Protected: This Economy is Ugly in its Bones – Part 2

Posted May 13, 2022 By David Haggith
hedge fund hedge hog (Basile Morin / CC BY-SA (

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Farmer in despair over Great Depression in 1932.

You cannot grow a turnip in a pile of dollar bills unless you let them rot first. Depending on the road the Fed takes, that could become the dollar’s highest value and the best the Fed can do to reduce food shortages. Whether the dollar decays depends, in good part, on whether the Fed chooses […]

By William D. Matthew -, Public Domain,

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How Bad Was the Stock Crash for April Fools?

Posted May 1, 2022 By David Haggith
HM Stoops? (the name signed to 2 of the 6 illustrations on the page of the newspaper—they all seem to be from the same hand, despite this particular image is unsigned) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Well that didn’t take long. When GDP on Thursday morning revealed we are, in fact, crashing into recession, and the market flew like a released bird into the heavens, I noted in my last article that the market’s lunacy was just what I expected from delusional investors. That was a relief rally from the earlier […]

US Economy Crashes Headlong into Recession!

Posted April 28, 2022 By David Haggith
By Photo credited to the firm Levy & fils by this site. (It is credited to a photographer "Kuhn" by another publisher [1].) (the source was not disclosed by its uploader.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Is it too extreme to say an annualized GDP growth number of minus 1.4% this quarter puts us in recession in this quarter, and is it too extreme to call that a “crash?” No, it is not in the least extreme, and I’ll tell you why, even though the standard definition of a recession is […]

Let me begin by showing you this aerial demonstration of the Federal Reserve’s carefully orchestrated plan for bringing the US economy down for a soft landing:

“The Fed Finally Pushed the Stock Market Over the Edge”

Posted April 23, 2022 By David Haggith

So said Barron’s as the Dow dove almost 1,000 points on Friday and completed its fourth down week in a row. The Dow’s dive (981 points) was the worst since the Coronacrash in 2020. In two day’s time, it has fallen over 1300 points. Even before the big polar-bear plunge, stocks were seeing their worst […]

So much has happened with the rise of inflation and so much is continuing to crowd in behind the scenes on the production end that I believe we will see inflation burning hotter for longer in the months ahead. Those saying we are nearing peak inflation are as wrong as they were when they said […]

Cover art for "Home Deus," the Hebrew edition of a book by Dr. Yuval Noah Harari

Comedian JP Sears lampoons Dr. Yuval Noah Harari in this video that a friend shared with me. Clips of Dr. Harari appear in the video of a presentation he gave at the World Economic Forum (WEF) about the near future of humanity — a time starting about now when cyberwar will take place on the […]

Bill Gates has dollar signs in his eyes as he envisions a cashless society

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cashless society cover of The Economist

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US military photo to go with "wars and rumors of wars"

I’m making Part Three of my “Epocalypse Revisited” series available to all because it introduces where the series will go in examining the world’s transition to a global, digital cashless society, countering the notion that globalism just fell off a cliff and dispelling rumors about gold-backed rubles and the mighty yuan trouncing the dollar.

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