Fake News: The Fake-Stream Media Devours Itself

Fake new by CNN attacked by Trump

When their Anointed One lost the election, big television news networks and primary newspapers coined the term “fake news” because they were angry at alternative media for eroding deep into their domain. It was time to expose these fakers because audiences were fleeing to alternatives to establishment media as certainly as they fled to alternatives to establishment politicians.

Without a doubt there is a ton of fake news on alternative media sites, which often publish what works for them without much fact checking. So, to launch a war on their competition, the mainstream media employed their standard sound-byte strategy that has worked well for them in the past. They simultaneously started circulating the new talking point “fake news” to try to stop the migration of audiences toward alternative news sites. It was time to point out how they, the mainstream media, do a superior job of editing out the baloney for you.


Fake news spews all over itself


Everybody else’s news became fake news, but the mainstream media’s own exaggerated and highly spun stories, which they ran day after day … that was just bedrock reality. Following Fox’s years of example, the MSM dropped even the pretense of separating their own commentary from news stories, and much of their news became commentary about alternative media; but the “fake news” mantra all backfired this time.

It only became all the more evident that the MSM was doing many of the fake stories, even as they commented against the fake news of the alternative media. Much of the news during the campaign had been the MSM’s own fake news like the endlessly repeated false fact that Trump has said Mexicans are rapists and all need to be sent packing. What he really said was that a certain few Mexicans who actually were rapists should have been sent back to Mexico because they were illegal aliens anyway, so why were we keeping them here? Common-sense stuff that most Americans (and probably most legitimate Mexican immigrants) agree with. Why are we keeping rapists here? Do we need them? Is it our responsibility to store them and feed them for Mexico? Thanks to the MSM’s sloppy handling of such nuances, however, much of the Hispanic community in the US believed as fact that Donald Trump thinks Mexicans are rapists.

Then, of course, there were all the stories about Trump’s lead advisor Stephen Bannon being anti-Semitic and working at an anti-Semitic alternative news site called Breitbart. (Wow! The MSM could kill two things they didn’t like with this one — Trump’s advisor and Breitbart.) Never did the stories mention that Breitbart was founded by Jews and is still owned by Jews, who hired Bannon because they like him, and that many of the editors and writers Bannon had working for him were Jews who think highly of him. All that mattered was that one writer (who was also a Jew) had published an article there calling another Jew a renegade Jew because he was, for a fact, a Jew and was renegade in that he was doing something that isn’t normally considered very Jewish. Well, that and the fact that Bannon’s ex said something nasty about Bannon’s opinion of Jews. (In divorce court, where we know ex’s never exaggerate or make false statements.) The MSM shared this fake news back and forth so much that it became another famous false fact that Breitbart is anti-Semitic.

Nevertheless, a lot of people were on to what was happening. So, when the MSM launched the term “fake news” millions of people readily grabbed the useful moniker and hung it like a lead collar around the necks of the MSM. They didn’t see that coming! Now, the members of the establishment media are beside themselves because they can’t claw the collar off.

Besides losing their audiences, the fake-stream media also finds they now face an incoming president who doesn’t even pretend to put up with their prattle and who is willing to simply ignore them as being too insipid to be worthy of his time. Instead, he refuses to take their questions and turns to their competitors — the alternative media:



The whole establishment press looks to be cracking up over the fact that the president-elect thinks he can ignore them. How insulting. How peevish. One of Whoopi Goldberg’s Five Talking Girls gave her view that she was actually “terrified!” (Chills. But, oh, how fun it is to watch: The ladies of The View go wild over Trump’s accusation of CNN’s fake news.) The funny part is that their own knee-jerk self-justification means they are almost certain to lose a lot more audience, rather than lear anything from their missteps because Trump is certain to reject them again and again in press conferences, which they are powerless to prevent.

The most recent and outrageous example of fake news came last week when CNN thought they could capitalize on a salacious and completely uncorroborated story about Trump hiring prostitutes to do naughty things to a mattress the Obamas slept on. CNN originally passed on publishing the baloney themselves because it didn’t meet anyone’s journalistic standards (and, therefore, might easily turn out to be fake news). That, however, didn’t stop CNN from seizing the opportunity to tell the whole world about the dossier, which they knew to be likely false, as soon as an alternative news site (albeit a liberal one) published the scurrilous story. With CNN’s heightened publicity, the story exploded like a small fire given oxygen.

CNN thought they could wash their hand of all guilt because they righteously reported only the truth  — that someone else had reported some likely fake news. It took me only two clicks, however, to get exactly from their story to Buzzfeed’s PDF of the document, and I wouldn’t have known to go there with CNN directing the way. Alas, their self-righteous attempt at arm’s-length, plausible deniability didn’t work for them, as their competitors have been ripping them to shreds over it. They have wound up looking as dirty as the journalists who did published the story, even though they don’t see themselves that way.

