Biden’s Mandate Madness Divides the Nation and Worsens the Covid Crisis

One thing I did not expect from Biden was that he would become more dangerously divisive than Donald Trump. That is a high bar for high drama. Turning health decisions into political wedges is foolish and detrimental to the nation’s well-being. I hoped Biden had more sense than that; yet, he is making the vaccine as political as Trump made masks.

Biden, who promised before the election that vaccines would not be mandated by his administration, now repeatedly and unjustly blames the unvaccinated for causing the Delta variant to infect everyone. In order to manipulate peer pressure across the nation to support his vaccine mandate, he is deliberately driving a wedge between the vaxxers, whom he presents as a righteous majority that cares about others, and the new pariah class he is creating out of those who refuse vaccination, whom he blames and shames for inflicting everyone with COVID. It’s a stigmatizing us-and-them argument:

We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us.

In A Dramatic Turn, The Once-Heralded Nurses And Healthcare Workers Are Being Fired For Not Getting Their Vaccination Shots

Biden is damaging exhausted healthcare

As I wrote in my latest Patron Post, hospitals were already seriously understaffed, and COVID fatigue is imperiling their ability to provide care:

Hospitals taxed by the pandemic over the last 20 months have a new problem: Labor strife and a wave of resignations have people waiting longer for care.

Months of marathon shifts, an onslaught of verbal and even physical abuse from patients and the public, and perennial complaints over low pay and staffing shortages are stirring unrest at a particularly critical moment in the pandemic….

More than a half million health care workers quit in August, the last month for which data is available. That’s the most in a single month in more than 20 years.

Walkouts and strikes hit hospitals in pandemic hot spots

Now Biden and some governors are stripping critical medical staff down even further with their vaccine mandates, while some hospitals are denuding themselves on their own volition just because of their AMA/CDC obsession over COVID vaccines:

New York State’s largest healthcare provider, Northwell Health, has fired 1,400 employees who refused to get COVID-19 vaccinations….

Northwell announced its vaccine mandate in August, weeks before the state requirement….

Political officials cite that around 16% of the New York state’s hospital workers, representing about 83,000 people, aren’t completely vaccinated. Roughly under 10% have not received a single shot. They’re demanding for employees to get their vaccinations—or else face the consequences….

New York-Presbyterian Hospital fired about 250 employees who refused to get vaccinated….

A North Carolina-based hospital system announced this week that roughly 175 unvaccinated employees were fired for failing to comply with the organization’s mandatory coronavirus vaccination requirements

New York’s largest healthcare provider fires 1,400 unvaccinated workers

Biden’s mandate madness is making us all less safe from COVID by cutting our skeleton crews of healthcare workers to the bone just as the months arrive when flu season will likely amplify COVID contagion!

As a result, hospital workers who were lauded as heroes prior to the vaccines are now being forced out with no dignity or thanks because of their refusal to vaccinate. If they were considered a great help back then when they were unvaccinated, why are they deemed now as being more hinderance than help because of their unvaccinated condition?

Biden’s jabs at unvaccinated healthcare providers became personal for me

My own daughter-in-law, a diligent surgical tech in a hospital obstetrics ward, has been relegated to the new pariah class. She’s pregnant and won’t risk her unborn baby girl on a vaccine now required for pregnant women. The hospital where she has worked for years is terminating her for refusing the vaccine, even though no studies have been done on the vaccine’s effects on developing fetuses. The hospital demands she risks her baby’s development based on nothing but blind assurance all will go well. That is in spite of the fact that the vaccine’s mRNA causes the body to create spike-proteins that have been shown to accumulate in the ovaries — to what damaging effect no one knows.

(Here is scientific support of these statements by a virologist who worked on these vaccines who was terminated from his university medical position for refusing the vaccine due to his own health concerns: )

Naturally, my daughter-in-law rationally fears those accumulating bits of vaccine-caused detritus could affect the development of her daughter’s ovaries, perhaps leaving her daughter sterile for life. My daughter-in-law won’t roll the dice on an unknown gamble like that so she is being flushed out of her livelihood just as she adds a child to her dependents.

As a healthcare worker, she’s far from being an antivaxxer. She has vaccinated all of her children against many diseases that are more deadly than COVID over the years, but those vaccines have all been given longterm testing. She’s not about to vaccinate her unborn daughter with something known to aggregate in ovaries that has had no longterm testing on anyone, much less on unborn children.

I witnessed the mandate damaging the local medical establishment in another way when my wife’s top-notch doctor just resigned, rather than get the vaccine. Obviously, not all medical professionals are confident of the vaccine’s safety if they’ll walk away from high-paying professional partnerships to avoid vaccination.

These are martyrs to the madness.

