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Latest Premium Post Now Up on Patreon

I just posted my latest Premium Post on Patreon.com. Patrons can read it on my Patreon page if they are a supporter at the $5 per month level or higher. As soon as your payment processes at the start of each month, you will be given access to any Premium Posts that come out that month.

Premium Posts are not sent out by email to anyone because Patreon automatically enables or disables access to these posts as a patron’s payments process through or fail to process. That way, I can focus entirely on writing articles, rather than on keeping track of who is doing what with their pledges. But you’ll know they are available when you see them go up there in password protected form so that you don’t have to keep checking Patreon. (Just bookmark the page or use the Patreon donation line on any of my own web pages so you can get there when you see a “protected” post go up here.)

Thank you so much to those who have become patrons, and remember my main goal is to make as many of my articles freely available as I can in order to expose the establishment for what it is doing, make fools out of the foolish, and explain to as many people as possible why the Fed’s recovery was destined to fail and why the Fed will attempt a worse version of the same plan all over again when it does fail. I do all of that in order to persuade people to stand up and beat the establishment before it beats all of us into becoming even more of a servile class.

I try to write approximately one Premium Post per month. These are usually my most comprehensive articles, which take a little deeper mining on my part and give the reader more to chew on. For that reason their timing is somewhat conditioned on how often economic stories that merit comprehensive coverage emerge in the news from a broad enough array of sources. I don’t intend them as a subscription but as giving something special back to patrons who help keep this whole site up.

In the present Premium Post, for example, numerous, extensive (in-context) current quotes from the heads of the world’s largest central banks/banking organizations make it crystal clear that the Federal Reserve and other central banks are now on a fully public, unabashed pursuit (almost a race) to establish a global digital currency that they say will evolve over time into a cashless monetary system.

If the article were less comprehensive, the argument that central banks are now waging full-on war to take over cryptocurrencies would be less convincing. It is the sheer volume of public speeches by such high executives in the central-banking realm the makes it resoundingly clear the move to establish individual cashless societies and soon a single global digital currency is on!

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