One Man’s Devastating Conclusion

Dorothea Lange [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I want you to read one average person’s year-end description of the changes in our socio-economic landscape we experienced in 2020 because his words build toward a devastating realization at the end:

The movement back to the farm has grown stronger … until today it is almost an exodus from the city to the farm…. In looking back over the [last] 3 months … it seems that the U.S. has traveled a long way toward some form of socialism or managed economy…. During the boom everybody piled up debts to a dizzy height … economists claim that either the debt will have to be cut down or money inflated…. The stock market [achieved] one of the quickest climbs ever witnessed. I believe this also established a record. Nobody seems to know even yet why the stock market went up because business has gotten worse instead of better…. A wave of bankruptcy swept out of existence most of the small independent merchants. Recently the movement has included large national chain stores.Hysteria of public opinion has been created which makes it unpopular to criticize what [the president] does…. His following with the working class is tremendous…. and it is amazing to me to see how calmly most people accept drastic government regulation….

The Organic Prepper

The last point refers to regulations such as the culture-changing, economy-crashing COVID regulations.

The devastating realization is this: (I lied.) That wasn’t written by anyone at The Organic Prepper; it was quoted by The Organic Prepper from a book titled The Great Depression: A Diary, in the words of Benjamin Roth, who was a young lawyer in Youngstown, Ohio, in 1929!

(You can find the book by entering its title on Amazon. That particular book won’t send any support revenue to this site, but I must forewarn you that other things you buy while there via that link will. So, don’t buy anything if you don’t want to help me out.)

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