Associated Press Runs Counter-Intelligence for Clinton Campaign by Attacking Zero Hedge

Hillary Clinton, femme fatale of Socialist revolution.

With their falling star, Hillary Clinton, in need of fresh diapers because her geriatric presidential campaign was just charged in court with spying on the White House, a president of the United States, and an election campaign for the purpose of creating “evidence” that President Trump colluded with Russia against Hillary … and with their biggest story of the year — Russia attacking Ukraine — sinking into the winter mud as Russia now claims it is pulling its tanks away from Ukraine, the mainstream media is desperate to prove it and its government apparatchiks are not the liars or idiots they have consistently led many of us to believe they are.

Desperately needing a scapegoat to take attention off their own ineptitude in failing to cover how Hillary was colluding with spy agencies to create anti-Russian propaganda against Donald Trump, they came out with a story today to try to take some of the heat off poor besmirched Hillary by claiming Zero Hedge is a Russian propaganda site. As evidence of ZH’s nefarious Russophile conspiracy mongering, one of the mainstream’s generals (Associated Press) published the following scandalous charge against ZH today:

The website was an early amplifier of conspiracy theories and misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic. An Associated Press investigation determined the site played a pivotal role in advancing the unproven theory that China engineered the virus as a bioweapon. It’s also posted articles touting natural immunity to COVID-19 and unproven treatments.


Horrors! This was full-scale investigative reporting, according to AP, in which they report as fact a statement I don’t recall ever reading on ZH, and I’m an avid consumer of the site: “China engineered the virus as a bioweapon.

I certainly do recall that ZH was one of the first sites of any renown that claimed it appeared China engineered the virus at its Wuhan laboratory. I remember how ZH was stripped of its membership card by Twitter for spreading this story, which the Twitterazzi claimed was false; but I also remember how Twitter had to retract their false claim about ZH’s falsehood entirely, essentially saying, “Oops; Our mistake, maybe the Wuhan lab theory wasn’t false after all.” I’ve now seen allegations that the Wuhan lab created the COVID virus all over the mainstream news, but only about a year after ZH got the scoop on them.

Of course, I’ve been censored just like ZH by two sites with large readerships for writing about COVID. I was allowed and encouraged to keep writing on other subjects but expressly told not to say anything contrary to the CDC/Fauci narrative regarding COVID. All such articles would be rejected. One site said that was because Google was downgrading them severely in search results for spreading COVID stories contrary to the CDC’s positions.

I remember how ZH openly accepted stories outside the CDC’s Orwellian restrictions and even spearheaded stories of their own that were hard to find elsewhere, claiming money for Wuhan projects came from US funds approved by Dr. Anthony Fauci. Of course, senatorial voices in congress now claim on congressional record that the virus was most likely engineered in China’s Wuhan laboratory and also that Dr. Fauci approved US funding for projects doing “gain of function research” at the Wuhan laboratory.

While these may have been theories at the time, they were theories supported with evidence that we certainly never got to discover in US propaganda generators like The Associated Press. Never, however, do I recall reading the spurious claim that ZH reported COVID-19 was engineered as a bioweapon. As ZH denied today that they ever said such a thing, I’m inclined to believe my memory is correct:

We never claimed it was a bioweapon released purposefully, although it certainly may have been….


Actually, I don’t recall ZH ever stating outright that it was a weaponized virus at all, though I think they averred that it looked like something that might have been developed as a weapon, but their emphasis in most articles seemed clearly on the likelihood that it was developed as an extension of unsafe medical research by the WHO, which became forbidden in the US under the Obama administration. Of course, much of Dr. Fauci’s funding comes from the US military, but WHO am I, on that basis, to say the military is directing Dr. Fauci to research viruses with hopes of developing something that can be weaponized? I personally think that claiming the US funded research in China to develop the virus as a bioweapon is a leap too far.

That means that AP’s “investigation” resulted in what many of us would call “fake news.” Hard to believe, I know, but even in reporting on the alleged fakery of ZH, this leader of the mainstream press, whose whole purpose is to be a “news” feeder to the rest of the mainstream press, has to resort to fakery of its own. ZH mentions the possibility that COVID-19 could have come about as weapons research, and suddenly that migrates through the gears of the AP to become ZH “advancing the unproven theory that China engineered the virus as a bioweapon.”

Is AP now planting the possibility of that theory in our minds in order to advance it, too? I mean, if mentioning the possibility, even while leaning toward Wuhan’s work being medical research, is “advancing” the theory, then isn’t AP advancing the theory by mentioning the possibility?

Then, of course, ZH “also posted articles touting natural immunity to COVID-19.” Scandalous! Can you believe it? They crossed the Rubicon on this one by daring to go outside of AP/government guidelines when they claimed natural immunity actually exits and that some bonafide medical reports, such as the huge study out of Israel, showed natural immunity was as strong or stronger than vaccinated immunity. You know, just going by the science.

Apparently, a large news agency like AP is not aware that the CDC recently published its own study, also carried on ZH, that finally confirmed natural immunity really is better than vaccinated immunity. Neither the CDC nor ZH, of course, recommended you try to gain natural immunity by getting infected — just that if you’ve already had COVID, then you do have natural immunity, and it is more effective and longer-lasting than any of the vaccines.

ZH’s stories that claimed natural immunity actually works clearly went way beyond the pale by countering the endless claims by mainstream media that natural immunity is inferior or, as we see in the most widespread manner, the failure in many publications to say anything at all about natural immunity because they know it works but saying that it does doesn’t help push needles into people’s arms.

Thank you AP for providing a case in point, as to why we need the alternative press, which helps illustrate ZH’s recent claim that mainstream government parrots like CNN are dying because people find Joe Rogan more trustworthy than CNN and because Rogan is more likely to share multiple views without bias. In CNN’s own bias, Rogan is biased for having raging conservatives like Democrat Tulsi Gabbard on his show. He needs to be reigned in, so they cry daily about why he is more popular than they are, being the opinion-free, talking heads with a nose for truth that they are.

Of course, AP adhered to its usual journalistic standard by making sure all informants for its story were named as “anonymous,” lest US intelligence-gathering secrets be disclosed:

The officials briefed The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive intelligence sources.

Adhering to the theory that those who live in glass houses should throw stones from inside with the windows closed, the AP also noted,

A manifesto published on Zero Hedge’s site defends its use of anonymous authors and proclaims its goal is “to liberate oppressed knowledge.” Many articles are published under the name Tyler Durden, also a character in the movie “Fight Club.”

AP even admitted they were working in consort with the Biden administration to release this important information about Russian propaganda:

It was the latest effort by President Joe Biden’s administration to release U.S. intelligence findings about Russian activity involving Ukraine as part of a concerted push to expose and influence the moves of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Hmm. Isn’t releasing intelligence findings through the press as part of a concerted push to “influence the moves of Russian President Vladimir Putin” something like a propaganda campaign in itself? Even so, why focus the powers of the POTUS on little ol’ ZH?

Zero Hedge has been sharply critical of Biden and posted stories about allegations of wrongdoing by his son Hunter.

Ohh. I get it.

Not only that, but…

The website also covers politics with a conservative bent.

I can see why Biden would consider that Russian propaganda! The Orwellian powers of the Ministry of Truth are hard at work today. Having written this, I suspect I better close the blinds, or AP will soon be publishing powerful exposés like this about me, too. Good thing I didn’t say anything about Hunter. That might really piss the old man off.

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