Human-gender-species-planetary-reassignment surgery: We now have a virtual cafeteria of trans-human options

Man who becomes woman becomes dog

On March 31, RT published an article titled, “‘Beyond farce’: CNN states there’s ‘no consensus criteria’ to determine child’s sex at birth.” The article revealed how CNN writers now find it difficult to tell if it’s a boy or a girl at birth by peaking under the cloth. CNN reporter Devan Cole became so extreme as to state there is “no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth.”

Some of us found that odd because we believed ourselves to have been part of a broad consensus that has embraced 99.99% of humanity for the better part of all the millennia from cave days to now, so we did not even realize sufficient criteria for determining gender were lacking. It was about as universal as any consensus had ever been throughout human history, and now we are informed suddenly it doesn’t even exist.

It seems to those of us who thought there still was a consensus on what is a man and what is woman that only a minuscule component of modern liberal humanity finds this mysterious at all. The broader mystery is why they even think it is possible that people can be born into the “wrong” body or why it doesn’t occur to them that it is far easier and more likely that the human software got a bug in it than that the body was hard-wired to be the wrong model.

Let me raise, for example, the question of how it is any more correct in the grand scheme of things for a “man” (while I may still legally use that word) to believe he was really supposed to be born into a female body because he/she has a female mind than for another man to believe he was really supposed to be born into a cat’s body because he has a feline mind?

The catman cometh

I present the following video evidence:

There is a name for this kind of illness. It’s called Dysphoria, and we’ve known about it for a long time. It has only in the last decade, however, become politically incorrect to believe in gender dysphoria. Apparently, all things human can go dysphoric, except gender. You can, in other words, be dysphoric in the belief that you are a cat when you are a clearly in a human body, yet not about the belief that you are a woman when you are clearly in a male body. Or should society just accept that anyone who believes he is a cat really is a cat in the same way it now insists that any man who believes he is a woman really is a woman?

It turns out, however, that the pretentiously humane approach of surgically reassigning either gender or species often does not deliver the full freedom to be one’s virtuous self that reassignment surgery patients hoped for. The Catman, for example, never made it to his ninth life or even his third because both of his first and only two lives — as human, then as cat — turned out to be such unhappy existences that he put a bullet through his head. Who could have guessed there might be deeper issues? Was it truly more helpful to play along by giving him a surgery to make him look like what he thought he should look like?

This is not a once-in-a-century anomaly either. It happens to both genders in any nation at any time:

Sometimes a “person,” it turns out, is both transspecies and transgender — such as the man who knew he was really a girl dog:

Simply changing gender identity from man to woman, didn’t solve this former man’s problems. They proliferated. Of course, this unusual case of the man who became a woman who became a bitch happened in LA, so it is not as if it would stand out, even on the beach where dogs and humans frequently play together, although not generally as the same creature.

He’s not even all that original. There are many like him of various breeds â€¦ even though they were never bred! Can they get a pedigree?

Mad cow disease

But what about the man who thought he was a cow? One might see the upside in thinking oneself is either a dog or a cat or even becoming one — people cuddle you, etc., at least those who don’t run — but a cow? Where is the upside in that?

Yet, that particular psychological malady turns out to be common enough that we have a word for it: Boanthropy. The illness apparently dates back as far as King Nebuchadnezzar the Great, as the “complete regressive degeneration of a man who has overreached himself.” 

The Bible records that the ancient ruler lost his sanity when God warned the arrogant King Chad he would be humbled in the following manner:

You will be driven away from people and will live with the wild animals; you will eat grass like the ox and be drenched with the dew of heaven.

from Daniel 4

Nebuchadnezzar started off as a great ruler over a great land with fabulous wealth and self-reportedly grand accomplishments, testified to by historic monuments. His pride, however, ran his mind off its rails:

As the king was walking on the roof of the royal palace of Babylon, he said, “Is not this the great Babylon I have built as the royal residence, by my mighty power and for the glory of my majesty?”

It’s not actually that hard to envision a modern narcissistic leader strolling the colonnades of some pink palace on the Florida coast, saying much the same thing, as he surveys his grand accomplishments.

Surely even lesser mad cows than great human leaders like King Chad do not start off believing as infants they are really calves. I think their madness literally becomes them.

This leads me to wonder if those who come to believe they are bovine also come to believe they are disproportionately guilty of climate change through methane production. As evidence of how deep the guilt can run, one sad human cow actually believed it should be slaughtered because, at his deepest level, the man who would be cow knew he was really meant to be born as hamburger. Becoming a cow turned out to be nothing more than a means to an unfortunate end.

I’m not sure transgender surgery fifty years from now will be seen as any less hamburgerlike in what it does to the human body after we learn more about dysphoria. It will probably be put on the shelf alongside ideas like drilling holes in people’s heads to let the fever out.

Everyone is playing the emperor’s new clothes

All of this is not terribly different than those poor souls who believe they have an arm they shouldn’t have, so they beg doctors to amputate a perfectly functional limb. Sometimes they actually find a mad doctor who will do it just to make them feel better about themselves, just as sometimes a doctor will turn a perfectly good girl body into a poorly performing boy body, or vice versa.