As an example of where their mainstream competitors went with the story, MSNBC took the high ground, viciously digging into the fake-stream media. I have to say it is fun to watch them go at it. It’s like watching a dinosaur fight:



It’s fun, too, to watch Anderson Cooper stumble all over himself and then get schooled by Kelly-Ann Conway as he tries to claim that CNN held the moral high ground by only reporting that others had reported the fake news: (Again, almost hilarious)



“We did not publish the … unsubstantiated allegation,” said Cooper over and over. True. CNN only put up the bright neon arrows pointing to where this baloney mud-raking could be found. CNN was just a publicist for fake news. (I KNOW because CNN was where I first found the story. I had never heard of the dossier until CNN pointed me to it, and it took me exactly two clicks to get directly from CNN’s site to a PDF of the dossier.)

CNN’s argument is essentially saying, “We didn’t put the poison in the caviar; we just told everyone where the buffet was that we knew was going to serve it … and that anyone trying it would find it to be yummy.” CNN rushed to this story so quickly that it appears they had their story about the story out before the actual story was published!

How’s that cop-out working for you CNN? Are people still stupid enough to buy into that kind of dodge? Apparently not. Don’t take my word for it; listen to their competitors rip them to shreds. MSNBC says CNN is just as complicit for giving publicity to Buzzfeed as Buzzfeed is for publishing the dossier:



CBS also says Trump is right to criticize CNN for its role in this story. Watch as CBS states outright that CNN has become one of the “greatest purveyors of fake news”:



Poor, hated CNN. Fake news was so much more fun when people simply trusted them with it. While CNN viscerally denies any culpability for disseminating information about the dossier, CBS points out that CNN’s summary statement was that the intelligence community considered the source of the document “credible.” In fact, it did not, and later came out with a statement that the information was never actually presented to Trump (just as Kelly Ann Conway claimed) but was attached as information that might be presented to him if necessary solely for the purpose of showing him the difference between their vetted material and unvetted disinformation. In other words, the intelligence community brought the material along to the briefing solely to use it as an example of “fake” intelligence if they needed an example — information they did not consider significant. According to MSNBC, the intelligence chiefs decided during the briefing there was no need for the example, so they never mentioned the info to Trump or gave the documents to him, which would make CNN’s claims that they did present the information … false:



Even Buzzfeed says that CNN is as guilty as they are on the “golden showers” story — the likely-to-be-proven fake dossier. In fact, Buzzfeed’s editor says CNN is worse than Buzzfeed for trying to wash their hands of it while still writing headlines and summary statements that make preposterous claims about the document:



So, the sharks are eating each other now. Buzzfeed claims it is taking the higher ground by, at least, owning its publication of the material while CNN is being self-righteous in claiming no responsibility for lending support to the dossier when their own headline states that the document showed Trump to be in a “compromised” relationship with Russia, and their summary said the intelligence community viewed the source of the document as “credible.” (Which the intelligence community certainly does not in this particular case.) So, even Buzzfeed does not buy in the slightest CNN’s attempt to wash their hands of the dirty story.

Now, here is an alt-news video that exposes some of CNN’s past fakery:



Did CNN audio actually cut out right when those talking went off the approved narrative? Well, in one case in this video, a CNN broadcaster plainly states that CNN cut the audio as soon as it was clear a Black man wasn’t saying what CNN thinks Black people should be saying.

I do feel badly for CNN in one sense: they are only just now getting recognized for how good their fakery has been. You can be sure that President Trump will make certain they get a lot more credit for that in the near future. The war against fake media is just beginning!



  1. Ping from Craig A. Mouldey:

    This story came up this morning. I heard this journalist a few years ago. He outed fake news. Who is pedalling it and who is really behind the story. We would be wise never to forget his message.

  2. Ping from Liberty1776Again:

    Fake News is Dangerous and CNN has been heavily pedaling it since the first Gulf War.

    Now they’re supposedly “worried somebody is going to get killed” because it might be one of them. Never mind how many people got killed in the Middle East pushing the Neo-Con agenda.

    Coming Soon: False Flag somewhere at a CNN Newsroom

    • Ping from Auldenemy:

      Well said! Sadly it is the same over here in Britain with the BBC and I am told by reliable sources in Germany that their main stream media does nothing but peddle the Status Quo, Neo Liberal, overtly PC garbage that your main stream media is also guilty of.

