The Outer Limits of Central Banking: “We Will Control the Horizontal. We Will Control the Vertical.”

Bill Gates has dollar signs in his eyes as he envisions a cashless society

Back in the distant days of black-and-white television, when you had to get up periodically in the middle of Leave it to Beaver to turn a little knob labeled “vertical hold” or another called “horizontal hold” to stop the flippin’ picture on the tube from rolling by, a fringy show of horrors called The Outer Limits used to open by telling you, “Do not attempt to adjust your television set…. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical.

Just like that spooky and prescient intro to The Other Limits that haunted many a young mind with fears of the future, central banks are now also telling you, “You are about to participate in a great adventure.” Listen as the bloated talking head of the world’s fattest bank, the Bank for International Settlements, tells you about how central banks, of which his is the most central, will control you with central bank digital currencies (CBDCs):

Make sure you heard this part:

The central bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that we determine the use of that [CBDC], and also we will have the technology to enforce that….

… because “We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical.”

This certainly brings to mind the ultimate apocalypse after which all other apocalypses are named — the biblical book titled The Apocalypse in Greek, which translates “The Revelation.” Most people are familiar with its description of the control of commerce.

First, it sets the stage for this horror, making it clear how dire the consequences for not participating in the world’s ultimate system will be:

Whoever has ears, let them hear.
10 â€œIf anyone is to go into captivity,
    into captivity they will go.
If anyone is to be killed with the sword,
    with the sword they will be killed.”
This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of God’s people.

Revelation 13: 9-10

“Whoever has ears, let them hear”

In other words, LISTEN to this warning, and THINK about what it means. Make sure you REALLY hear. Deeply hear. It is important.

The passage goes on to describe something called “the Beast,” which some have surmised is an entity (such as an institution), some an alien, others a human despot or a government, maybe an AI computer system. Whatever it is, I won’t get into here, because the central point of concern for this blog is that it takes over control of the entire world’s financial system and each individual’s life because there is very little you do that is not, in some way, attached to money because of your need to use it to survive:

16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.
18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.

Revelation 13: 16-18

If you have ears, listen — really listen — because this is important. If you have wisdom, think this through.

How might the financial system, described by this august banker in the video above with so much certainty, control you just as this passage of The Apocalypse describes? A writer whom I’ve come to enjoy lately, whose self-anointed calling in this world is to “end the Fed,” provides the following real-life examples of what central bankster Agustín Carstens means in the video above when he says, “We will have the technology to enforce that“:

Imagine a world with no cash, only a Federal Reserve Central Bank Digital Currency. 

  • You go to a used book store, to buy a copy of Orwell’s 1984 for your nephew, but your purchase is rejected. The author is not “ideologically sound.” You then mysteriously lose your job as a teacher.
  • You’re in New York City, and try to buy a 20 ounce soda, your purchase is rejected. You begin receiving coupons in the mail for Organic unsweet soymilk.
  • You notice a $500 CBDC deduction from your bank account, for “going 45 in a 35 zone.” One more moving violation and your EV won’t start.
  • Your bank has failed, and since that bank didn’t have the right political donors as depositors, you will be required to participate in a bank “bail-in” (Google ‘Cyprus’). Your account is frozen, and you end up losing 45% of your account when the matter is resolved two years later.
  • The Federal Reserve decides that, “to fight recession,” they will confiscate 10% of your savings every month, incentivizing you to spend now. After public outrage, the Fed decides to instead make 25% of everyone’s CBDC balances expire at the end of each year.
  • You’re seen on surveillance at a protest, and your entire CBDC account is frozen immediately and indefinitely, without any judicial action.
  • You try to donate $100 to your church. Your donation is confiscated, because the church advocates beliefs that are anathema to party in power’s views.
  • You attempt to pay for a Substack subscription, but your purchase is rejected because the author has been determined by the government to be publishing “misinformation.” He has also been banned by Twitter 🙂
  • You start getting very targeted advertisements, online, in the mail, and on your “smart TV.” It’s almost as if every advertiser somehow knows that you often purchase Preparation H.
Rudy Havenstein

They will know who you are, and they can shut you down by limiting anything they’ve deigned is illegal, such as buying tickets to public events if you are not registered as having the right vaccine, or limiting the purchase of items like certain kinds of guns by shutting off the only available money in common use, etc.. Or they can just shut you down completely — turn off your access to the financial system as the ultimate move described in that passage of The Apocalypse.

