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My first Premium Post, “2019 Economic Headwinds Look Like Storm of the Century,” lays out a broad overview of the forces that I am certain will prevail against the economy this year. It should give subscribed readers a solid feel for what’s coming at us. It’s not an article of predictions so much as an article that lays out the many forces already howling around us — greater in number and more severe than I can ever recall — that show every likelihood of growing in severity, making 2019 a tumultuous year for certain.

It is available on Patreon at

Subscribers can read the article directly at Patreon and have been provided a message there with a password that will allow them to read it here on this site if they prefer to comment here. My goal continues to be to help as many people as possible as we head into more difficult times and to build resistance against the establishment; so most of my articles will remain available for free here on the blog.

Premium articles, available at the $5 monthly subscription level and up, will be the more comprehensive articles. The majority of articles available to all for free will typically be shorter articles that are an immediate take on current news. Consider them the daily cereal, while hopefully the Premium Posts are a thick cut of meat that will come quarterly or monthly, as time and events merit, and give you something to chew on for awhile. They will also be used to set the table with a broad overview for topics to come.

If you want to read about the headwinds that will prevail against the economy this year, you can click on the link provided above, and you will be given an opportunity to sign up.

Even if you choose to stay with the articles that are free, your support at the $1 level if you’re a regular is appreciated. Every bit helps keep the site going for those who cannot afford to contribute at all but who still need to hear what is being said in order to clarify their understanding of what is taking place. You see, even those who cannot afford to support this site can take action against the establishment by writing to their government officials or via conversations and emails that spread word about this site to help spread the message or in all kinds of ways they will think of on their own. Everyone needs to enjoin the effort to stop the establishment in its tracks before it’s too late, and it soon will be too late. The Great Recession Blog is all all about helping the 99% not get slaughtered by the so-called “smart money” as the 1% save themselves at everyone else’s risk and expense … just as they did in 2008 and 2009.

Let’s not allow the rinse and repeat of the Great Recession bailouts to go down as easily as they think it will. We need to build a impenetrable wall of resentment so high against such approaches now that no one would dare think of doing bailouts again. Otherwise, they will happen quickly when the time comes (clandestinely over the course of a weekend exactly as they did last time around) with no accountability from the Fed as to who the money goes to. (We didn’t even get that years after the money went out when one can no longer argue that obscurity is necessary to prevent runs on the bank.)

If you don’t help build that wall and take a stand against future bankster bailouts by fighting for liberty like the founders of this nation did when they put their entire lives at stake, then you cannot legitimately complain from your armchair when freedom and prosperity is stripped from you by your Overlords of the One Percent … and it will be.

If you are taking a stand against the suffocating tyranny of the One Percent — whether by supporting this site or by other more direct action or both — more power to you and blessings upon you. We are entering such time when liberty once again requires sacrifice.

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