  3. Ping from Alleged Comment:

    It’s very easy to defeat the left. They are illogical emotional driven people. Yes, CRY BABIES, cupcakes, softies and what not.

    And whatever they call you is WHAT they are. So when they say fake news it means them because that is all they know. They live in their own little world of Ken and Barbie dolls.

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      I’ve noticed over the years that liars think everyone else is a liar. So, maybe that’s how it works with fake news, too. If you know your own news is lies, you just naturally figure everyone else’s is.

  4. Ping from Kate Frederickson:

    Have to love this man. I love that he calls them what they are.

  5. Ping from freedom-for-all:

    I think the dem-loyal operatives in some of the intelligence agencies actually created the nonsense about Trump, as well as the hacking information regarding Russia. If they can’t find dirt, they make it up. The CIA and others are more than capable of creating this bull and then leaking it out strategically. Many of these operatives are “reporters” on these fake news msm sites. As we have seen, many of the people associated with both Obama and Hillary are criminals, and I look forward to seeing lots of jail space occupied by these traitors.

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      Some articles I’ve read say the Hillary camp funded the report but then decided it was too unsupportable to use. I’m not sure what the evidence for that was. Like you, I really hope Trump will be ambitious about putting jails to use. So far, he sees to be backing abruptly away from that, but that could just be to avoid tempting Obama into issuing a last-minute pardon for Hill.

  6. Ping from New Man:

    msnbc did the same thing cnn did and I never hear a peep about it

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      I think that’s because CNN broke the story, putting their online even before the Buzzfeed story they were commenting on had resolved all its pixels. Or maybe its because we need to focus all cannons on CNN while they’re looking particularly red-handed and knock them down a few pegs. MSNBC certainly deserves its own turn.

      • Ping from freedom-for-all:

        Right. Now all the other fake news msm are running for cover, hoping to separate themselves from CNN and Buzzfeed. CNN and Buzzfeed might be some of the worst, but if you watched the media bias during the campaign, there were near zero articles favoring Trump in the msm. Most were slanted or fully in favor of Hillary. Lets face it. The days of independent Journalists risking their lives to bring the truth to American citizens is pretty much over. Now we have corporate-govt owned journalists bought and paid for and fed every sound byte they utter, while basically giving the bad guys a pass. I only read alternative news sites now that have been proven trustworthy.

        • Ping from Knave_Dave:

          More than ever before, they are just talking heads who use media delivery services. Most of the mainstream networks know nothing about investigative journalism any more. They go where they are embedded, which means they show only what they are meant to show. They speak what is fed to them via newswires or, even more often, what is fed to them in government press releases, which is much of what is on the newswire anyway. Sixty-Minutes still does some investigating, but not the nightly news shows. It’s cheaper this way and seems to sell just fine.

  7. Ping from Craig A. Mouldey:

    These fake news outlets are indeed exposed as fake news. What really bothers me is half the country still believes the lies they have been told. They act as if they have been drugged and indoctrinated. It is as Yuri Besmenov said about demoralisation. Once the process is complete, all truth and facts could be presented and the demoralised person would not be able to see it. And this is not new, that the MSM is essentially fake news. There has not been unvarnished truth in the press in my lifetime. I’ve read quotes from reporters from many decades ago that they would be out of work if they told what they really knew. A German journalist in the last year or so admitted they had C.I.A. on staff directing what was to be reported. The ministry of truth already exists. Donald Trump was so correct when, at that fund raiser before the election, he gave his speech, complimenting all those who have worked so hard to get Hillary elected. And they are here tonight. Over there is CNN, there is NBC, and he kept pointing to the various news agencies. Totally biased, agenda driven, politically controlled organisations. Even in the so called alternative sites, it is a mine field out there.

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      Indeed, Craig. It’s going to be an off four years if Trumps survives that long. I think his withering attacks on the mainstream media will force them to be more careful about the fake news they give as they now know they are going to have to support what they say.

      Where we really saw the media run off its rails was when the US started embedding them into military operations. This gave them great frontline access to potent stories with full military protection around them; but it also assured that the media told only the stories the military wanted told. There was a high cost for getting that kind of access, and the media readily took the easy route to glory.

  8. Ping from Donald Sergent:

    Have I already mentioned that if the press wishes to call itself the “Fourth Estate”, it might consider not behaving like the “Fifth Column”?
    Still waiting to see Vidkun Quisling with a closing editorial spot like Andy Rooney

  9. Ping from Auldenemy:

    Another superb article David. In the age before the main stream media of the West became a dumbed down echo chamber of the State within a State, your huge intelligence, combined with your perception and desire always to seek and spread the truth would have been sought after by the very best newspapers.