Such a financial system is so rapidly becoming doable and is so broadly accepted that the Fed is already scheduled to establish the precursor to a CBDC — an instant digital processing system called FedNow, which will eliminate things like bank float that are due to processing times between banks. Your checks, debits, etc. will instantly be approved and then processed from one account to the next:

Long-awaited Fed digital payment system to launch in July

The Federal Reserve’s digital payments system, which it promises will help speed up the way money moves, will debut in July.

FedNow, as it will be known, will create “a leading-edge payments system that is resilient, adaptive, and accessible,” said Richmond Fed President Tom Barkin, who is the program’s executive sponsor.

The system will allow bill payments, money transfers such as paychecks and disbursements from the government, as well as a host of other consumer activities to move more rapidly and at lower cost, according to the program’s goals….

“With the launch drawing near, we urge financial institutions and their industry partners to move full steam ahead with preparations to join the FedNow Service,” said Ken Montgomery, the program executive and first vice president at the Boston Fed, which helped spearhead the project….


They, of course, have a plan (which I’ve described many times in the past to my Patrons) to entice the public to fully cooperate:

Program advocates say it will get money out to people much more quickly. For instance, they said, government payments like those issued in the early days of the Covid pandemic would have been credited to accounts immediately rather than the days it took to reach most people.

To get that kind of cooperation, they obviously have to start out with some innocuous core like this. Before full implementation, they want to make sure the core system functions smoothly in a more limited roll out. Then, they’ll take the public that doesn’t have ears to listen one step at a time … like the proverbial boiled frog. They will hardly know what is hitting them because it is so convenient.

The tech of apocalypse is already in use

What they will be testing publicly in July is undoubtedly the core of the central ledger the Fed has talked about as being essential to its CBDC, which was rolled out for testing purely between banks last fall, as I wrote about back then.

It does not, yet, incorporate the hand-waving digital technology that is described in The Apocalypse (or the forehead-flashing technology for those without hands, I suppose). That’s a subsequent phase after this first test works out any bugs that might emerge. It is, however, not hard at all to see how close that technology is to becoming the only form of money that will be allowed:

Amazon has already launched a hand-scanning technology for purchases that is spreading to other merchants beyond just Amazon and its subsidiaries:

Panera Bread tests Amazon’s palm-scanning technology in St. Louis

Panera Bread is piloting Amazon’s palm-scanning technology in St. Louis to offer customers a faster way to connect to their loyalty program and pay.

The bakery-cafe chain, which has long been considered a leader in restaurant technology, is the latest restaurant to use what the tech giant has dubbed Amazon One. It’s already been implemented in dozens of Amazon-owned Whole Foods locations, Amazon Go stores and some stadiums and arenas.


So, how long before you have to have the government-mandated vaccine certification on file during the next pandemic in order to gain access to those stadiums and arenas where you may be seen as a public health risk, or they’ll just shut down those ticket purchases as well as access at the hand-scanning turnstiles?

Panera has more than 2,000 locations and its loyalty program has more than 52 million members, representing a big expansion opportunity for Amazon One. A representative for Amazon declined to share data on existing signups for the palm-based payment system.

And it is SOOO simple and user-friendly as it creeps into your life:

“We think the payment plus loyalty identification is the secret sauce that can unlock a really personalized, warm and efficient experience for our guests in our cafes,” Panera Chief Digital Officer George Hanson told CNBC.

“You’ll love it. Trust us.”

Of course you will because they will not be launching it to take control of your life … at first. But, the FACT that such control is a true conspiracy for where this is going can be heard in Carsten’s assurances that central banks will have full control over how their CBDC is used. The control comes later, after broad acceptance.

