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Inflation is now rising faster than anything IHS Markit has ever seen in its Purchasing Manager’s Index, but it gets worse: It is not just cost outputs to consumers that are being passed along, but the rise in new input costs has also picked up pace. That means even higher price increases are building up […]

Joe Biden is looking a little Grinchy, having decided to fire the unvaccinated across America as we head toward the holidays. Even though the end of enhanced unemployment benefits has not brought back millions of former employees who’ve held out since the COVID lockdown, Biden decided it would be wise to fire a lot more […]

John Robert Charlton [CC BY 2.0 (]

Stagflation is showing up in data points and articles everywhere now. Delta worries, labor shortages and fading Washington stimulus — it’s enough to cast a chill on the U.S. economy this fall. A bevy of Wall Street forecasters chopped their targets for U.S. growth after a poor U.S. jobs report for August. The government on […]

Protected: Fed-up and Failing: How FedMed Killed the Patient

Posted August 30, 2021 By David Haggith

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Inflation Growing More Persistent

Posted August 26, 2021 By David Haggith

I want to thank my patrons for hanging in there with me while my writing has been less frequent than you deserve. I’ve been battling with COVID for the past two weeks while also in the middle of a house move, but I hope now to get more on track as I seem to have […]

Farmers in Great Depression

To keep it simple: Nope! Not this time anyway. That is, however, what you hear from the wistful market makers who want to see last week’s CPI release as proof inflation was “transitory.” Let me disabuse you of that fantasy entirely.

Stocks Wince Because the Stagflation Party Has Arrived

Posted August 5, 2021 By David Haggith

The past week has been a story of stagflation infecting the US economy while the stock market grimaces as Fed officials express the need to start a gradual pullout from economic stimulus much sooner or face a rapid pull-out a little later. Word on the Street has been that inflation is coming hot and heavy […]

Housing Prices Slide after Housing Sales Fall

Posted July 27, 2021 By David Haggith
A housing market crash in 2018 is where we start 2019

Interestingly, you’re about to find out that the fall in housing prices and home sales may power us further into high inflation for longer. We are entering a situation that could turn into a true oxymoron where lower prices equal higher prices as early as this week at the Fed’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting. […]

You be the Judge of the Truthfulness of my Naysayers

Posted July 25, 2021 By David Haggith
Celebrate because the Epocalypse is here!

Whenever I predict the market is going to crash or (as I recently have) that inflation is going to soar and then it does as I predicted, I get naysayers who claim — with no research to know what they are talking about — that I’m just a broken clock who happens to be right […]

Protected: The Great Inflationary Train Wreck is Here

Posted July 19, 2021 By David Haggith
By Photo credited to the firm Levy & fils by this site. (It is credited to a photographer "Kuhn" by another publisher [1].) (the source was not disclosed by its uploader.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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When asked about where inflation is now and how it relates to how high the Fed thought inflation would reach and what the Fed’s targets for inflation really are, Powell made it clear that inflation is running much hotter than the Fed thought it would be and for longer: This is not moderately above 2% […]

Jan van Rooyen, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

As I promised in my last article, I’ll now lay out where inflation has gone since my June update. Because so much inflation has emerged in the last few weeks, I can hardly keep up with the number of ways in which it is soaring and the reasons it will be more persistent than the […]

Treasury employee moves wheelbarrow full of money, destined for destruction. (National Photo Company Collection, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

I’ve said inflation will rise much higher than the Fed believes and will persist much longer and that it will eventually kill the latest stock market bull and the economy. If these inflation predictions prove wrong, I’ll stop writing my blog. Simple as that. That is how firmly I believe what I am saying and […]

Bond Baloney Everywhere! Let me help you digest it.

Posted July 9, 2021 By David Haggith

The bond market is crazy weird right now. Inflation is soaring, and bond yields, which are supposed to price in inflation, are falling through the floor, causing many experts to scratch their heads as they try to figure out what on earth to make of it all:

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