    I was up most of the night and found myself writing a rant to my sister-in-law. She and my eldest brother are far more highly educated than I am. My brother went to Oxford university and his wife went to Cambridge. In fact all my siblings are respectable professionals, I am not. As my father said to me when I was 12 years old, ‘There is always one rotten apple in every family’. So all my life I have accepted my lowly status both within my family and in the outside world. Perhaps I shouldn’t have, but I learned some hard lessons at a young age. I decided to observe life rather than take part in it which I suppose is the coward’s way out. My earliest memories are of watching people, hearing their different voices and noticing the multitude of oddities in human nature. Every time I tried to take part in the world it hurt too much. So now as I approach old age I have gone back to doing what I did at the beginning of my life journey, observing it.

    My sister-in-law had emailed me, just the usual family stuff, including always at some point the British obsession with the weather (I myself am certainly incapable of going a day without watching a weather forecast). Amid this was her fear that Putin is, ‘Another Hitler’. Just that one comment from her stirred me into anger, not I hasten to add because I am in any shape or form a fan of Putin, but rather my fury at the extent of the political-media brain washing the West undergoes in spades now.

    Later on, still unable to sleep I then saw your latest article posted on Zero Hedge. Of every single alternative media analyst out there on the political front you are the best in my opinion. You are the best because you have never allowed yourself to believe totally in any one political ideology. Your loyalty is to the truth, even if the truth is deeply unpleasant or conflicts with certain political views you yourself thought to be right. That is what makes you an outsider and thus far more interesting to read than those with entrenched political views.

    Your latest article chimes with my rant to my sister-in-law. This is what I wrote to her:

    Yes, the world faces great dangers as Trump takes power in the most militarised country in the world. In fact I believe Hilary Clinton would have started a war with Putin almost immediately. The woman is a complete psychopath and crook. She has taken hundreds of millions of dollars from Goldman Sachs and big corp. world. The Clinton Foundation is a hornets nest of corruption (primarily adding to the wealth and power structure of the Clinton mafia). Even after she was ordered to hand over her 30,000 emails on a private server she had them bleached. Her husband and ex president is a serial sex abuser if not a rapist. In their Arkansas days the Clintons were getting big pay offs from drug cartels to look the other way. The pair of them disgust me.

    Yes, Putin is an old school, hard as nails ex KGB man. Yes, he has had people murdered. The point is Mary, the Deep State which runs the US have been doing the same for decades! That is something the Neo Liberal agenda that has ruled the West for at least the past 20 years, refuses to acknowledge. We are ruled by a mafia banking come military complex with our politicians being paid out puppets, ditto most of the main stream media. Along came Trump. Yes, he is vulgar, greedy, cocky, arrogant and certainly lacks any diplomatic skills. However, he is the FIRST person in a position of power and wealth to dare to point out that the Emperor has no clothes (as in absurd PC policies and fake Neo Liberal values underneath which lie nothing and instead of promoting harmony are promoting inequality and thus social discord).

    I am not on Trump’s, ‘side’. I am on no side but that of reality and truth (both of which are in scant supply when it comes to those who lead us).

    It was Clinton who pushed and pushed Obama into regime change in Libya. What has that achieved? Libya has no coherent government, only tribal factions slugging it out with bullets, torture and blackmail. It has also become the gateway for endless thousands of young, mainly Muslim, African men to make their way to a financially bankrupt Europe. What jobs will mainly non educated young African men get in Southern Europe where unemployment among the young, indigenous populations of Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal ranges between 39 to 50%! So of course they then try to get to Northern Europe, but even Northern Europe has high levels of youth unemployment and huge levels of national debt. How can these countries provide the poor and war torn of the world with housing and benefits for years if not most of their lives. Of the over 1 million Syrian refugees who made it to Germany last year only 34,000 are in employment. So even mighty, worker hungry Germany with its ageing population is subsidising hundreds of thousands of Syrians. Female Muslims are expected to breed in high numbers. What exactly is Germany going to look like in a future where its indigenous population is constantly shrinking while its Muslim population is constantly growing?

    50% of primary schools in Holland are now made up of Muslim children. The curriculum has had to be dumbed down because many Muslim children – even second and third generation – speak little to none of the language of their adopted country. I myself at one point taught Muslim children in Glasgow who were deemed, ‘Special Needs’ but which I quickly discovered were in fact struggling at school because they spoke little English (some had mothers who spoke not a word of English). In a recent survey, 74% of British Muslims wish to be ruled by Sharia Law. The proportion of those wanting this is highest among young, second and third generation Muslim men. So we have many Muslims born in the UK and educated here who identify only with a Stone Age, women repressing religion that by its very nature cannot operate by being democratic. This in turn begs the question, is ‘integration’ a cheap lie? My answer is yes. The media focuses only on Muslims who have integrated into Western society, ignoring completely the majority who do indeed live here peacefully but completely despise Western culture.