And it is as digital as a string of numbers such as, say, 666 of them! At some point, you can be sure security concerns or technical-processing needs will require some form of implant or invisible digital tattoo on your palm to make the system iron-clad, and I’ve written about those systems in the past, too. (See: “CASHLESS SOCIETY 2020: Bill Gates Goes Viral on Digital ID and Digital Currency.”)

Panera is looking to expand the test to 10 to 20 more restaurants over the next few months, including some operated by franchisees, according to Hanson.

The palm scanners are located near the restaurant’s registers. To use them, customers need to link their loyalty program accounts to Amazon One, which they can do at home or inside the restaurant. They’ll also need to enable loyalty identification and payment for their accounts.

Vive la résistance

Clearly not everyone will accept all of this when it gets to that final stage of forced use and control. Even at this early stage, “the resistance” is rising:

Amazon has faced some backlash from consumers and privacy experts for its use of biometrics, which use biological measurements to identify someone. An Amazon Go customer filed a lawsuit Thursday in New York, alleging the retailer broke the city’s law that requires it to post signs informing customers that it’s using facial recognition.

So, at some point the last hold outs will have to be forced to participate; but, as we saw with the vaccine panic those who refuse to participate will easily be turned into the reviled minority that is considered a threat to the rest, so there will be no sympathy. (As Jumping’ Joe said, “You are the cause of the pandemic of the unvaccinated.”) Notice the plague-like concerns already backing the use of this palm-scanning system for buying and selling, which I wrote in my Patron Posts would certainly become part of the mechanism for enticing use:

But Hanson said Panera chose Amazon’s technology for three reasons: it’s contactless, customers have to opt in, and a person can’t be identified by their palm alone.

“It’s contactless.” Eventually, any attempt to use the “dirty cash” that I wrote about back in our former plague days will make you stand out like someone not wearing a mask when they enter the delicatessen. (See: “CASHLESS SOCIETY 2020: Coronavirus Swings Society to “Touch Free” Digital ID and Digital Currency.”)

First, adoption will be enticed. Then it will coerced with peer pressure. Then it will be forced. That is why readers of The Apocalypse are told to listen closely because, the days are coming where those who are to be imprisoned will be imprisoned or those who are to die by the sword will die by the sword. In other words, they will go as far as to kill you if you don’t participate. And no one, not even God, is going to jump in to save you in those days.

The Apocalypse passage clearly describes a situation where you will simply be shut out of the system if you resist participating because it will eventually become the only “money” in use. If that doesn’t starve you or freeze you into compliance, then there is ultimately captivity or the point of the sword.

The twilight of one age, dawn of another

Since society is not ready for that yet, you may say, “It will never come to that!” However, allow me to point out that every day of the past three years looked more and more like The Apocalypse:

  • global pandemic and new diseases emerging, made worse by human gain-of-function designs,
  • increasingly centralized, global financial systems,
  • autocratic social control with most people complying,
  • war that could go all “Armageddon,” involving “the Bear” (Russia) as the world divides into warring East and West realms,
  • the technology to make the “666” passage above work and to, as central bankster Carstens notes and The Revelation describes, enforce its use,
  • as well as the kind of global financial bust necessary to make people desperate for a new global financial system (because global problems beg for global answers to repair the damage).

We also live in a time of high-tech billionaires, such as Bill Gates, who have the autocratic nature to want to control and steer international medical policy (“for the betterment of humanity”), the technology and the will and global influence through money to enforce vaccine certification, who made technical predictions twenty years ago of cashless wallets — people with the autocratic will to change and control food production and even human genetics.

By the way, the full name of The Apocalypse (The Revelation) is actually The Revelation of Jesus Christ, not The Revelation of End-Time Events. That is because, according to The Book, he is the “big reveal” at the end of the times in which this whole world order collapses, so the majestically poetic and wildly surreal prophecy describes the end days in which that revelation of all that he is will unfold.

Our other global saviors are not him.

Elon Musk Portrait Painting Collage by Danor Shtruzman (
Elon Musk Portrait Painting Collage | Danor Shtruzman / CC BY-SA

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