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My own site has brought in about as many free subscriptions as it is going to during its three-month test period, but it is not enough to justify the time spent. However, I think the concept for The Daily Doom is strong if I find a much bigger net to build the reader base. You provide the audience of potential subscribers. I provide the daily feature, which is simple like The Drudge Report but more organized, dated, archived, delivered by email and, especially, more focused on economic content. We equally share the ownership rewards in the newsletter.

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Daily economic news to keep you "mad as hell"
Economic news these days may make you yell, “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.”

First, you must see the problems … before you can correct the problems … if you are ever going to escape the problems. A great economic and social collapse is happening all over the world right now, and you’ll find a concentration of the news that covers it all in The Daily Doom.

For those who are not yet familiar with The Daily Doom, here is a rundown of all that it has to offer in terms of economic news and other coverage of the Great Collapse:

Why subscribe?

If it’s not Right, what’s Left? The Daily Doom is neither. As a news aggregation source, it simply tries to be about truth but is particularly focused on economic news. It’s not MAGA, and it’s not “Building Back Better.” It’s about who is doing what to us, regardless of where they’re coming from or whose hero they are. It’s about unscrupulous politicians wherever they are. It’s also about what “we the people,” whoever we are, are doing to us. It’s equal-opportunity criticism in terms of the stories it gathers because, if any party really had the answers, we wouldn’t have been on a multi-decade crash course into deep chasms of debt regardless of who was in power, which has led ultimately into economic collapse. It’s all about the Great Collapse as it unfolds.

It’s also about social decaycivil unrest and wars that are part of the collapse we are now experiencing – the ways in which humanity unravels under stresses and the ways in which we are multiplying our stresses because of our own violent nature. It’s about how we are becoming unhinged, not just from each other but from our past, from ways in which we viewed and understood ourselves for thousands of years but now no longer do and how we are trying to rewrite history to make it more woke.

It’s about the ways in which humanity is falling into chaos. First we chose our sexual preference, but then our gender. With that, words are losing meaning. What are women’s sports? What is a woman? The modern Western woman may now tell you she has no idea … even if she’s smart enough to join the supreme court as the first Black Woman. Next, she will have to tell you she also has no idea what Black is and cannot tell Black from White because she is not a biologist. Then people will start declaring their race, regardless of their genetics. After all, male/female is a far bigger categorization than race, given it divides one half of the entire animal kingdom from the other. Next, we will be allowing people to declare their own species on their birth certificate because actual dysphoria extends to species, too.

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It’s about the natural catastrophes that are now afflicting us – the droughts and fires, the famines and plagues that are storming the world. Why? Because it’s fun to revel in doom? Well, maybe for some, just like a scary movie, but also because people want to know and understand what’s happening to all of us since the world has changed for the worse in just a couple of years in ways that eclipse anything most of us would have imagined could happen in just a couple of years. Therefore, it’s about climate collapse but …

It’s also about globalist elitists and central planners whose ideas for solving climate collapse for the whole world will stuff all of us into an authoritarian abyss because they don’t evaluate the potential greater costs they bring against humanity … or possibly just don’t care. They often don’t even think about the collateral costs to the climate itself from their brazen and ill-thought interventions, such as how will they generate electrical power for millions of new electric vehicles when areas all over the world are already going into brownouts while they also seek to blow up hydroelectric dams to save the salmon? They’ve pressed governments to shut down nuclear power plants. Now those nations are turning them back on again because of the shortages their global sanctions helped to create. It’s insane.

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The Daily Doom is Global — because we are all going down together right now — even though it is anti-globalist because an authoritarian elite deciding what is best for the world is what is wrong with the world.

The Daily Doom draws equally on mainstream news sources and the alternative press, so you can get it all, but it seeks to avoid conspiracy theories because who needs more fantasy doom when there is so much that is plainly real? That said, sometimes conspiracies are real, so the few that look like they really might have something to them are included here, too. They are just not the main course.

At one time the idea that Covid came from a Wuhan lab was considered conspiracy. Now it’s mainstream. At one time, the narrative about Trump colluding with Russia to win the election was mainstream. Now that narrative claiming collusion is considered the actual conspiracy of a deep-state intelligence apparatus. At one time the Davos crowd at the World Economic Forum was all conspiracy theory, but now its leaders like Klaus Schwab brag openly about what they are scheming to do to you in some pretty bizarre terms.

