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The news of the week centered on Europe where no one knows how to clean up the Greece stain that smears the euro image. Greece ironically elected Nazis to fight German austerity last week. France joined in the fight with a hard left-wing punch to Sarkozy, knocking him flat on his French derriere and replacing him with […]

The first and most notable thing I did while working on this website last week was laugh at the optimistic headlines I was posting. MSNBC reported, “New claims for unemployment benefits tumbled more than expected in the latest week, raising hopes that the job market remains on the mend.” NPR reported the same story this way: […]

Splintering sounds ruptured the euro zone as it, again, became the big leader in economic news last week. The prior week emitted a couple of loud cracks when Spanish bonds sailed to unsustainable heights. This past week the austerity pact, which was intended to stabilize those bond prices, became the new threat. Political instability broke […]

None of the many reversals of fortune in the past week’s economic news was unexpected by readers of The Great Recession Blog. So, stay tuned, and you’ll continue to read the headlines before they happen! In the meantime, here are the headlines after they happened with a little commentary to make sense of them: Last week’s summary […]

Pessimism is creeping back into the U.S. business world, and even the Fed is now warning, as I did earlier, that student loans are in danger of becoming another economic crisis. This is the climate where desert dwellers like me thrive. According to the Federal Reserve last week, nearly one third of all student loans […]

If you’ve been following The Great Recession Blog, others are surprised by the jobs report at the end of last week, but you are not. You saw it coming. The year is already looking like a repeat of 2011 where all the experts were excited that

Here are the points you might want to take home with you from last week’s news. First, the stock market is not indicative of where the economy is going. For part of the week it was jumping up, and for part of the week, it was stomping down. Which part would indicate where the economy […]

The euro crisis finally moved out of the headlines (almost) for a week. Don’t worry; it’ll be back soon enough … in spite of the sigh of relief by the European Central Bank chief, who said that we have now seen the worst of the euro zone crisis. Famous last words like the claim a […]

While the stock market rally slowly petered out, other signs of economic revival managed to hold on for another week. Inflation held fairly steady, except for gasoline prices, which escalated rapidly, due to the Iranium Reaction, which caused much talk among presidential candicates, including current U.S. president Barak Obama, about the president needing to move […]

Last week saw more “signs of economic recovery.” In an upset of Gallop predictions, the U.S. added more jobs. The Greek debt https://www.mindanews.com/buy-imitrex/ crisis was resolved. Consumer confidence improved. U.S. President Obama succeeded in dampening clamor for war. What? Have I suddenly become a flaming optimist? As if all that wasn’t great enough, President Obama proclaimed […]

The significant news of the week was the rise in oil prices, due mostly to speculation about the Iranian conflict that is brewing in the Persian Gulf. That’s the news, as predicted, that will drive a lot of other news this year. Other economic indicators are all over the place: consumer confidence is up while […]

The biggest news to hit the economy during the past week was the impact of the Iranian conflict on oil prices. The news today is that the escalating price of oil is beginning to weigh down on the stock market’s rally. At the beginning of the year, I predicted that “an uptick in the Iranium reaction  would […]

Two major trends for the Great Recession in the Year 2012 can be discovered from the headlines of the past week. One must be sifted out with a little insight. The other hits you between the eyes with all the subtlety of a missile: The first is a clear report from multiple sources that China […]

All the king’s men re-evaluated their economic predictions during the past week because of the most positive job figures in the U.S. to date. However, even Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, cautioned that the job statistics that are collected leave a lot unsaid. I feel the market was overly optimistic. The Europeans went all week without […]