Omicron Forces “Health Experts” to Rush to Turn the Narrative

The following is a truly ugly example of how desperately the grinchy health authorities are already rushing in to change the narrative about COVID and vaccines in order to keep their vaccine sales pitch going now that Omicron is rendering the vaccines worse than worthless:

Health expert: Surge in COVID-19 cases should no longer be ‘major metric’ of pandemic

A leading health expert said the largely more mild symptoms reported by vaccinated people against the coronavirus proves the inoculation is the best way to protect yourself from being seriously sick or dying from the disease and that a surge in case numbers should no longer be the central metric by which to measaure the pandemic….

Cases across the U.S. and globally have reached record levels not seen since the start of the pandemic and the omicron variant now makes up a bulk of infections, including breakthroughs in fully vaccinated and boosted people….

The Hill

What the article FAILS to say is that the present surge in case numbers among the vaccinated are the reason you should now stop paying attention to case numbers because those numbers are now showing the very thing the vaccine salesforce does not want you to hear, which is that the vaccine will not protect you from Omicron. While we were instructed to measure the effectiveness of the vaccines based on how they brought down new cases back in the old Delta days, suddenly Omicron is blasting right through the vaccine, so “Nothing to see here, Folks. Time to ignore those meaningless case counts!”

What the article also FAILS to say is that “the largely more mild symptoms reported” are equally more mild for UNvaccinated people. Which means it is NOT the vaccine that is making the symptoms more mild. Omicron is simply a more mild form of COVID, as has already been reported all around the world. (See “The Pinch That Stole Christmas” and my earlier article that practically predicted Omicron would do exactly what we see it doing now in the US: “Could Omicron save us from COVID?“)

The lame expert even claims,

It remains important that health officials track infections among non-vaccinated individuals “because those people will end up in the hospital.

Notice, he suddenly shifts to saying “will” not “are.” He shifts to merely making a prediction that they WILL end up in hospitals, a shift he has to make because the AREN’T winding up in hospitals any more than the vaccinated.

The author’s main goal was to shift the narrative away from how well the vaccine keeps you from getting the disease because IT DOESN’T HELP KEEP YOU FROM GETTING THE OMICRON VARIANT AT ALL! But the story is actually much, MUCH worse than that for the vaccinated: I just saw a study that reported people who are fully vaccinated have 77% LESS PROTECTION from Omicron than the same sized group of people who have not been vaccinated:

“Vaccine Effectiveness,” measured here, is a measure of how much better people with the vaccines avoid the disease than those without the vaccines. A negative number, almost never seen, means they are actually more likely to catch the Omicron variant of COVID than those without the vaccine!

Wow! No wonder the mad doctor above is telling everyone to stop looking at case counts. If you go to the tweet and them click on the chart, you’ll see that each line of numbers shown represents the results starting fourteen days after the second dose of the vaccine, which is when full protection from the vaccine is established. The first line is 1-30 days after full protection is established. The next line is 31-60 days, and then 60-90 days, and the last line in the group is 90+ days after full protection, which is where the real fail begins.

You can see it is this group that does so terrible against Omicron. Those without any vaccine are 77% less likely to get Omicron than those vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine and 40% less likely to get Omicron than those vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine, even though at 90+ days they still do better with the now fading Delta variant.

There could be a number of reasons for that. One would be that those who were not vaccinated were much more likely to get COVID earlier and now have strong natural herd immunity toward Omicron. Another would be that the vaccines actually damage your immune system, leaving you more open to getting COVID after they’ve had time to render their longterm damage.

The doctors who ran the study and didn’t like the results, however, cautioned perhaps the surprise result was because those with vaccines are now more careless about social distancing and wearing masks than the unvaccinated because they are trusting the vaccine. How DUMB is that excuse? Let’s dissect it to see if it makes any sense at all.

First, ask yourself if that explanation fits with anything you’ve seen in the behavior of the unvaccinated versus the vaccinated if you are to believe the vaccinated crowd is less likely to wear masks or social distance than the unvaccinated who have, until this moment, been SCORNED as being the thoughtless, careless ones who don’t care about anyone’s safety, much less their own? Then, ask yourself what does that explanation actually say about the effectiveness of the vaccine anyway if the vaccinated still have to remain every bit as careful as those who haven’t been vaccinated, or they’ll do worse than those who haven’t been vaccinated? This argument is, at very best, a self-defeating argument that says, unless you practice the same safety the Unvaccinated are apparently practicing, you are more likely to get the disease than they are!

Then why vaccinate?

I think the coronavirus has really brought about peak stupidity on planet earth!

So, yes, the vaccinated are inclined to have lighter symptoms from Omicron than from Delta, but SO ARE THE UNVACCINATED. The simple truth is that EVERYONE is likely to have lighter symptoms from Omicron, but you are more likely to catch Omicron, based on the science in this study, if you HAVE been vaccinated! So, the doctors say, “Vax up and you still have to practice the same precautions and restraints that the unvaccinated do.” Or you could choose not to vax up, and actually have a 77% SMALLER chance of catching the new COVID!

Are you really going to believe the study can best be explained by now assuming the UNvaxxed are taking greater protections than the vaccinated? I don’t know what world you live on, but that sure doesn’t square with anything I’ve seen! If anything, my personal observations are that the UNvaxxed are taking fewer precautions all around than the Vaxxed; and they are STILL 77% less likely to catch Omicron! But that explanation the lie presented to explain why the vaccinated are doing 77% worse than the same sized group of unvaccinated.

And vapid publication like The Hill report these arguments as if they are facts without even questioning any of it!

The world has truly gone mad.

If you are not inclined to accept the way I interpreted the data over the doctors’ wacky assumptions, then just note that Sweden, as reported in may last article, finally hit the magical goal of zero COVID deaths per day on Christmas Eve, and they are one of the least vaccinated, least mask-wearing, least social-distancing nations on earth!

So, Peace on Earth from Sweden.

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