THE DAILY DOOM: Economic News of Our Troubled Times

economic news of our troubled times


Job growth totals 253,000 in April, beating expectations and sending unemployment to lowest since ’69.

Morgan Stanley’s Jim Lacamp: We are steam rolling to recession

Video: Idea that China will replace U.S. dollar ‘is not a story for today’, says Niall Ferguson

Fed’s Balance Sheet Plunges by $230 Billion in 6 Weeks, Biggest such Plunge in 14 Years

While The Daily Doom focuses on economic news, it is much more than that, and each edition presents many more headlines and topics than you see above. (A full list of topics is presented below.) So, before I tell you how to access the full content of The Daily Doom, I want to introduce new readers to what it is all about, but I will also tell you below how to get access to the full content of each issue. (And I will update the sampling of economic news stories above every weekday to keep them current.)

Note to Patrons: you can find all recent issues with the full content of The Daily Doom gathered in one place here (or by clicking the link under “Great Recession Blog Categories” in the left sidebar) Otherwise, each morning, the most recent addition appears at the top of The Great Recession Blog homepage.


First, what is The Daily Doom?

The Daily Doom is an organized, aggregate list of headlines I assemble that cover what I feel is the most significant news of the day. Sometimes it may be introduced with a paragraph or more of description/commentary about the main news of the day, but it is not one of my own articles.

If it’s not Right, what’s Left? The Daily Doom is neither. As a news aggregation source, it simply tries to be about truth. It’s not MAGA, and it’s not “Building Back Better.” It’s about who is doing what to us, regardless of where they’re coming from or whose hero they are. It’s about unscrupulous politicians wherever they are. It’s not just US news, but global, because we are all in The Great Collapse together (thanks, in part, to the “Great Reset” planned openly now by the World Economic Forum). It’s also about what “we the people,” whoever we are, are doing to us. It’s all about the Great Collapse as it unfolds around the world, regardless of its causes that particular day. By that approach, I hope it will be the best overall coverage of the economic and social collapse around the world you can find. (Not saying, I achieve that goal, but just that that IS the goal.)

I am an equal-opportunity critic and an independent thinker and voter, who believes party politics is one of the downfalls of the United States, where I live, not its salvation. If any party really had the answers, we wouldn’t have been on a multi-decade crash course into deep chasms of debt, regardless of who was in power, which has led ultimately into economic collapse. If any party truly had the interests of the average person in mind, we wouldn’t have seen the economic playing field stacked to where most of the wealth over the past forty years has created a top 1% that is vastly richer in proportion to the world’s total wealth ever seen in prior decades. The parties seek to divide and conquer for their own power and to serve their corporate bosses. That is true in many other nations as well, so it’s applicable all over the world. For that reason, the articles linked to in The Daily Doom cover major economic news from all over the world, not just US news.

The Daily Doom is also about social decaycivil unrest and wars that are part of the collapse we are now experiencing globally – the ways in which humanity unravels under stresses and the ways in which we are multiplying our stresses because of our own violent nature. It’s about how we are becoming unhinged, not just from each other but from our past, from ways in which we viewed and understood ourselves for thousands of years but now no longer do and how we are trying to rewrite history to make it more woke. (The same kinds of things you’ll see me writing about in my own articles, even though those focus more on the economic aspects of all of this, too.)

It’s about the ways in which humanity is falling into chaos. First we chose our sexual preference, but then our gender. With that, words are losing meaning. What are women’s sports? What is a woman? It’s all fading into a fog of privatized meanings. Some of the brainiest Western women now tell you they have no idea what a woman is. Even one person who was smart enough to join the supreme court and proud to say she was its the “first Black Woman” to do so, told the watching world she had no idea what a woman was because she’s not a biologist.

Next, she will have to tell you she also has no idea what Black is because she is not a biologist. That is because the next logical step in this mess of creative self-definition/self-destruction is that people will start declaring their race, regardless of their genetics or even their species, just as they now do with their gender. After all, male/female is a far greater categorization than race, given it divides one half of the entire animal kingdom from the other. Following this path, we will eventually be allowing people to declare their own species on their birth certificate because actual dysphoria extends to species, too.

The Daily Doom is also about the natural catastrophes that are now afflicting us globally – the droughts and fires, the famines and plagues that are storming the world. Why? Because it’s fun to revel in doom? Well, maybe for some, just like a scary movie. I get that; but, more importantly, because people want to know and understand what’s happening to all of us since the world has changed for the worse in just a couple of years in ways that eclipse anything most of us would have imagined could happen in just a couple of years. Therefore, it’s about climate collapse but …

It’s also about globalist elitists and central planners whose ideas for solving climate collapse for the whole world will stuff all of us into an authoritarian abyss because they don’t evaluate the potential greater costs they bring against humanity … or possibly just don’t care. They often don’t even think about the collateral climate costs of their interventions, such as how will they generate electrical power for millions of new electric vehicles when areas all over the world are already going into brownouts while they also seek to blow up hydroelectric dams to save the salmon? They’ve pressed governments to shut down nuclear power plants and coal-fired plants. Now those nations are turning those back on again because of the shortages their global sanctions helped to create. So, their half-baked plans have become a mess.