We cannot always suss out what is conspiracy in a world that now seems to have more lies and more eager believers in lies on all sides than ever before, but The Daily Doom will do its best to present the news that looks like it has a probable basis. There is no need to try to be extreme when the world right now is extreme. Sometimes the headline link will even include a note or adjustment that points to what you really might want to look for in the story.

The Daily Doom is like The Drudge Report, but more organized (into subtopics) with headlines for sub-topics and delivered to your email if you want it to be. That way, if you are not interested in economics (the main focus here because a huge part of what is happening is economic collapse that we have brought upon ourselves), the subtopics will help you skip to what you are interested in. It’s also more tightly focused on the collapse that is happening around us than The Drudge Report.

One other great feature about The Daily Doom that is different from Drudge is that ALL of the news stories collected here are from sites that do not charge a subscription, that do not have a paywall, and do not even require you to sign on for a free membership that may, then, enlist you in all kinds of spam. So, one $5 subscription down the road (if this gets that far) will help you find all the rest of the news that costs you nothing so you don’t have to sigh up to multiple subscription sites to find all the news you want. The only exceptions will be stories on subscription sites when the headline or introduction or leading video says it all and where just that much is important enough that you will not want to miss the scoop, even if you can’t read the rest of it. Even then, if the same story presents itself on a free site, that’s the article you’ll find posted here.

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For now, The Daily Doom is free so everyone can try it out to see if it is the news source you really want – to see if it gives you $5 a month in value by saving you from hours of traipsing all across the internet to find solid stories you want about the Great Collapse that is happening all around us. Let The Daily Doom do the traipsing for you. It will have to prove its worth the hard way. Yes, eventually, if it gathers a large interested audience, it will be by subscription only like a lot of Substack content because those who do the work deserve to get rewarded a little. However, your free subscription does not ever convert to a paid subscription unless you decide to take that step down the road.

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The following is a list of regular categories to give you a clear sense of The Daily Doom

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  • War, Cyberwar, Civil Conflicts & Unrest 
  • Politics & Social Decay 
  • Authoritarianism (globalism, invasive government & censorship) 
  • Winds of Change (climate change & green energy) 
  • A Pox Upon Us (the plagues & pandemic policing of the 2020’s) 
  • Off-the-Beat or Just Plain Offbeat News (interesting stories that are off-topic or just weirdly intriguing or beautiful, etc.) 
  • Creative Collapse (cartoons, humor & other creative expression related to the Great Collapse to close on a little levity)

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New website possibilities needing broad input to see if they are worth the time of development:

Because an unusually dense mass of dark clouds is spreading everywhere now — war, world-wide shortages, civil unrest, extreme pandemic authoritarianism, freak weather, droughts, wildfires, scorching inflation, etc. — I am considering launching a whole new site to supersede this one, which I may also name The Daily Doom, just because the name for this site, The Great Recession Blog, was chosen back when the Great Recession was the biggest news of the day. That name is now dated and may be less meaningful to people. It is also now more than a personal blog, and the “.info” domain, which was all that was available for this site name at the time, is usually identified with spam and not taken seriously. So, it may be time for a major upgrade. (I’m trying to find a path to sustain myself covering this kind of stuff as my sole full-time occupation while keeping as much content free as possible.

Before I move forward with that idea in the months ahead, I am seeking your opinion in the comments below to see if there is enough interest to be worth the effort. A new site COULD be a little broader than just economics (as I’d like to open up a little breathing room for myself in what I write about, but I want to get your comments on that). I may, for example, write articles about all those kinds of events and not stay with just economics (though I’d still focus on economics); or I might create a section linked to from the sidebar for more spiritually oriented content to bring some hope during the tough times ahead for those interested in that sort of thing; but the home page would, in that case, still be focused toward the serious economic, political, and social conflicts that are increasingly plaguing our world that I listed in an article titled “An Apocalypse Upon Us: How much more can we take?

Please do provide your feedback in the comments below as to what you value most or dislike most, which I will give careful consideration.

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