American Wars, Warmongers and War Criminals v. St. Putin and the Russian Desire for Global Harmony

Rumors of wars grow common as US ships increasingly deploy in such places as the Arabian Sea and Red Sea.

I want to share the following funny video by Russell Brand, which was in today’s Daily Doom, because it well expresses my overall and longstanding view on America’s endless imperial pursuit of neocon wars around the world in recent decades. Enjoy it before reading on about my views on Putin’s War, because this really is my feeling about America’s endless warmongering and has been for years, though I love America and feel quite patriotic about its ideals and my life in it for all of its downsides:

When I criticize Russia’s war lust, which in my view has been even more long-running than America’s and every bit as devastating over the past many decades, I always hear back about how I’m just a shill for America or anti-Russian. I surely must work as a troll for the CIA in Langley. I hear it every week, nearly every day. It’s easy to prove I’m not. Just look at the scathing articles I wrote here about America’s wars in Iraq and Syria and about Pillary Clinton’s ham-fisted diplomacy with Russia and about corruption in the US military:

HILLARY’S WARS (Pt. 1): Clinton Reset Button with Russia Goes Nuclear

HILLARY’S WARS (Pt. 2): Wikileaks Proves Syria about Iran & Israel

Want to Know Where Your Money Goes? Sex, lies and the United States Navy — Meet “Fat Leonard”

I didn’t go easy on Trump for his involvement in Syria either, which he said when he was a candidate the US should have stayed out of, promising he would get us out of it quickly, which he didn’t:

US Baits ISIS to Stage False-Flag Chemical Attack to Justify Greater US Attack against Syria

Fighting Socialist Revolution: The real solution is resolution, not war

You Got Trumped! The Donald’s personal military revolution is just Trump change

Nor was I pro-NATO in that last article that pointed out how Trump flip-flopped around on NATO.

I even noted along the way that Trump seemed to be antagonizing Rocket Man in North Korea toward nuclear war as much as the far-Right now claims America antagonized Russia into this present war:

You Got Trumped! Winning horse in presidential race was Trojan

I also described in another article how Trump loved to boast before his other national rivals like a true warlord at his table:

As president Trump relishes telling the story, he was sitting with President Xi of China, who was enjoying a beautiful, huge slice of chocolate cake — the best chocolate cake you ever saw, which can be enjoyed only at Mar-A-Lago — when Trump decided it was time to launch 59 cruise missiles at the Assad government.

As the Chinese president dabbed the chocolate decadence from his lips, Trump informed him that he’d just given the order to launch missiles at Assad’s air fare. The Chinese president paused for about ten seconds and then said, “Well, he did use gasses on children.”

The president smiled bigly as he told the story

Getting Trumped and Thumped in Syria

I even noted how strongly pro-military Trump’s chosen cabinet was stacked with a special sub-section in the Department of State for John Bolthead, the world’s biggest warmonger. When Trump later said to the world he had to fire Bolton because he was an idiot and a moron and more constantly pushing for war than even Trump was, I asked, “How on earth did Trump miss that obvious fact when he made the decision to hire him?” Isn’t putting together the right team job one of a good leader? Well, stupid is a stupid does. You don’t get to dodge the blame, if you’re the man where the buck stops, when you hire the nation’s most infamous warmonger for the diplomacy department whom you later call out as an idiot before the entire watching world for being what everyone already knew he was:

Team Trump (Pt 3): Trunk Loads of Establishment Baggage

Oddly, a fair number of people on the right who are outspoken against war right now have no problem at all with advocating for war inside the US so long as it is civil war to take down our government. I’ve written against that, too:

George Floyd Protests and Riots in NYC, DC and Everywhere Bring Nation to Brink of Civil War

I’ve written against the advocacy of civil war on the Right with what sounds awfully close to a call to arms by the Right’s former president: (Those on the Right who once decried the Left for all saying the Donald was not their president now say Slow Joe isn’t theirs.)