    Trump raised these very valid immigration issues and the Neo Liberal establishment of the West and all their fellow rich Luvvies like George Cloone! Meryl Streep, Bob Geldoff etc etc went crazy. What was not ‘allowed’ to be said by anyone in a position of power was said and that is why so many Americans, sick and tired of the Status Quo, cosy, corrupt set up between Banksterville, big corp world, politicians and the media voted for Trump.

    The US elites in the CIA, Senate, media etc are now claiming Putin hacked the election (this despite Julian Assange completely denying the DNC, John Podesta emails his organisation released came from Russia). In the 10,000 different leaks from WikiLeaks in its entire history, not ONE has been disproven! That is more than can be said for the CIA or our intelligence agencies and their, ‘WMDs’ excuse for invading Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and leaving the country in a complete mess’. Also, how many good and brave US and UK soldiers died because of that lie?

    It is so easy for these Western parasites who, ‘lead’ us to make Putin into Hitler. Your comments show you believe him to be that. I don’t. I have already stated that I know he is a hard and even ruthless man. However he has not started building concentration camps to fill with people he hates. He is neither Hitler or Stalin in that respect. What he is is a man who is awash with vanity so devoted to power. Considering his secret service background, he is also naturally obsessed by his national history which includes being invaded twice by the West (first by Napoleon and then of course Hitler). He has had to watch the EU sucking in poor ex Soviet countries into its bureaucratic dictatorship (none of which give a toss for so called, ‘European Unity’ but rather the massive subsidies they receive, the same goes for Southern Europe). I mean imagine if the subsidies were stopped. How many of these small EU countries would be so far up Angela Merkel’s backside?

    Poland loves the EU because it has had endless billions in subsidies (paying for a much better transport system etc) while putting nothing into the EU other than sending its youth unemployment to Britain! Yes, big corp world loves cheap Polish labour but 3 million Poles now living in the UK in a matter of years has contributed to our now out of control immigration, in turn causing the worst housing crisis since WWII, over crowded schools, a bucking NHS (which the BBC blames solely on our ageing population but never mentions the fact that we have the highest population in our history, despite our indigenous birth rate shrinking for decades). If all immigration was stopped tomorrow the UK will still be the most highly populated country in Europe, per our land mass, by 2050. So how does any country keep sustaining uncontrolled immigration? It is simply impossible. If a country is over run by immigration then at some point it turns into exactly the same shXt holes these poor people are fleeing. How does that make the world a better place?

    So non entity Donald Tusk (by the way known in Poland for corruption and possible involvement in the murder of the ex President in a very suspicious plane crash), struts on the EU stage and has the damn nerve to threaten this country with trade tariffs. This after Britain, ill prepared and loathing the thought of another generation lost to an industrial scale war, went to war with Hitler specifically because he had invaded Poland. So much for loyalty! I see NO loyalty in the EU. All I see is a vast, out of control, bureaucratic dictatorship mainly run by Germany and an old, unelected alcoholic, Jean Claude Juncker who drivels and rants about a borderless superstate, with one Federal government (which of course will be run mainly by Germany), and an EU Army (welcome to the Fourth Reich!). The EU should never have grown beyond being a trading alliance. All of Europe was CONNED! When did Europeans get to vote for a trading alliance to turn itself into a borderless superstate run by Germany!!!!!!!?????? Is that what my own father, joining up aged only 17, went through five years of seeing death and destruction for? Is that what his 27 year old brother, who loathed the prospect of war and killing but bravely did his duty, joined up and was killed for????? NO, NO, NO!

    I am sorry to be so adamant but I loathe humbug and all I see in the EU is endless humbug and lies.

    Getting back to the US, as one US citizen said so perceptively in response to an article on Zero Hedge about Russia hacking the election, ‘So what if they did. The USA has done nothing but hack and interfere in elections all over the world and if it doesn’t get what it wants it then invades and kills’. That is an American citizen saying that Mary. That is why Trump is about to be President. I wish it wasn’t Trump but that shows you how desperate folk are getting to be rid of this fake Neo Liberalism which has infested the West. It really is fake and in fact under the veneer it is actually a form of fascism in my view. Anyone who speaks out against it is at best derided as, ‘ignorant’ (The Guardian, The Independent, The BBC, and Channel 4 News have claimed endlessly that Brexit voters are, ‘uneducated’), and at worst threats are made towards their lives! So the Putin way of doing business is every bit as alive and well in the West!

