Just in Case You Think People are Not Going Mad from Pandemania…

Take a look at this unmasked Karen as she assaults an old man on an airplane for being … unmasked … just like her:

The virtue-signaling, self-righteous vax enforcers are going virally mad! Perhaps it is a side effect of the vaccine, or perhaps it is from oxygen deprivation due to wearing her mask earlier … or perhaps society really is going down that Nazi road I wrote about earlier.

If this is what is happening to airline passengers, no wonder former Continental Airlines CEO, Gordon Bethune, says he’s not listening to Dr. Grauci anymore because of “too much misinformation“:

If you flew the airplane how Dr. Anthony Fauci manages this crisis we’d all be dead.” It started with “the sky is falling… we overreacted. I thought we were getting back to the centerline and getting normal, but a 10-day Covid quarantine really takes the reserve pilot out of the picture. He’s got it. He’s locked up. He can’t come in. The reserve pilot, and the reserve dispatcher, the reserve mechanics…. Bethune’s comments come on the heels of Fauci’s proclamation that American travelers should expect masks forever on commercial air travel (despite vaccination status).”

Zero Hedge

Tell that to this self-righteous Karen (real name Patricia Cornwall) who pulled her mask down just so she could yell louder and spit in an old man’s face for having his mask down to eat and drink…or maybe she always wears her mask so effectively under her chin because she can’t stand restricting her vile mouth or damming off her ability to spew toxic saliva. While I half wish the old man had clocked her — as he probably could have — he was too much of an old-school gentleman for that; besides, his law suit will have a better chance because he reacted like people should — just vocally, not with fists, infectious spit and claws.

It didn’t look like the flight crew was trying particularly hard to seize and stop her either … perhaps because she was helping enforce their masking mandate upon the elderly who are most subject to major medical problems due to COVID, which surely must be why Karen “the Kracken” Kornwall was so concerned about getting this old man to put his mask on while eating. Because that makes sense! Later, however,

it was revealed by the airline that multiple people suffered injuries during the woman’s pro-masking rampage, including at least one among the flight attendants that tried to restrain her.

Zero Hedge

It does figure, of course, that this happened on DELTA Airlines. On Omicron Airlines, people wouldn’t be worried about wearing masks unless they also wear them to avoid spreading their colds.

Of course, Dr. Grauci didn’t just say masks should remain in use on planes forever, he also just said we should start to consider vaccine passports for all interstate flights, but don’t forget you’ll soon need your booster to be considered fully vaccinated for the flight, and then your booster’s booster. And, then, having already stuffed Christmas back up the Chimney, Dr. Grauci warned everyone not to invite your family over for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s dinner even if all of your immediate family is fully vaccinated because, I guess, the vaccines aren’t working all that well.

Meanwhile some of the most masked, most fully vaccinated and most restricted states in the union — New York, Biden’s Delaware, and Hawaii — have the highest seven-day case counts of COVID this week they’ve ever experienced!

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