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Fall shows no recovery in economic recovery in the news

The stock market plunged. Then it seemed to recovery as if the good times would keep rolling, but look at what’s around the corner. Just a few headlines here showing where the economic news is starting to drift:


Orders for Business Equipment Unexpectedly Fall Orders for U.S. business equipment such as machinery and electrical gear unexpectedly declined in October, a sign that recent increases in corporate investment may not persist. Bookings fell by 1.3% each month this fall.


Jobless Claims Increase to Almost Three-Month High A mixed bag here: The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits last week rose to the highest level since September, but the underlying trend remained consistent with a firming labor market.


Fewer New Homes Sold in October Than Economists Had Forecast Again, a mixed bag: Purchases climbed 0.7 percent to a 458,000 annualized pace from a revised 455,000 rate in September that was lower than initially reported. That’s not bad, but economists estimated the new monthly number would be 471,000, so its quite a bit below the optimistic can i really buy ambien online expectations. “You’re dealing with the aftermath of the crisis. Builders have been optimistic for quite a while now but they haven’t seen that translate into actual activity.”


Not terrible signs, but clear indicators that recovery may still prove to be a mirage, even in the United States, while nearly everywhere else in the world the economy is in obvious decline again. There is no significant updraft in this economy, other than the falling price of oil. The U.S. economy is softening as strife is growing around it, just as I said it would this fall.

Keep your eye on which direction these pressures I’ve been talking about are pushing it. I’ll help you do that. For now, it looks as though the economic news is about to turn sour again. It remains to be seen whether the stock market narrowly averted a crash or is just making a last hurrah at breaking through a solid ceiling at the top of a market that’s ready for a long, harsh ride down.

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