    As to the Balkans and indeed all ex Soviet countries, yes they fear Putin but perhaps if the USA had not put weapon systems capable of carrying nuclear missiles on the borders of Poland and Romania (facing Russia), Putin would not have done the same. WHY did NATO do that? Why has NATO been adding more and more ground troops in Eastern EU countries? You will say it is because of Ukraine and Crimea. Again the main stream media endlessly spouts the garbage they are told to spout. I too fell for it and then decided to go on line and research the history of Ukraine and Crimea. Like the 2008 financial crisis, I didn’t understand why the BBC wasn’t giving any in-depth, intelligent news coverage.

    What the BBC, Channel 4 etc etc – plus the main stream media across the EU and of course in the USA – leave out is the most important thing of all when it comes to Ukraine, the fact that its democratically elected President was ousted by insurgents funded by guess who…..the CIA! This was Hilary Clinton’s next pet project as US Foreign Sec. after she made Libya into such a hell hole that most of its citizens now wish Gaddafi was still running it!

    The Ukrainian president was ousted because the USA wants Ukraine in the EU. The EU elites also want Ukraine in the EU (they are wetting themselves at the prospect of a vast European superstate, which in itself is naturally worrying to Putin, knowing that behind a huge European Superstate, soon to have its own army, is the even more powerful one, America!). This is why the EU elites completely ignored a referendum in Holland on should Ukrainians be allowed visa free entry into the EU. Holland voted, ‘No’ and Merkel and Co. simply ignored it. Of course the EU elites have a long history of ignoring democratic referendums about the path it should or shouldn’t take. Either that or they just repeat the referendum until they get the result they want. This of course is what all these soppy, UK Neo Liberals like Tim Farron want when it comes to Brexit. God forbid the, ‘ignorant masses’ should be allowed to decide the future of their countries. Who were the two biggest funders of Cameron’s failed campaign to keep us chained to Eurocrat Land? It was Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan (not even British banks!). Who was sent over to threaten us with, ‘You’ll be at the back of the queue for trade negotiations if you leave the EU’? Oh, it just happened to be Obama! The USA has an iron grip on UK and EU politics and yet when their elites get a President they don’t want they cry foul and blame it all on Putin! How utterly pathetic. By the way, ex Goldman Sachs banksters are all through UK government. And Lo, Trump has selected 6 ex Goldman banksters for his cabinet. A true case of everything changes and nothing changes. So much for, ‘draining the swamp’. Trump’s own wealth was grown from that swamp! I say this so you know I am fully aware of his own hypocrisy.

    I wonder when the citizens of the West will realise they are being played by a grand political and media theatre, behind which is a banking oligarchy that always did rule but now rules with ever more corruption. You perhaps know that HSBC was indicted for its Columbian drug money laundering programme some years ago? There is not a single big Western bank that isn’t mired in corruption and yet none of their management ever end up in jail. Instead they pay themselves vast salaries and bonuses (Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan had a $3 million pay rise last year, taking his annual salary to $31 million). JP Morgan is notorious in the USA for its corruption and fittingly it has been paying the war criminal, Tony Blair, over $3 million a year ever since he retired as PM. Dear two faced, psychopathic, ‘I am a Christian’ Tony will be at Davos in a few days, along with all the other billionaire crooks and shysters who are systematically killing the West between their self serving monetary policies and desire to full Europe and America with Western hating Muslims. I hope they all choke on their tax payer funded caviar.

    So, a pro Western puppet President is put into Ukraine and that sets off further fighting between pro Western Ukrainians and millions of Ukrainians whose natural ally is Russia because their blood and history is Russian. Putin then moves tanks into Crimea. Crimea has historically been part of Russia. He made that move to make it clear to the US that he was not going to stand by and watch more and more ex soviet territories being swallowed up into an EU which is run by Germany but ultimately governed by America!

    Obama recently sent all Russian diplomats back home. Putin did not respond by doing the same. I think he is laughing at the West and with good reason. I don’t like him and I don’t like or trust Trump, but this entire situation – plus Brexit – is the result of crony Western capitalism, crony Western politics and a crony Western media, all of which is over seen by a parasitical banking elite. It is that elite which seeks war with Putin. It is the perfect diversion tactic. A war with Russia gets them off the hook of gargantuan, un payable Western debt. A war with Russia diverts the masses from the fact that we in the West have been financially nuked by our own banksters and their political puppets.