Biden’s mandate madness hits home

And now I have become one of the new pariah caste. I chose not to vaccinate because I already had COVID (like the immunologist at the link above who refused the vaccine because past infection with COVID increases your risk of an overreaction to the vaccine). My immune response was excellent, leaving me completely trouble free two weeks later. That left me with no need to take any vaccine risk for the sake of calming other people’s apparently terrified minds.

The vaccinated pushers are so hysterical with fear they fired me in belief that I am putting them and others at risk even though they have been vaccinated and claim to believe in the vaccine. How hypocritical to their own claim is that? If what they believe is true, then the only others I could put at risk are those who have also chosen not to vaccinate and, therefore, chose to take the same risk I have chosen to take! That reduces the fears of the vaccinated to nothing but mass hysteria. If some of us want to take that risk with our own lives, while their lives are fully protected, what should they care? Shouldn’t that be our own choice?

Here are some more facts. My naturally enhanced immunity is scientifically proven to be greater than theirs in breadth and in longevity for protecting both against future infections and reducing my risk of hospitalization more than the vaccine reduces theirs. Several studies by major medical institutions have now demonstrated that.

(See this huge study in Israeli, one of the most highly vaccinated nations on earth, for verification: )

Next time I get COVID, I should fight it off even more easily since my body now has an enduring memory of what it did last time that was already extremely effective and is much superior to the longevity of vaccinated immunity. (See the study above.)

I took no drugs or treatments of any kind to fight the illness, just use good nutritional support — D3, zinc and melatonin, the widely known natural helpful measures. I would say 50% of the colds and flus I’ve had in the last twenty years have been worse. So, I’ll take my chances with natural immunity over experimental chances that have never had long-term testing of any kind. My choice has nothing to do with politics, but I won’t be controlled by the politics either if I can avoid it.

I also told my employer that I chose not to vaccinate because I have a major health condition that gives me more than a 30% likelihood of a major setback from the vaccine? This summer a survey of thousands of people with my condition revealed 27-36% (depending on the vaccine used) of those surveyed suffered “major setbacks” from the COVID vaccines. (See: )

The CDC allows immunocompromised people to receive emptions, and my immune-compromising condition was diagnosed and treated for years by one of the nation’s leading experts in that condition at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, an experimental-medicine hospital run by the University of Washington. Because I was part of a government-funded research program, my diagnosis had to be rock solid in order to preserve the integrity of the research.

Yet, I was terminated for saying, “Because I’ve had COVID, I don’t need this experimental vaccine that has had no long-term testing, and I actually have strong reason to believe it could cause a serious setback in my underlying health condition, so I need you to accommodate that medical need.”

Joining the chorus of unsung heroes

I suppose, since I have a Class-A commercial driver’s license, I could always change careers to get a job driving a truck for a small company that is not under Biden’s mandate … until Biden or my governor closes that door, too. If I elect to do that, I’ll be helping the economy through one of its biggest problems right now — supply shortages due in large part to a lack of truck drivers (which Biden’s mandate will make worse).

A shortage of [truck drivers] has jammed up railyards and kept shippers from unloading in a timely manner at their warehouses, increasing gridlock…. Trucking companies say that the Biden administration’s impending requirement that most employers mandate Covid-19 vaccinations will further hurt their hiring efforts, but the president has shown no indication he’ll retreat or soften the rule for firms in the supply chain.

Biden Races Clock and Holds Few Tools in Supply-Chain Crisis

Becoming a trucker at a company small enough to avoid the Biden mandate should make me an unvaccinated hero for getting the things people need to them, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for that praise, even if I did wind up delivering medical supplies. Neither will I capitulate to all of this as Biden’s bashers fear my dust-of-the-earth kind of natural immunity even as they claim they are fully protected from me by their high-tech vaccines while arguing that I must conform to the protection they have so they can feel safe again.

If you are a truck driver who delivers medical supplies who is terminated for refusing a vaccine, expect the vaccinated to become enraged with you when essential medical supplies are not making it to hospitals this winter just because you wouldn’t vaccinate. You are a leper. You are pariah — one of the Great Unwashed who is fouling up society’s supply lines by your refusal to cooperate with the agenda because you refuse a vaccine that has had no longterm testing.

Even if you’re a trucker who has already had COVID, don’t expect them to praise you for your prudent choice if your preference for retaining health diversity via natural immunity leaves you as one of the healthy minority down the road who are struggling to carry a decimated society along. Their minds allow no such nuance for diversity in approaches. And when they fire you over the vaccine this fall, the lack of food on their tables this winter will be your fault, too. If you had only submitted to the vaccine, you could have delivered the food they need to eat.

Another university doctor takes stand against “Nazi totalitarianism”

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