We’re O.K. They’ve Got This

All is well in the wonderful Land of Oz.

Munchkin had that same dopy-faced, thumbs-up look when he was drifting on his plastic bubble bed in a languid pool back in December somewhere in the Carribbean after assuring the world via Treasurer’s tweet that he had called all the major US banks to make sure they had adequate reserves to survive the impending run on banks. Thank the lesser god of In-God-We-Trust notes for that quick-thinking rescue!

Our Adonis above, then, gave that same thumbs-up to the pool boy to let him know, “We’re O.K. I’ve just let the world know everything is O.K.” Delighted with the fingertip potency he had just displayed to his pretty goddess wife, he floated over to the poolside bar and ordered his fifth piña colada for the morning.

Until that moment of Oz-like, scarecrow, if-I-only-had-a-brain wizardry, the world had not realized numerous bank failures were imminent.

Likewise, in the photo above, we’re O.K. now, too, because the Munch has just convinced the Over-Fed that the economy is apparently close enough to starving that it needs new rounds of forced-Fed support. We can rest assured once again because the Fed will preemptively make its first-cut rate cut during a period of economic greatness to save the investor’s land of Oz.

We’re O.K. The Munchkin who dances along the Goldman-bricked road has this covered. The bullish investor’s fantasy Land of Oz continues to live another day while the evil witch of Western capitalism lies dead under the Fed’s Eccles building.

We hope you had a great recession. With these money gods running the world from their twin Washington temples, you can rest assured the Great Recession will have its second coming. So, don’t give up; more good times are on the way!

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