    The one President in modern US history who genuinely sought to clean up the US industrial military complex (which is now gigantic, obscene in what is spent on arms each year in the US and completely corrupt), who wanted to reform the privately owned Federal Reserve (another bastion of bankster corruption, with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan its biggest share holders), and who wanted the out of control CIA reigned in, ended up getting his brains blown out. That of course was JFK, a man who had served in WWII and lost his eldest brother to that war. JFK did not want Vietnam to happen. The CIA and US military complex were gnashing at the teeth for that war. JFK was hated by LB Johnson (who is now proven to have been a racketeer and murderer). JFK was hated by the CIA over the Bay Of Pigs fiasco, and he was hated by the Industrial Military Complex. JFK was assassinated by them, ‘them’ being the triangle (pyramid, all seeing eye), the very deep state that Thomas Jefferson warned would take over if bankers were ever allowed too much power.

    Trump’s clarion call, ‘Make America Great Again’ is indeed hollow rhetoric. Has any country on God’s earth ever been truly great? Empires comes and go, great battles have been fought. The strongest bull wins the battle to own the harem. The problem with the animal in mankind is that the intelligence that took us out of the caves and finally to invent nuclear weapons means modern day bull fights between nuclear powers result in no one winning anything other than guaranteed death. So that is why, despite his gross personality, I would rather Donald Trump met Putin and the pair of them end up doing trade deals than sitting with their glasses on looking at their respective nuclear codes.

    Please don’t think I feel I am, ‘right’ about anything. I am old now and decrepit and the world and its ways is a massive, on going force which I am well aware my thoughts make no difference to one way or the other. I do passionately believe though that it is time the West stopped believing so much of the bubble gum PC garbage that has been peddled by its greedy, corrupt and completely self serving elites for way too long.

    Sometimes my studies of world politics, central bank monetary policies and economics makes me think we are trapped inside some vast, dark comic book story. It is comic in the sense of the truly idiotic statements world leaders and so called ‘academics’ come out with, but dark in the sense of an exploding world population competing for limited resources set against some truly demonic powers. Instead of going out of their way to start WWIII with Russia, the US, UK and EU would do well to take on the very serious threat of the little lunatic dumpling running North Korea. As his people live in one gigantic prison camp, many of them starving, he is wasting billions on his nuclear missile projects. As he loathes the West and as he is completely off his rocker, he is the guy the West should be worrying about big time. If he does create nuclear war heads capable of reaching the US then he doesn’t come across as the sort of guy who will simply be happy to look at them being polished.

    So that is my two cents David. I hope you will excuse the length of it!

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      What is it about us intemperate people in temperate climates that makes us always talk about the weather. It’s the same way where I am, and I’m always checking the weather forecast, too.

      Glad you moved on to something other than discussing the weather, though, Auld. Would you mind if I take the part about immigration and make it its own article on the site. I don’t do that, but it’s good to get a European’s perspective, and you say it well. I can either put it up with your pseudonym, or can use your real name to give it proper attribution. Several good points in it as well as in the Putin piece.

      Can’t recall if you saw the article I did called “Hillary’s Wars,” but I quoted one of her own state department documents that clearly laid out her battle plans for Libya and Syria. She also had her hand in the civil war in Egypt and the war in Yemen. All wonderful little adventures. Indeed, Crimea appears to be a Soros backed, CIA planned coup.

      Many good points embedded in all of that Auld, and well said. So, I hate to see t buried in the comments section. Your education is better than many I meet, whether self-educated or just a school with a lesser pedigree than Oxbridge. Nothing wrong with that. I’m a low-pedigree man, myself.

      Let me know if you’re open to that.


      • Ping from Auldenemy:

        Yes, I have read ALL your archived articles. There is not one that isn’t less than superb. The reason I don’t comment on every one is that I am worried it will come across as sycophantic.

        Another thing that sets you apart is the time you put in to interacting with those of us who leave comments on your articles (even with the fortunately few who spout utter rubbish in a pathetic attempt to trash your articles). I have only just seen your reply David. I have to admit I was concerned at sharing that email sent to my sister-in-law, as in the length of it! I almost expected you to be annoyed at me and ask me not to leave such a long comment ever again. The reason I chose to share that email was because it was only a few hours after writing it that your latest brilliant article came out (which I spotted on Zero Hedge). It was me wanting to show you and Americans who read your site, how much this Status Quo way of politics has infested not just the USA but the UK and all of Europe. It has astonished me – and hugely added to my education and understanding of the corruption of politics in the USA, UK and EU – how things you write about concerning America are a mirror image of what is happening in the UK and EU. So in a sense I have unwittingly become the, ‘foreign correspondent’ to the Knave Dave REAL News site (LOL).