The Decline and Fall of American Empire

I’m not for taking up arms to solve the problem of getting rid of #NoMoJo at a time when ballot boxes seem less than fully cooperative with democracy. This is not how societies come together and resolve election problems. It’s how they go out of existence:

When people are desperate, undernourished and without hope, they blame their governments, which they see as responsible for or unable to solve their problems. They try to emigrate at any cost. They fight each other over land. They kill each other. They start civil wars. They figure that they have nothing to lose, so they become terrorists, or they support or tolerate terrorism.

Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

This is the beginning of the worst stage of societal decline. It’s what happens when you’ve actually lost the war. The amount of bloodshed of brother against brother if the Right ever does form a serious militia to try to take back control of a government, armed as heavily as the US government, would be as bad, if not worse, than it was in the America Civil War. EVERYONE loses in a civil war (well, except the Russians, who would relish the spectacle of Americans turning against each other in rank hatred.)

So, with those articles and many others over the years, no one can rightly say, as I often hear on Zero Hedge, that I’m a Demonrat Commie or some of the other names thrown at me when I stand against Putin and his War. After all, Mother Russia was the gran dame who invented communism and foisted it for decades upon as much of the world by wars as possible. Of course, now the Russians are all reformed, and Putin, the former KGB agent is now a “gray saint,” doing the Lord’s ugly work that has to be done, and the Russians claim that wasn’t them that tried to conquer the world with communism; that was the evil Soviets, as if Russians were not the cause and driving force of the Soviet Union and, as if their history should just be washed away by Ukraine that lived under Soviet oppression for decades.

Let me note that I only wrote fewer articles about Democrat wars than Republican wars because I wasn’t writing on wars or politics at all throughout the Clinton Administration and through half of the Obama Administration. I wasn’t writing much on economics either, as I had not begun this blog — just a few articles for a few newspapers. As you see above, I did not spare my criticism for Democrats and their wars when I did start writing here.

So, the claim that I am just for everything America does or pro-war or against Russia or a flaming liberal or a neocon or a die-hard conservative (heard it all) is a non-thinking label in the absence of a cogent rebuttal. It’s just people throwing out the first thoughtless thing that falls out of their brain and onto their lips to support their own beliefs that they are incapable of adequately arguing. I share the video above, hoping others will take it to heart as expressing in an interesting way how I feel about these same things. America seriously needs to stop exporting evil. It needs to stop fomenting wars.

So does Russia!!!

Here is where I and many on the Right currently part ways: I don’t use America’s evils to justify Russia’s. I hold leaders of both nations to EXACTLY the same standard, which is the belief that NOTHING gives you the right to invade other nations that did not attack you and are not harboring your enemies to destroy them if they won’t surrender to you. (Thus, I made an exception for Afghanistan, which did choose to intentionally give shelter to the very people who bombed New York. However, my support diminished as George Bush threw that war over to mercenaries and lost track of Osama bin Laden, the original goal, and became, instead, focused on his and the neocon’s favorite thing — regime change in the interest of American hegemony (modern imperialism), as driven by the wealth lusts for black gold of US oil magnates and desire for ironclad fortunes by the weapons manufacturers and of blood money by their banksters, all of those who hold the primary real ownership of US government.)

I never went to kindergarten (skipped that grade), but apparently learned what others did not who did go to kindergarten: two wrongs don’t make a right. You don’t get to say, “It’s OK that I punched Sally because Johnny did it yesterday, and he got away with it.” I am CONSTANTLY (as in every single day) hearing and reading people on the far right argue that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is justified on the basis of all the crap America has done, including expansion of NATO, and even that the only high thing for the US to do is to press Ukraine to surrender (ala Henry Kissinger’s plan).

If someone hates it when America jumps into other people’s civil wars with its own imperial ambitions, they should hate it just as much when Russia jumps into other people’s civil wars with its own imperial ambitions. If they hate the nuclear expansion of NATO, they should hate just as much the even larger number of nuclear missiles Russia has had along Europe’s border for every bit as many years. If they hate America for risking nuclear war, they should hate Russia for flapping its missile silo doors, launching nuclear-capable missiles in the Black Sea and weekly threatening to be first to go nuclear. To be consistently based on principle, they must hate all of that equally, and make excuses for it on behalf of no one.

