicans.


Most border concern is about jobs, not race


Not all jobs can be outsourced overseas. Many jobs by their nature have to be done right here, such as cleaning hotels in Vegas. The hotels are where they are because people want to travel to Vegas. These corporations clamor with politicians for the same kind of cheap labor that they can get overseas, and both Republicans and Democrats provide that cheap labor for them by making some aliens illegal and then turning a blind eye to their presence here for decades, knowing that will encourage even more of them to come. They want them to come as illegal aliens because no labor is cheaper than peasant labor.

Illegal aliens will work even cheaper than legal immigrants because they have to keep their heads low to fly under the radar. They won’t complain about working conditions because their boss could have them deported. They don’t seek benefits because just getting a monthly check is is more security than they knew at home. They have no vote and cannot speak out for their rights. So, they are a true peasant class in America … by design.

This is fantastic for the corporatocracy — that group of major stockholders, CEOs and politicians (both Republican and Democrat) who work together for their own financial gain. And it is easy for them to feel good about it as “just providing jobs for the underprivileged people of this world” and easy to sell as being benevolent toward unfortunate people in other countries. So, they can readily gain liberal support; but it’s all about money … cheap labor. Follow the money, and you’ll understand why government has made people illegal and then turned a blind eye to their presence.

While it is great for the rich, this decades-long practice has destroyed the middle class. There is no mystery as to where the middle class has gone. The only way you can compete with immigrants who come from areas where 79 cents an hour is a working wage is to be willing to live in a tin shack yourself.

The middle-class workers in America who are not willing to do that have simply walked away from the job force, either going on welfare, retiring early or becoming entrepreneurs in their own businesses. The argument is that they are not willing to do those jobs; the truth is that wages have been suppressed in those jobs for so many decades due to the government deliberately turning a blind eye to illegal immigrants (with a few arrests along the way to look like they’re trying) that Americans won’t take those jobs because the pay has been suppressed for decades.


It’s easy to minimize the border issue by calling it “racism”


We let 1.5 million immigrants into the country each year, so it is not a small number; yet both Republicans and Democrats deny that it has any negative impact on US job holders or that it creates heavy strains in communities. Because both parties minimize these concerns year after year, Trump acted as magnet to draw the people of Flint, Michigan, and other such newly impoverished areas to him because there was no one else in the race to speak for them, Bernie having been cheated out of his chance to speak for them in a liberal fashion by the shenanigans of the DNC in marginalizing him. And why did Democrats marginalize Bernie? Because most politicians in the DNC are part of the corporatocracy, just as much as Republicans. It’s their job to make sure that cheap labor keeps arriving, whether by shore, by air, or by Mexico.

That’s primarily what free trade is about. Corporations were not half as interested in developing a new market in Mexico as in being able to get rid of tariffs so they could move their manufacturing plants to a cheap labor area and still sell their cars to Americans without being penalized. But that greed eventually destroys itself because the very thing that made America a thriving economy was a vast, well-paid middle class that could afford new cars every couple of years.

As the middle class disappears, that market is shrinking. That shrinkage in the number of able buyers has been made up for by artificially lowered interest rates, incredibly lax loan terms, and leasing cars, instead of selling them. That is not a sustainable game. It eventually ends in economic collapse. Those who make decisions this way don’t care because they reap huge rewards now and can retire anywhere in the world while everything falls behind them.

Of the 1.5 million immigrants allowed into the US every year, about a third of them are illegal. Building a wall is and always has been a smoke screen for solving the problem. We don’t need to round up the 500,000 people per year whose presence is illegal. We just need to imprison the 500 people who knowingly employ them. The hiring will end overnight; the jobs will dry up overnight; and those who are here illegally as economic immigrants will go away voluntarily within a month so long as you don’t provide them with any welfare to sustain them. If you want to provide them with welfare, then you can support them forever since they cannot be legally employed.

Some easily say, “Then just make them legal, unless they’re criminals.” You can do that, but you cannot ever change the fact that turning half a million more people into legal laborers pushes down hard on raises. It’s a big part of corporate America’s method of keeping wages suppressed.

You see, 100% of those 1.5 million people we let in each year, either take jobs away from Americans or they go on welfare. That just math. It’s not something you can argue against politically. They are surviving; they are eating; they have shelter. Therefore, with the exception of the rare few rich people who migrate here with their own money supply, these are people who either got jobs here or got welfare. There is no other way for them to stay alive.

