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The headwinds for the economy look formidable as you read the economic news during these dog days of summer. Israel is pushing harder every day for an attack on Iran that would drive up oil prices just as food prices are already on the rise due to the most severe U.S. drought in my lifetime. […]

The stock market holds firm to its bullish trend during an onslaught of mediocre to bad economic news headlines because most investors are investment banks, betting that bad economic news means the Fed will deposit within those same banks more free money, which will fuel the stock market until the money is fully invested. The […]

Today, I could not just put the jobs report data in the sidebar of economic news as usual because there was so much spin all over the place that I thought it all deserved an article introducing the way the jobs data news is spun.

This week’s collection of economic news articles strongly reinforces my predictions earlier in the year that Iran will not back down from its nuclear program and that an Iran war will play a significant economic role in 2012 (with both the economic impacts of rising oil costs and the cost of war being added to […]

Economic news of the past week reported that the U.S. drought was upgraded to being the worst in half a century • Obama isn’t going to be able to fix that in time for the election • The eurozone continued falling apart at the seams • The Persian Gulf looks more and more like its moving […]

This revealing article about the threat of a nuclear Iran is sourced directly from Iran’s own FARS news agency, quoting Iran’s “Supreme Leader” as to what the West must fear. While it was part of my recap of the weekly news, I felt the quotes from Ayatollah Khamenei divulge intentions that should not remain buried in […]

China brings its big bird in for an easing landing • Europe founders in the doldrums of its own making • The early-winter warmth that appeared to thaw the U.S. economy has turned into an economic drought • while Iran keeps the heat on from the Middle East.

If the Eurozone’s leaders walked away from their summit thinking they had accomplished some bold plan that would start to solve their problems, they’d better get out some starting fluid to accelerate the start of their plan. Old political realities reappeared in economic news articles the next week like Hydra’s heads to bite off every […]

How long was it after Italy’s PM, Mario Monti announced that the euro crisis was “almost over” until it became a bigger crisis than ever? Within a month he found himself embroiled in the battle of his career against “Frau Nein,” Germany’s Chancellor Merkel, as the world watched the daily economic news articles out of […]

The euro crisis dominated economic news and set the stage for the summer I have been anticipating. Stocks fell; unemployment climbed; sales dragged; manufacturing sluffed off; consumer spending receded. Interest on the U.S. debt also ticked upward when the annual deficit soared over the trillion-dollar barrier for the fourth straight year. And that was just one week!     […]

Has anyone noticed the silence? Week after week the news screeches like relentless train wheels about the scurrying of European leaders in and out of meetings to resolve the latest failure of their efforts to round up their endless troubles. Yet, every week, at the same time,  you hear no sound of U.S. leaders scurrying […]

Bullheaded optimism presses on in the news. This week the Economic Times reported… “The bullish momentum on Wall Street extended Tuesday’s gains, when the Dow rose 0.2 percent, snapping a four-day losing streak.” Perhaps they mean the market is now “climbing at the speed of an ox cart.” It nearly crashed last week, completing the erasure of […]

At the start of last week, economists were feeling rosy. They thought housing was up, and the stock market was up after a long fall. They even thought the job market was doing better. Meanwhile, I continued to wonder why they continue to get paid. 

At the beginning of last week a big financial advisor proclaimed that the markets’ little downturn meant nothing. The market would go right back up. He was certain that Europe’s problems that week would quickly be yesterday’s worries. He gets paid too much to be that certain about that much and be that wrong. I […]