Illegal Immigrants Taking Jobs Find This to Be a Great Recession

President Obama is waving the white flag of amnesty for illegal immigrants taking jobs from U.S. workers. He deliberately entices cheap labor into the U.S. by promising that a path to citizenship will be coming soon. He waves that flag high enough to be certain that willing takers from countries south of the U.S. border will see it. He knows a migrant labor force will charge toward his flag because they know they have to be inside of the U.S. when amnesty comes in order to benefit from that amnesty. And, as we’ve seen with past presidents, he denies that it is really amnesty at all. He is just doing the humanitarian thing for the oppressed.

But is the president’s amnesty for illegal immigrants really all about humanitarian care?


Is amnesty actually all about illegal immigrants taking jobs from U.S. workers?

All of this surrender –which the president seems to like to do in other theaters as well, — causes me to wonder what the truth is behind recent improvements in job statistics. Are these new jobs simply going to lower-paid immigrant workers who are flowing into the country and displacing higher paid workers. Certainly past leaders — like both Presidents Bush — have believed it is good for American industry to have a cheap and ready labor pool. Certainly that is something for which American industrial titans are continually lobbying Congress.

We know that during the Great Recession a large number of higher-paying jobs have been replaced by lower-paying jobs. That statistic has been reported often. So, I wonder if recently reported improvement in unemployment is due to higher paid workers giving up and, thus, losing their unemployment benefits. Are they giving up because they are not willing to compete with this river of lower-paid workers who are being enticed into the U.S.? Maybe these American workers are right in not being willing to take that big of a drop in their lifestyle if it is primarily because of a need forced upon them by a government that is helping big industry import cheap labor. For most illegal aliens, taking those jobs at lower pay is a rise in lifestyle over the dismal situation they had.

With a long-term diminishment of jobs in the U.S., one certainly has to wonder how the U.S. can afford the recent flood tide of illegal immigration that competes for those jobs. You’d have to almost want cheaper labor in order to be encouraging it into the country at a time when jobs are scarce. The president acts like he is powerless to prevent it so that some form of amnesty appears to be essential. Unthinking Americans with sympathetic hearts toward oppressed people will buy that. A thinking person, however, knows the president (and Congress) is not powerless to prevent it for reasons I will get into below. In fact, President Obama appears to be doing everything in his power to entice illegal immigration. That leads me to conclude he has no desire to prevent it at all.

Are not ALL of these illegal immigrants taking jobs from U.S. workers? They certainly are not coming here in hopes of remaining unemployed! They certainly know they can undercut U.S. workers, which makes them the perfect solution for industries in recession that are looking to cut costs. They are, of course, also hoping to get U.S. welfare, particularly Obamacare because it promises them universal health care for their children.

Let’s look at the children that are now flowing into the country in vast numbers.


Illegal immigrants taking jobs aided by U.S. President with mom appeal

While one of the president’s hands waves the surrender flag, the other waves a baton, conducting an orchestrated series of executive orders to domestic agencies that is accelerating the flow of illegal immigrants taking jobs in America. He is, for example, ordering the border patrol to use less force and ordering them to spend their time caring for the children of illegal immigrants (because, after all, they are now mostly children and moms). President Obama knows full well that taking care of illegal immigrants ties border agents up from being able to do their job. It is also the humanitarian thing to do, especially when so many of the illegal immigrants are children. That makes it hard to argue against because it makes one look uncaring. The president is shrewdly aware of all of that.

Universal health care means these mommies know that they will soon be able to get health coverage for their children. Is it any wonder, then, that the large rise in illegal immigration is mothers who are bringing children into the U.S. Who in the United States can stand against moms with children in tow? It would look mean of the border patrol to be harsh on a group like that!

To exacerbate the situation, Obama has, it would appear, ordered the border patrol not to immediately deport them. Instead, they are being taken into camps and some are being sent as far north as New York to be with family — so many that New York says it cannot handle the influx. Isn’t it kind of convenient that this huge increase in immigration is happening just as Obama says he is going propose his amnesty bill in the next month or so? It enables Obama to claim that border enforcement has become nearly impossible in the globalized world, forcing us to find ways of integrating the workers who are crossing our borders.


Is it really so hard to stop illegal immigrants from taking jobs in Amerca?

Many Republicans, too, want to grant forms of amnesty and encourage immigration. George Bush enacted policy that allowed millions of U.S. jobs to go to Mexico, India and China. Many Republicans want to help companies that cannot go overseas to get cheap labor.  Many U.S. industries have jobs that cannot be exported, and they missed out on the fun when factories were built in China to boost the profits of American profiteers. The hospitality industry is one, and isn’t that exactly where you see many immigrant workers going. Restaurants and hotels in the U.S. have no choice but to hire U.S. labor. They cannot move overseas and still cater to consumers in the U.S.

Why do Republicans want immigration reform? A large source of cheap labor is good for business … at least in the short run. (Nobody thinks beyond that to who these restaurants will cater too when everyone is making subsistence wages.) Just as it was good for American corporations to find cheap labor overseas, it is good for American corporations that cannot export their jobs to find cheap labor here in the U.S. Democrats and Republicans are both lured to secure cheap labor for their wealthy industrial patrons who are clamoring for some of that cheap labor action that both Biushes gave to industry. Both parties are also angling for the Hispanic vote, and they know that Hispanic voters tend to not like politicians who are tough on illegal immigration.

If Democrats and Republicans really wanted to stop illegal immigrants from taking U.S. jobs, the government would not be focusing on the border at all. Congress would pass legislation that jailed employers who hire illegal aliens and would make certain that universal health care is not available to illegal aliens. These are the primary reasons people are migrating here from Mexico and Central America to the U.S. Dry up the enticements, and they will stop coming on their own.

The solution is simple. It doesn’t happen for the one simple reason because neither party wants it to. Yet both parties have to look like they want to limit immigration. Democrats have labor unions that support them, and those unions are made up of workers who cannot benefit from higher pay when cheap labor is willing to undercut them. (Of course, some union leaders see that cheap labor as a group of people they can entice into the union down the road in order to get better pay.) Republicans have a large number of voters that support them, who don’t like welfare, especially welfare to people who are not even citizens.

So, both parties try to look like they want to limit the inflow of cheap migrant labor to appease their working-class voters while trying to find ways to get more cheap labor in order to appease their wealthy financial contributors. It is a disingenuous dance they play.


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