So, liberals need to get honest and and ask, “Do we really want to keep doing that to our own middle class — keep forcing our neighbors to compete with millions of lower-wage workers?” Denial of that reality doesn’t mean its gone away. It just means you’re not seeing the world as it is. (And that’s when it jumps up and bites you like it did in Trump’s election.)

1.5 million jobs per year going to people who are willing to work incredibly cheap cannot possibly have a small impact when that is about the same number of new jobs created each year. It’s a massive one-on-one impact. That reality needs to be admitted. Trump was the ONLY one squaring off with that fact, shoving it out there and saying, “DEAL WITH IT!” And that is why he got elected.


Border security is also about terrorism


Liberals also lost the election because their denial that mass migration is a terror concern defies commons sense. They will keep believing it, but many voters had enough that naiveté. In about one year’s time, the US had 50,000 children migrate across the Mexican border without their parents. The following should be mental childs play, so it’s hard to understand why liberals keep denying it:

If 50,000 CHILDREN can figure out how to get across the border (with the unseen help, of course, of their parents who remain behind), then it is absurd to think that 50,000 highly educated, highly intelligent, highly motivated terrorists (with the unseen help of large terrorist networks) cannot get across the border. It’s the same border. The same security applies to all. If a child can do it…

Need I even say more about the fact that clearly our border is insecure. Even a child can do it. Why? Why would anyone allow that to continue? Why would anyone dismiss that as insignificant? Is it just denial that there really are terrorists out there who want to kill you because you don’t want to live with that thought?

Building a wall to fortify your city against those who do want to kill you doesn’t make you xenophobic if, in fact, some of those out there want to kill you. I don’t think the wall is essential, however, if you solve the first problem above by imprisoning employers who hire illegal aliens. If you’re willing to get that serious about that problem, the border patrol will have so many fewer migrants to deal with that the remainder will be easier to catch. They cannot hide, as they likely do now, in a sea of other illegal immigrants if you drain the sea.


Do you truly crave overpopulation?


When I grew up our Weekly Readers carried regular articles about the concern of overpopulation, and the starvation and thirst that it can cause. Many parts of America are already overpopulated. We’ve managed this problem in places like California by extending water pipes clear out to other states. Without that giant water-sucking system, Californians would die by the millions.

That’s overpopulation. Whenever the water supply of the area you are inhabiting cannot sustain you, then you know you have acceded the capacity of that area to sustain you. You can make up for that overpopulation problem by bringing water in from other areas, but then you create all kinds of other problems, such as water shortages in other areas.

So, seriously, why would you want an area that is an overcrowded as California to have even more people? Think sustainably? Is there no limit to how many people California and many other areas should absorb? What difference does it make if you encourage your own population to have only two-three children per couple in order to end population growth, if you are going to import 1.5 million people from other areas ever year? Is it the United States moral obligation to absorb the overpopulation of other places like Mexico City?

The biggest reason I want immigration control is I don’t want more people. And I don’t understand why my government thinks I have an obligation to let them stuff those people down my throat. My area has seen a lot of population growth, and with that I see beautiful farms turning into retirement communities and shopping centers or divided up into five-acre equestrian estates that are no longer useful for real agriculture. I live in an area with lots of water, and already water issues are becoming regular headline news, and new restrictions are being informed everywhere. With the increase in population, crime has gone up. Squalor has increased. I see all of that as the end of a rural way of life that I value because the population in my area has trippled in my lifetime, mostly from outside the country.

I like the people fine. I just don’t like how many there are, and I’m not willing to see the total end of my lifestyle, which is also my culture, just to accommodate so many people from other nations. It’s not racism or nationalism. These hordes that now surround me are predominantly from India, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Mexico and Central America. I like their cultures. I think many of them are beautiful or handsome. I’d be happy if my grand children married some of them and had exotically beautiful babies. I enjoy meeting them and talking with them. I love their food. But I want them to stop coming. If they were all English (my background), I’d still want them to go back to England … because there are simply too many of them! Enough!

I feel like Midas buried under a pile of gold. What’s to complain about? It’s all gold.

Labeling such concerns “racism” or “xenophobia,” as liberals have done to try to control the argument, rules out honest conversation about real problems involved — economic problems, water problems, crowding, crime — things that happen when you try to compress too many people into the same space.

Is it really true, as immigration authorities tell us, that population has to grow forever — that you can’t stop it? I think it is a dictated truth. While it serves the real-estate economy, I certainly know that my life isn’t better because of this constant influx of so many new people. So, why wouldn’t I, at some point, fight back and say, “Enough!

Donald Trump got elected by enough people saying, “Enough!”



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