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The Daily Doom is global, because we are all going down together right now, even though it is anti-globalist because an authoritarian elite deciding what is best for the world is what is wrong with the world.

The Daily Doom draws equally on mainstream news sources and the alternative press, so you can get it all, but it seeks to avoid conspiracy theories or poorly supported claims because who needs more fantasy doom when there is so much that is plainly real? That said, sometimes conspiracies are real, so the few that look like they really might have something to them are included in The Daily Doom, too. And sometimes stories that don’t yet have a lot of fact behind them are the breaking of new big news. These are just not the main course. Besides economic news, The Daily Doom also contains some fascinating tidbits of science and some humor to lighten the gloom.

For example, at one time the idea that Covid came from a Wuhan lab was considered conspiracy. Now it’s mainstream. At one time, the claim that Trump colluded with Russia to win the election was mainstream. Now the story about collusion is considered the actual conspiracy of a deep-state intelligence apparatus. At one time the Davos crowd at the World Economic Forum was all conspiracy theory and short on verifiable facts, but now its leaders like Klaus Schwab brag openly about what they are scheming to do to you in some stunningly bizarre terms. Their confidence and persuasion has grown to where they don’t even care any more if people think they are weird or scary.

We cannot always suss out what is conspiracy in a world that now seems to have more lies and more eager believers in lies on all sides than ever before, but The Daily Doom will do its best to present the news that looks like it has a probable basis. There is no need to try to be extreme when the world right now is extreme. Sometimes the headline link will even include a note or adjustment that points to what you really might want to look for in the story.

The Daily Doom is like The Drudge Report, but more organized (into subtopics) so you can find what interests you most and skip the rest, and each day’s edition is all new, unlike The Drudge Report, while the older news always remains available in dated back issues. That way, if you are not interested in economics (the main focus here because a huge part of what is happening is economic collapse that we have brought upon ourselves), the subtopics will help you skip to what you are interested in. It’s also more tightly focused on the collapse that is happening around us than The Drudge Report with less celebrity gossip, etc..

One other great feature about The Daily Doom is that ALL of the news stories collected in each daily post are from sites that do not charge a subscription, that do not have a paywall, and do not even require you to sign on for a free membership that may, then, enlist you in all kinds of spam. The only exceptions will be stories on subscription sites when the headline or introduction or leading video says it all and where just that much is important enough that you will not want to miss the scoop, even if you can’t read the rest of it. Even then, if the same story presents itself on a free site, I try to find it for you, and that’s the article you’ll find posted in The Daily Doom that day.

How to access The Daily Doom‘s economic news content

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(On weekends and holidays, please take a news break to get your mind off the news and enjoy your family and friends, have a barbecue, mow the lawn, go skiing, whatever fits the season, as will be happening with me, too, because not all of us who are interested in knowing about the doom are gloomy, and it’s important to remain gloom free. Plus not much news happens on weekends or holidays when many businesses and government offices are closed anyway.)

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Still not quite sure this is the economic news for you?

The Daily Doom is a category of private posts published on my blog each weekday morning that aggregate about 30-40 headlines that I feel are the most significant stories in today’s economic news in particular but also social and political news that I come across.

The following is a full list of regular topical categories to give you a crystal clear sense of The Daily Doom:

  • Economica (stocks in bondage, bonds in the stockade, market madness, etc.) 
  • Housing Bubble Bust 2.0 (including commercial & global real estate) 
  • Money Matters (monetary policy, gold, silver, cryptos, currency wars & cashless) 
  • Overinflated (inflation from too much money chasing too few goods) 
  • Famished (inflationary sanctions, shortages, droughts, famines & fires) 
  • Wars & Rumors of War, Civil Conflicts & Unrest
  • Hacks & Cyberattacks (plus threats from artificial intelligence)
  • Politics & Social Decay (US & international)
  • One-World Government (WEF & global authoritarianism)
  • Censorship & Invasive Government (overreach at national and local levels)
  • A Pox Upon Us (the plagues & pandemic policing of the 2020’s)
  • Cataclysm & Calamity! (extreme weather, earthquakes, fires & floods)
  • Going Green (changes in energy/pollution, both pro & con)
  • Off-the-Beat or Just Plain Offbeat News (merely off-topic or all-out weird)
  • Creative Collapse (cartoons, humor & other creative expression related to the Great Collapse to close on a light note.)

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Daily economic news to keep you "mad as hell"
Economic news these days may make you yell, “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.”

First, you must see the problems … before you can correct the problems … if you are ever going to escape the problems. A great economic and social collapse is happening all over the world right now, and you’ll find a concentration of the news that covers it all in The Daily Doom.


The Daily Doom: Economic News of our Troubled Times
Economic News of Our Troubled Times