Robama vs Obamney – Presidential Debate or Reprobate?

Obamney for President - the Great Debate

Consider the differences between President Obamney and robo-candidate Robama:

Robama for President - the presidential debateObamney believes the Federal Reserve should continue to run or ruin our monetary system, whereas Robama has expressed no reservations about the system.

President Obamney says Robama invented ObamaCare in that Obamney patterned it off of Robama’s plan in Massachusettes. Robama doesn’t care that he invented ObamaCare; he would now undo it, even though he humbly concedes it was one of his great achievements while governor of Massachusettes.

Robama was accused of being almost human during his primary debates. Now Obamney, slouching through the first debate as if he doesn’t care what happens, made Robama look like he actually is human.

Robama’s smile in the first debate looked artificial, betraying the artificial intelligence behind it. Obamney’s smile looked like a politician receiving the jabs while pretending it doesn’t hurt.

Obamney has had four years of bailing out Wall Street. Robama has had as many years using bailouts in a firm that epitomizes Wall Street with a name that sounds like the arch villain in a comic strip — Bain. Both candidates love big banks and believe that helping them is key to saving the economy.

Robama wants to save Social Security for everyone 55 and older today so that he can kill it for everyone who is younger than that. Obamney says Social Security just needs a tweak to fix it. Maybe the Tweak he’s talking about is Robama.

Obamney has used a strong military response in places like Libya and promises the full power of the United States in support of Israel. Robama promises the full power of the United States to back Israel immediately and says Obamney was too fast  in putting the U.S. military to work in Libya.

Obamney has presided over the longest period of high unemployment in the U.S. since the Great Depression, whereas Robama will take us back to full employment by bringing us back to the Bush Tax Cuts that we already have … and have had throughout the longest period of high unemployment in the U.S. since the Great Depression.

Obamney promises many years of trillion-dollar deficits in our future. Robama promises to save us from budget deficits by extending the tax cuts that have created them.

Robama is a Republicrat, whereas Obamney is Demican.

Consider your choice of candidate carefully. The one you choose today may be the one you didn’t choose a year from now.

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