The Fed Never Sees it Coming! They Just Cause it!

Posted April 6, 2023 By David Haggith

Even though the Fed was specifically chartered to help protect the US from massive economic collapses like we experienced in The Great Depression and to protect banks from major bank runs like banks experienced in the Great Depression, the Fed never sees these things coming. Not only does it fail to see them coming even […]

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We can now actually see with visual metrics what it looks like when the Fed keeps pushing against a badly broken job market that keeps pushing back. Because it doesn’t understand the broken labor market, the Fed is killing us.

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Katelynn & Jordan Hewlett, AP, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Ever since last summer Zero Hedge has been pounding the “Fed pivot” fantasy as if it is going to happen — almost as if they want to entice the stupid stock market to keep chasing the fantasy. When it became obvious the Fed was steaming ahead with its inflation battle, ZH backed off a little….

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The Senate Inquisition Fried the Bank Regulators Over EASY

Posted March 28, 2023 By David Haggith
Picture of old government liberty bond

Pull up a lawn chair to watch our head regulators get their butts chewed off by a congress that has let the Fed slide on regulation for years. In this grand game of CYA, the inquisitors tread artfully because they are as much responsible for oversight failures as the regulators.

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It’s Pancaking All the Way Down, Folks!

Posted March 24, 2023 By David Haggith
Falling housing prices may cause Housing Market Crash 2.0.

The contagion of collapse continues. As I suggested would happen earlier this week, the crazy buyout engineered in Switzerland as one of the oldest banks on Earth collapsed has spread to equally ancient, gargantuan and zombified Deutsche Bank, and that’s just what’s happening on the surface as the whole global financial structure shook hard again today.

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Bill Gates has dollar signs in his eyes as he envisions a cashless society

Back in the distant days of black-and-white television, when you had to get up periodically in the middle of your show to turn a little knob labeled “vertical hold” or another called “horizontal hold” to stop the flippin’ picture on the tube from rolling by, a fringy show called The Outer Limits …

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QE or Not QE, That is the Question

Posted March 22, 2023 By David Haggith
Central banks are cause of inverted yield curve recessions

The Fed, in consort with the FDIC and US Treasury, has created two new rescue programs that are rapidly inflating its balance sheet — the Bank Term Funding Program and a revised FDIC policy that covers all deposits at certain banks for any amount of money — sky is the limit — but only if […]

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Janet Yellen: Creature of Chaos

Posted March 21, 2023 By David Haggith

Just a handful of recent bank collapses with the help of Janet Yellen’s recent testimony in congress have spread shockwaves beneath the entire surface of global banking. Several publications are now joining in the harsh criticism I brought against Yellen …

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John Robert Charlton [CC BY 2.0 (]

Before you read the following quote from a Fed employee, you had better set your coffee, beer or wine down so you don’t spray all over the carpet or the person next to you. This is how dense the Fed is when it comes to learning from its own mistakes after it first tried quantitative tightening in 2018 and failed miserably:

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By Germán Torreblanca (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Wow! What a day. What an upside-down world! Eleven megabanks joined hands to rescue their flailing competitor, of all things. Either they are especially nice banks — all of them — or that is how systemic they see the failure of these recent mid-sized and smaller regional banks. Each megabank made deposits in the billions […]

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Now that the Big Bond Bust has happened, as promised here, everyone wants to know how it happened. I want to know how on earth so many of them didn’t know it was going to happen — especially those who were supposed to be watching for this … including the regulators who were actively causing it?

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Barney Frank, whose name is on the Dodd-Frank banking regulation that came out of the Great Recession, is a board member at Signature Bank, which was just dissolved by the Fed and FDIC. While good ol’ Barn pretended to impose tough banking regulations, he made sure the bank he is now a part of would […]

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