        Please feel free to use/quote anything I have written about how things are in this neck of the woods when it comes to political, monetary and immigration agendas. I have never said anything that is knowingly false (I try very hard to find independent facts and figures). Also, although I fear it may induce a stomach ulcer, I make sure to read many Left Wing and Neo Liberal newspapers and sites because I have always believed that to truly learn anything means taking on board theories and agendas I might find disagreeable. I cannot condemn socialism out of hand because my reading of history has shown me how and why it evolved. The conditions of Europeans under the old order (politics run by the all powerful church, Kings and aristocracy) meant that most people lived short lives of endless work and barely enough to eat. America was literally born out of that struggle to escape the greed of Kings and aristocracy, their powers cemented by the church, meaning Main St. were regarded as cattle. So I have enormous respect for those brave souls who first settled in the vast, untamed wilderness of The New World that was to become America. The courage and determination to be free then lead to Americans taking on and defeating their British, ‘masters’ in 1776. It was perhaps the greatest and most sincere act of true socialism ever seen in the world because here was a new nation which for the first time in history wrote a constitution which declared that the country belonged to the people, not to a King, not to an aristocracy, and not to the Church. America’s Founding Fathers were adamant that while there had to be government, it must exist to serve the interests of the people. I no longer think Americans are being, ‘served’ by their governments (which for decades have changed only in name, as in Republican or Democrat, while in reality being no different from one another and following disastrous monetary, military and economic policies which have enriched the few at the expense of the many). It is exactly the same in the UK and EU!!

        So, when I criticise American politicians, its banksters and its media it is not because I hate America. Quite the contrary, it is because I hate seeing the American people in effect having their constitutional rights taken from them, to be replaced by a veneer of wishy-washy political correctness, underneath which lies the dark forces of a deep state made up of unaccountable bankers and big corp, military industrialists and intelligence agencies who between them buy/control politics and the media. It has been replicated over here and it is frightening.

        I think most Western citizens are pretty liberal in their thinking, as in, ‘Live and let live’. I don’t think most of us are racists. I think we respect anyone who works hard and has no ill will towards others. I have no hatred of Muslims, most of whom simply want to protect their families and live in peace. What I do have a problem with is a man like Soros being able to buy the political agenda he wants (your article on him was music to my ears by the way). If he wanted to be a politician then he should have done it the right way, as in be elected as one! Does his billions give him the right to buy his way into the DNC and fund numerous pro Muslim immigration into Europe groups? My answer is, ‘NO!’. Soros is adding to the woes of a bankrupt Europe with its uncontrolled immigration and ISIS firmly embedded within it. He is unaccountable to an electorate so like his pal Juncker who is EU President, he can’t ever be thrown out by an electorate. No doubt he is stupendously happy with that arrangement, but more and more ordinary Europeans like myself are not. A billionaire should have no right to influence such a huge issue as immigration.

        Lastly you don’t need to, ‘credit’ me with anything you might wish to use that I have written in your comments section David. I am Main St. I am just a very ordinary citizen of the West. I have nothing to boast about. I have no fancy titles after my name and no big career to brag about. I have worked on minimum wages in the past (done manual work, including factory work). I don’t write on here to get any applause, but rather because I feel your writing is more important than you know and I wish to encourage it. I have told others of your site (sadly most people appear to be completely switched off from the political and monetary leaders who are destroying us!). Some people need to be, ‘known’ some people deserve to be, ‘known’. I fall into neither category. Like I said in my last reply, I am just an observer of the world.

        Glad to know the weather obsession isn’t just a British peculiarity! LOL.

        Just promise me you won’t ever stop writing your articles David. God knows the West needs real intelligence, honesty, compassion and humour like yours. We have been starved of it for too damn long!

        PS. I was a massive failure at school. So I am in every sense anonymous.

        Multum In Parvo

        • Ping from Knave_Dave:

          Thanks for the permission to post some of your comments as stand-alone articles. I’ll go with your wishes and just use the pseudonym you use here. There are some nicely laid out points in them. I’ve got another article I’m working on that needs to come out near the timing of the Davos World Economic Forum — something much different in style. Once I get that done, I’ll excerpt an article from your post.

    • Ping from Donald Sergent:

      Auld- As dave says, these are comments that could stand alone as posts. But I understand the dynamic of Observer/Critic. Sometimes all it takes is that little BAU comment to act as the last straw. The issue that jumps out at me is the utter disregard for appearances exhibited by the insiders. So there’s nothing to Hunter Biden’s connections with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, no, nothing to see here, just us lil ol capitalists. That the resource area to be frackedexploited was in the Lower Don Basin and northern Black Sea area(ie Crimea)- well, that’s just crazy talk-Fake News

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