It’s putting nationalism ahead of principle in the case of the Russian trollbots I see writing in favor of Putin’s War on Zero Hedge every day. It’s putting hatred of Biden ahead of principle on the part of Trump supporters support Putin’s War because they never said any of that about America’s war in Syria when Trump was getting us more involved, and some of them even do a lot of talk about taking up arms against America in civil war. It’s often rank anti-Americanism on the part of other people in other nations that causes them to HATE America for doing EXACTLY the same things Russia is doing while excusing Russia. They excuse and deny every intrusion and manipulation Russia has been involved in within Ukraine for decades, while pointing out how America caused the war by funding a coup or by not doing as Russia demanded with NATO, never mind that America continually turned down Ukraine’s bid for NATO inclusion. It was enough that someday America might accept it so America wouldn’t categorically rule it out for good; but the facts are it never did.

I spoke against America’s obvious involvement in the Ukrainian coup when it happened and against NATO expansion when George Bush pushed that, antagonizing Russia and upending nuclear treaties, but the difference is that my stance throughout is based on principle, not party: No matter what nation or leader you are, it is a war crime for you to invade a nation that didn’t attack you. Period. I was, on that principle, COMPLETELY and outspokenly against George Bush’s PRE-EMPTIVE invasion of Iraq. That is why I post and love the video at the top of this page. I didn’t write anything about Bush’s invasion because I wasn’t writing on any political topics at the time; but I spoke against it, even to friends who were staunch Bush supporters and active Republican campaigners.

I don’t care if you are Republican or Democrat, Russian or American, it is EVIL to invade another nation that did not attack you and slaughter tens of thousands of its citizens with carpet bombing, destroy livelihoods, obliterate buildings of cultural and historic beauty and wipe out their infrastructure, causing them suffering for years to come. It’s just evil! And to say that was justified because there were 5,000 nasty Nazis is ludicrous. There are Nazis everywhere, including in Russia. By the same token, it is every nation’s right to defend its borders against intrusion of any kind by other nations. (Which means uninvited entry.)

So, Putin is no gray saint doing the Lord’s ugly work. He is one of the most highly trained and nuanced liars in the world. That’s a statement of fact, not an opinion, because I base it on the fact that Putin was head of European Disinformation for the KGB during the SOVIET empire that sought to control and dominate Eastern Europe, and you DO NOT get that position without having consummate skill in how to sow DISinformation throughout nations without their being aware that is what you are doing. That kind of professional lying expertise is a resumè requirement for holding that top post in that kind of government agency.

However, people like simple black-and-white worlds. So, if Biden’s bad or the US is bad in their view, then Putin is good and Russia is good for being on the other side from the US. My argument is that the same imperial/hegemonic evil is regularly carried out by both nations and is just as evil when Russia does it as when America does, and Ukraine has ever right and reason and justification for defending itself as fiercely as it needs to.

Moreover, Putin stated many times in his invasion speech that his great interest was in recovering from what he called “The Great Catastrophe” of the breakdown of the Soviet Union (empire) and rebuilding a great Russia. I wrote about that here:

Independence for America and None for Ukraine? (Part One) 

and here:

Independence for America and none for Ukraine? (Part Two) Who’s the Nazi Now?

I have no issue with a great Russia so long as it stays in the boundaries it had when the Soviet Union fell and doesn’t try, as Putin is doing, to rebuild the old Russian imperium. If they become as great as America, good for the Russians, so long as they play nicely with their neighbors; BUT THEY DON’T. And they never have! They have a very long history of not playing nicely that cannot simply be forgotten. Think of Eastern Europe throughout the Russian-led Soviet Union. Think Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Georgia. Russia cannot be excused for its many invasions based on America’s invasions. They are responsible entirely for their own actions. Kindergarten arguments don’t stand: “Well, America did it.” Yes it did, and it was wrong, and it is every bit as wrong and as much to be hated when Russia is, again, doing it.

If you want to hear me passionately argue the point with someone making his best argument the other way, here is my latest interview with Tom Pochari, which started with a little talk about the Fed and stock-market delusions surrounding the Fed Pivot, but out of the blue became all about Putin’s War with me pointing out that even Russian leaders and former generals are now attacking the Russian military in major Russian media for “lying” about this war:

Monitoring Risk (Top left column with the Russian argument about fifteen minutes in.)

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