It turns out humans can have every form of dysphoria imaginable, going far beyond a gender identity crisis to physically transmogrifying into a different species. Why stop there. Somewhere someone has probably thought they belong outside the animal kingdom entirely, believing perhaps they are just a fungus who needs to be set on a log and occasionally watered to be content.

Is it a kindness to not question their self-identification?

I find it ludicrous to believe catering to any of that is helpful, even though it has become politically correct as liberal society pretends a new body will cover the nakedness of these unfortunate lost souls. It is really just enabling an identity disorder. It does not result in a happier, better-adjusted more highly functioning person.

Yet, we have created an Orwellian world where the thought police have made normal rational behavior illegal by mandating in a supreme court that a man could no longer refer to his transgender daughter as his “daughter” or have any say in the minor’s gender reassignment, not even so much as counsel or input, lest his input damage his own child psychologically, however kindly the concern was expressed. George Orwell referred to this legally mandated language in his futuristic novel, 1984, as “Truthspeak.” We are now fully there where you can go to jail for not using the state-mandated language.

Some US states, such as Washington, have even decided it could be abusive to tell children at birth what gender they are, so birth certificates can now come with gender unselected, as if gender is not naturally selected, and as if we are doing all children a great favor by forcing them to decide whether they are boys or girls when, at least, that decision used to one they were delivered with and could take for granted.

What a burden to foist on children! Imagine the struggle millions of children will now face, spending years trying to figure out if they’re boys or girls because their liberal parents told them they cannot really tell just by looking, and no one can figure it out but them.

Sounds to me like an awful April Fools’ joke or like some hideous version of Santa Claus where all the adults participate in tricking the kids into believing no one but them can really figure out their gender. Instantly a former easy given becomes a lifelong quest for all the ungendered children (a word that didn’t exist throughout human existence until the past insane decade).

That’s got to create a nation full of seriously messed-up kids for the sake of making a truly minuscule percentage of children with gender dysphoria or who are born as hermaphrodites feel a little better about themselves. Could it not just be that humans are really weird but it’s not nice to say so?

A little local loco

I got a localized taste of how crazy the world has become at a county council meeting I was addressing this week. One of the items that came up ahead of the vote for my own topic of interest was a move by the council to change a county law that prohibits women from “exposing their bosom” in order to breastfeed in public. While I think all women should be allowed to expose their breasts as much as they would like in public so long as they don’t mind my looking as much as I’d like, what struck me as a new level of insanity-become-norm was the move by one woman on the council to amend the language from “a woman” exposing her “bosom” in order to breastfeed to “a person” being allowed to expose their bosom in order to breastfeed.

Silly me. My first thought was what kind of a person other than a woman is capable of breastfeeding? The councilmember wanted the language to be more inclusive, but what other kind of creature than a woman would it be able to include? Even though breast implants are plentifully available to make people look like they have breasts, to my breast knowledge none of them are functional.

What particularly surprised me was how everyone – male and female — at the council meeting praised this council member for recommending the amendment to more inclusive language, thus stripping away one of the last bastions of womanhood that a woman can claim is specially her province.

To the only person who argued that this was effectively a change without a difference because it would benefit no one, the councilwoman replied that she knows, at least, three people who no longer identify as female who still have the requisite body parts for breast feeding, should they so desire to do so in public.

NOW HOLD ON A MINUTE! I thought. If you are going to “indentify” as male, even though you clearly still have a female body, why would you want to breastfeed? Even if you do (thus belying your own statement that you feel like you are a man) shouldn’t you, in a world that believes you can pick your sexual identity, regardless of the reality and truth of your body, at least have to swear off specifically female roles if you’re going to choose to identify as male?

No way. Society says you can be both legally male and female at the same time OR that being either male or female has absolutely no meaning! Call yourself a male, but function and look entirely like a female, ovulating, giving birth to babies and then nursing, all as a legally defined man.

The most troubling part of this for me was seeing how the language amendment wasn’t viewed as insane by anyone at the meeting but seen, instead, as perfectly normal and even praiseworthy. The council voted to amend the language to “person” so that a female body can declare itself male but still function as a female in public, and the populace all praised the council’s forward-thinking ways. You can have your manhood and eat it too.

In that case, what does it mean to be male or female anymore? To be or not to be … what is the question. Male or female now mean nothing at all. Either one is just a label you for some reason want to wear to feel better about yourself. It’s no longer even a physical identity you’re trying to create for yourself.

Racing off to a new race

I’d like to ask, if someone can claim gender reassignment surgery makes that person legally a different gender, even though he and/or she retains exactly the same foundational male or female genetics throughout that body while becoming as incapable of natural genetic reproduction as a mule, then why not racial reassignment surgery, too? Race is far less primary than gender.

This brings up a new world of human problems because what do you do when your racial-reassignment rights collide with the Left’s cultural-appropriation concerns? Why not declare yourself Black to get better affirmative-action employment possibilities? Race is less primary than gender as sexuality developed much further back down the animal tree than human species or race.

If we do take that path, this article RT also ran last week, “Dear white celebrities: Stop using black people as your ‘props’ to try to show you’re not racist. Because it just proves you are,” could be reassigned as, “Dear white celebrities; Stop using black people as props and simply become one!”

It’s a human cafeteria: pick your own race, even your own gender and ultimately your own species Ã  la carte!

Maybe I’m not even supposed to be from earth! What if I’m Martian?

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