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Occupy U.S. Mail

Here’s a great idea to curb the use of bulk mail you don’t want and help save the post office:

A fast, easy, free, and non-violent way to drive the big banks out of their greedy little minds is sitting in your mailbox right now.

Click the link above and discover how to occupy the U.S. mail from your own home.

I’ve done this in the past without the wood chip. I’ll try to do it more often. It is simple to send the envelope back to junk mailers, stuffed with their own stuff

And its fair to Occupy U.S. Mail

Those businesses sent me a mail piece that I truly don’t want to tell me things I don’t want to know, wasting my time and filling my garbage. So, why should I pay to dispose of it for them? They initiated a conversation, as the video says. By sending it back in their own envelope at their expense, I am merely taking the opportunity to return a meaningful response to let them know I dislike their mail … as is my legal right.

I suspect some actual person has to open the mail these companies get back, so maybe, if I include a bright colored one-sentence message in large print, I’ll also be sharing important communication with a real person. (Of course, I’ll be selective in whose mail I return, as I don’t wish to harm good charities.) One printed message fits all to keep this fast and easy. Since it is Christmas, I could write, “I’ve returned your generous gift of this postage-paid envelope in order to express yuletide cheer and to save you the money of having to print another piece just because this one was wasted on me.”

Occupy US Mail to provide a service to the Postal Service

This creative way to Occupy U.S. Mail is timely now that the post office is disintegrating from the inside out with “solutions” that greatly reduce its quality of service for everyone. The postmaster general has said the post office’s demise is due to decreased mail volume. So, help them pump it up! Let Wall Street save the United States Postal Service.

What better way to help the USPS than by returning unsolicited bulk mail, given that low bulk mail rates are a major reason U.S. mail is unprofitable in the first place. In fact, maybe the message I’ll slip into all my returned bulk mail will be about the demise of the U.S. Mail service as a result of congressionally mandated low bulk-mail rates … with a little signature “–Occupy U.S. Mail.”

Maybe I’ll also help myself out by adding on my note “Please remove me from your bulk mailing list” with my name and address included. Returning unsolicited bulk mail not only takes money from “Wall Street” from the postage cost, it also takes money by requiring time from their employees for processing. And if they read my clever little message, it takes a little time from their productivity, too.

Suggested messages when you occupy US mail

Help me out here, by responding with creative one-liners to include in large type on bright paper as the “stalking stuffer” in your occupied mail piece.


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