It’s Crunch Time for The Daily Doom and Doom Time for The Great Recession Blog

The Great Recession Blog is officially done for good, and it remains to be seen if all my writing continues on If my writing on economics is going to continue, a number of Patrons from this site still need to roll over their support from Patreon to The Daily Doom’s Substack site where there are actually more articles each week plus weekday headlines and even more privileged in-depth articles for supporters only (typically one “Deeper Dive” per week, instead of the usual single Patron Post per month). The daily articles are, on the other hand, shorter as many readers have requested over past years — so something for everyone — the deeper, more probing content for supporters and shorter articles matched to the hottest news (mostly economic news) each weekday for everyone (thanks to supporters making it possible for everyone else). I hope it is a winning combo.

Note that access to privileged content that is for supporters only, including the daily headlines, is automated on Substack so part of each article only shows up to people who are active paid subscribers on the Substack platform. Substack will not allow support on Patreon to grant automated access to paid content on Substack. I did, however, give all of my active Patrons a complimentary one-month subscription to Substack when I decided to terminate publishing on The Great Recession Blog because most active Patrons had already paid for the full month of June when I made the changeover on the 4th of June. So, I wanted to make sure they got all they paid for; but I can’t keep doing that per Substack rules. That was purely transitionary to be completely fair to all past Patrons. I was sure Substack would not object since the goal was to roll existing Patrons over to the Substack platform in a fair manner.

I chose to stop publishing The Great Recession Blog for a number of reasons laid out in my last article here, but two predominant reasons were that this old site was locked into a name that was obsolete, and it is running on ancient software that requires a total site overhaul. So, this site may go offline as soon as the end of July. (I’m debating paying for another half a year of hosting — the allowable billing increment from my site host — just in case there are a few old articles or graphics I need to link back to; but I may just let it all go away at the end of the month.)

You can read more about how the transition is going here if you want to. Also, here is a button to become a paid subscriber on the Substack platform, particularly if you’re a Patron to The Great Recession Blog who just hasn’t made the switch yet but wishes to:

Thank you very much to all past Patrons who made this site possible for years! I hope you find the transition beneficial. Those who have said anything about it, have said they like it better. Anyone, please feel free to comment below: