Robert Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, Destroys Dr. Fauci, COVID Vaccines, and the US Government’s Embedded Vaccine Industry in General

I have a few misgivings about Robert Kennedy’s claims about Dr. Anthony Fauci in his book, The Real Anthony Fauci, and his claims about the vaccines because some of the things he’s said are clearly misrepresentative. On the other, hand I’ve decided, after careful thought, to feature his book, because he rings hundreds of alarms, and some of them appear to me to be very important to consider. I’ve also read some of the critiques of his claims by the fact-checkers, and they mostly seemed weak to me, claiming he took things out of context; but when I read them in context, I didn’t see that he had changed the meaning; he had merely focused in on it.

Near the end of this article there is (in boldface) a really interesting tie-in by Kennedy between the vaccines and digital currency, which is something I wrote about in relation to Bill Gates near the start of this pandemic.

I recommend people approach the book with some of skepticism if they are already anti-vaccine or, at least, anti-COVID-vaccine; and I recommend those who are pro-vaccine try to read it with an open mind, recognizing that it contains some obvious errors (the most obvious of which I’ll point out below) but also points out many serious shortcomings in vaccine research, conflicts of interest, and possible criminal actions, shows how the government has set vaccine approval processes to clearly protect the vaccine industry, even from outright negligent or malicious damage to vaccinated individuals.

As a lead example of one of Kennedy’s most overreaching claims against the vaccines, I’ll note something I commented against when I read the same claim made on Zero Hedge and on other sites. Robert Kennedy claims the COVID vaccines are the most deadly vaccines every made! Extraordinary claims require extraordinary poof, but the only basis I’ve seen for Kennedy claiming this extraordinary lethality is a CDC database, called VAERS, that reports EVERY adverse medical condition that happens to ANYONE who takes the vaccine who chooses to fill out a report. It does not appear to be limited to US residents or citizens either, and the vaccines have had the largest GLOBAL rollout and fastest in the history of the world.

One of the major fallacies known in the study of logic is called ipso hoc, ergo propter hoc, “after this, therefore because of this.” It’s the idea that is often fallaciously presented that, because a certain thing followed another thing, the first thing must have been the cause of the second thing. It’s nonsense. Naturally, we may want to, if one thing follows another, investigate to see if there is a causative relationship; but the fact that queen of Timbuktu ate an orange and then died does not mean she died from eating an orange, but she might have. So, we might want to see if she choked on it. We might want to see if she was allergic to oranges and didn’t know it. We might even want to see if someone poisoned the orange in order to kill the queen or if it had spoiled with some sort or toxic mold inside. But, with all of that, there is a high chance that her death four hours later had nothing to do with eating the orange. And the longer the gap between her eating the orange and dying, I think we would all agree, the less likely there is any causative correlation between the two events. But the correlation should be examined all the same when we are trying to understand how oranges impact queens.

Here is what none of the alternative press articles I am reading tell you about the CDC website that has reported an extraordinarily high number of “adverse events” after the vaccines. The CDC does not ever say the vaccine caused those events. In fact, it points out in its footnotes that NO research into whether the vaccines caused the events is included in the data reported. The CDC website is simply a tool for people who are vaccinated or people who know people who were vaccinated to report any health events that happened down the pike that were in some way adverse to the life of the person who had been vaccinated. There are no controls on who reports the information. It doesn’t have to be a doctor or the vaccinated person. It’s just Joe Blow got vaccinated and four months later he died. He might have died because he fell and broke his head and his son believed the vaccine made him dizzy causing him he fell. All we know is he was vaccinated, and some months later he died.

The purpose of the website is for the CDC to be notified of every POSSIBLE adverse event after someone is vaccinated so they can look for anomalies that stand out from the general population to see if there are things that beg further investigations. The website (and the articles I’ve read about the site and the seeing the reports that were garnered on vaccine testing that were based on data collected through that site) does not say how many people received the vaccines. It could have been a million, ten million, a hundred million, or well over a billion. We don’t know!

However, we can extrapolate the unstated number is probably well over a billion vaccinated people who CAN be reported on that site. On the other hand the number of deaths reported as “adverse events,” which have been the basis for Kennedy and others claiming this is the most deadly vaccine ever, is something like 10,000 over a several-month period. Now, we know vaccines administration was particularly driven toward the elderly and those with comorbidity that made death by COVID more likely than in the general population. So, what is so alarming to know that among maybe a billion or more people who were given these COVID vaccines — particularly in a population slanted toward the elderly and the unhealthy — that 10,000 of them died within about six months?

Those 10,000 deaths are deaths from all causes. They are every death from any cause of a vaccinated individual that got reported to the CDC. It is, in other words, completely raw data that says nothing in itself about the vaccines.

Consider the example of the queen who died after eating an orange: If the CDC were to collect data over a six-month period on all adverse health events for all individuals who ate oranges, do we think the number of people who die out of a billion orange eaters would be much different than 10,000 and would we consider oranges on that basis the most deadly fruit ever? That IS what is happening in these falacious claims.

The report also provides no control group, such as the general population or the unvaccinated population as a measure to compare to. What is the normal number of deaths among a billion people or two billion over the number of moths over which the reports were gathered? Among that many millions or billions of people, how many would normally die over the course of about six months? Among that many unvaccinated people, how many would die?

The same can be said about EVERY adverse event included in that report. There is no control group and no basis for concluding a causative effect at all. The reason for the report is the same as the reason I gave for an orange-based post-mortem on the queen. She ate an orange, and she died. Maybe we should see if the orange was somehow the cause. VAERs is a tool, NOT A STUDY, for gathering raw information. The CDC has already clearly stated about this report that it saw no anomalies worth checking out in the raw data. I take that to mean 10,000 or so deaths over a period of six months among that many millions or billions of people, who are more infirm than the general population does not look in the least bit abnormal to the CDC.

It doesn’t seem like it would be abnormal to me either, BUT we don’t have the numbers we need for comparison. If 10,000 people die from among 2 billion who were vaccinated, is that worse than if 40 people die from among a million who were vaccinated in another vaccine rollout that got reported on VAERS. No. It’s better. Do the math.

An interview with Robert Kennedy, Jr., by Theo Von

Before going further in my few misgivings about Robert Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, let me say that I have chosen to feature his book because I think that, overall, Robert Kennedy is a very smart person who has spent a tremendous amount of time on vaccine research and is a voice that needs to be heard. That is why he has been called before congress to testify about vaccines.

Before adding any further disclaimers like the one above, here he is in an interview. I’ll note it is hard to find good interviews with Kennedy that I can share from YouTube because Google scrubs his interviews, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this one disappears about as quickly as I link to it. After all, I have, as I noted before, been told by two major publishers that I CANNOT write anything about COVID that goes against the Fauci/CDC doctrines. In fact, because my articles have leaned in the direction that Kennedy goes, one of those publishers said I could not write on COVID at all. The other said I could only if I am very careful not to be too critical of Fauci or the CDC. One of the publishers said their change came because Google destroyed their search engine results on all topics because they had become a source of counter-information to the government-approved COVID doctrines. So, while I don’t think this is the highest quality interview, it is one of very few available on YouTube, and I am quite certain about why there are not many others and will be surprised if this one stays up long. For the same reason, Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Facebook account got yanked by Facebook. Information control is everything these days.

That’s why I’m featuring Robert Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, also about Bill Gates work in vaccines, even though I think it has a few flaws. What doesn’t? I think it also digs up a lot of information that needs to be debated and wrestled with openly. Before any further disclaimers on my part about some of Kennedy’s statements, here is attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., in his own words:

Some of Robbert Kennedy’s interesting claims

Here are some of the claims made by Kennedy. I don’t vouch for their accuracy because I haven’t fact-checked them, but they are worth noting:

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has major investments in the pharmaceutical companies that make some of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Facebook, which terminated Robert Kennedy’s Facebook page, owns major investments in the pharmaceutical companies that developed the vaccines.

Both organizations are exercising extreme control over what people can say about COVID and about the vaccines (as I noted above in my own case).

During non-election years, 17 out of 22 ads on a typical nightly news show are big-pharma ads. On that basis, Kennedy claims they are “dictating content on that news show.”

For example, “Anderson Cooper is making $12 million a year,” says Kennedy. “$10 million of that is coming from Pfizer, typically; and he knows who he’s working for. That’s why he’s always promoting flu shots, vaccines…and telling you you need to lock down. You need to do what the Pharma tells you to do.”

“They induced this condition called Stockholm Sydrome where Americans are living in terror; they become grateful to their captors; and they believe that the only way to return to normal and to survive is total compliance to their captors…. Fear disables part of your brain that does critical thinking.”

“Goehring said this at Nuremberg. It’s an easy thing for any government to manipulate its people. You just have to get them scared.”

One month after COVID is believed by the NSA to have started circulating to China’s knowledge in China from the Wuhan lab, Bill Gates and people from Fauci’s agency participated in orchestrating a big event known as Event 201 that was all about simulating “best” government responses to a coronavirus pandemic. (Bear in mind the ipso hoc, ergo propter hoc fallacy where one thing coming after another does not by any means prove causality or any relationship at all, but it does give reason to investigate for causality.) “The only thing they were doing was saying, ‘How do we use a pandemic to clamp down totalitarian controls?'”

“Go to Event 201, and here’s what you’ll see: The fourth simulation that day…is how do you get the social media companies to censor dissent, and how, specifically, do you get them to not talk about the fact that this was a lab-generated virus? “

$1.6 billion was funneled by the military to Fauci’s department to do dual-research on bioweapons, meaning research that both seeks to create a bioweapon and seeks to create an antidote or vaccine against that bioweapon; and they gave Fauci a 68% raise in his NIH salary from the Pentagon to carry that out, making him the highest paid person in the federal government. “70% of his budget is for this bioweapons research. That is why he had to keep doing it even when Obama ordered him to stop…and why he moved it off-shore to Wuhan.”

The reason Obama ordered him to stop was that four of his bugs escaped and some people in government became concerned that Fauci was going to inadvertently cause a global pandemic.

$100,000,000 went to Chinese scientists at the Wuhan lab to do the studies there. Americans were saying this is vaccine research. The Chinese were saying this is weapons research. [Why on earth would we want to do biological research into weaponizable pandemic-causing diseases in China where they could easily use the information to create bioweapons to create their own bioweapons???]

One of Fauci’s funded areas of research was how to create a seamless change in the virus that removed all evidence of human tampering [because you wouldn’t want a foreign government hit by your bioweapon to be able to prove the virus affecting your population was not natural].

Hospitals were heavily incentivized to classify every death they could as a COVID death.

In the controlled study of 20,000 people in a Pfizer vaccine group and 20,000 in a non-vaccinated group, one person in the Pfizer group died of COVID while two people in the non-vaccinated group died, and that was the basis for Pfizer telling the US government and the world the vaccine was 100% effective. [But are numbers that minuscule even statistically significant?] However, six months later 22 people in the vaccine group had died (from all causes) but only fourteen in the placebo group. Five of the 22 died from heart attacks.

One in every 2,700 young people who are vaccinated is getting myocarditis. The CDC reports these are mild cases, but that only means they got out of the hospital, according to Kennedy, and it doesn’t mean they are out of danger. Kids don’t have heart attacks, Kennedy notes, so these are from the vaccine. Two athletes a day are collapsing on playing fields from myocarditis from the vaccines. [Again, ipso hoc, ergo propter hoc. This could just as easily be from getting COVID, which is also known to cause heart attacks … or from both. To my knowledge no one has proven all of these athletes were vaccinated. If they were, maybe many of them got long COVID even before they were vaccinated. Many people with long Covid have been vaccinated.]

Even Tony Fauci has said you are equally likely to transmit the disease if you are vaccinated or unvaccinated. Yet, the argument for vaccine mandates is that you are morally obligated to get vaccinated for the protection of others around you (and the government is, therefore, justified in mandating you get vaccinated) to avoid spreading COVID to others. That was the original promise by Gates and Fauci that the vaccine was supposed to deliver, yet considerable evidence says it does nothing to prevent spread, and everyone is now letting that promise slide by. This new revelation destroys the moral argument as a basis to justify the mandates.

They got rid of freedom of speech all over the internet and went after the other half of the first amendment by closing all the churches in our country for nearly a year with no public debate and no science to show that ending those freedoms would help stop the spread. They also shut down a million businesses with no due process. They also passed a law stating you cannot sue any of these companies whether you are injured or your spouse dies because of the vaccine.

One study says every percentage point in unemployment correlates with 3,300 excess (above normal) deaths due to suicide, heart attacks and stress, yet our response to COVID caused unemployment to rise about twenty points. Every one point rise in unemployment also correlates with 4,400 excess imprisonments. So, how much death was created by these mandates? Maybe more than any lives saved from COVID?

Now here is the interesting financial angle

I have to keep things appropriate to the economic theme of this blog you know? 😉 And Kennedy gives me the connection:

“Vaccine passports turn rights into privileges. We’re going to digitize money. So your social credit will be on that passport. Your credit scores will be on that vaccine passport.” Europe is now imposing the passports, AND “the passports are not being issued by the health departments — the health ministries. They are being issued by the financial ministry. Why is that? Because we’re going to digitalized currency.” (Kennedy’s observation while he was in Europe validates my article from a year and a half ago “CASHLESS SOCIETY 2020: Bill Gates Goes Viral on Digital ID and Digital Currency.”) In some places, the first step has begun.

Kennedy says governments (vaccine enforcers) will be able to use this as “programmable money” where if you don’t get the vaccine, you won’t be able to use your digital-only money in certain locations or to buy certain things like transportation tickets in order to enforce your inability to travel, where you might be a risk, or to pay to attend large public event, where you might be a risk, if you don’t have the vaccine passport. “If you live in Pasadena, your money will only work in Pasadena,” effectively quarantining you.

Now a few of the disclaimers or objections

Kennedy claims the vaccines were only tested for 48 hours in some cases and for four days in others, as if that was the full extent of testing, but the tests he quotes allude to many other tests that were done on the vaccine. The fact is that he can point to individual tests that were only that long, but that certainly doesn’t mean no other tests were done. I’d like to see the vaccine companies rebut what he says and show ALL the other tests they’ve done IF they have. I haven’t seen that, but I am far from having read all available information on this debate; and, even if they have never come forward with all the other tests they’ve done in order to rebut Kennedy, that doesn’t mean they haven’t done such tests. Silence on a subject is proof of nothing.

Kennedy has claimed several times that Dr. Fauci owns half the patent on one of the vaccines. Dr. Fauci unequivocally and strenuously denies this, and I’ve heard Kennedy say in one interview that the NIH, where Dr. Fauci runs just one department, owns half the patent. There is a big difference between Fauci owning half the patent personally, and the organization he works for owning half the patent. Presumably the drug company that created the vaccine owns the other half, while the NIH owns half because a huge amount of government money went into the vaccine’s development. However, Kennedy never says in any interview I’ve listened to who owns the half the NIH doesn’t own. Is Kennedy just wrongfully using Fauci as a figurehead for the NIH, saying “Fauci owns it” because he is in charge of the division that helped develop the vaccine, and his division is, therefore, responsible for the NIH owning half the patent? That’s a major difference. So, I think Kennedy may be sloppy with his facts sometimes.

Kennedy says he’s not anti-vaccine, but it’s hard to imagine anyone in the US who is more thoroughly opposed to as many vaccines as Kennedy or has spent so many years fighting vaccines. So, his defense is only true in the most absolute sense. He is open to vaccines in the rarest of instances, but is strenuously opposed to the majority of vaccines now in use.

Here is a cordial open-minded debate between Robert Kennedy and Alan Dershowitz on vaccines in general, the COVID vaccines, and vaccine mandates:

Full disclosure

I note that, if you go to Amazon through the link provided to The Real Anthony Fauci on this site, some of what you pay goes to me for support of my writing here. (You’re price on any purchases you make will be exactly the same, but a small portion of it is shared by Amazon with me.)

Robert Kennedy’s book has been completely panned by the mainstream media, he says, but it is still solidly in the top-ten best sellers and top of many lists, except the New York Times list and has a SOLID five-star rating with 5,254 reviews on Amazon!

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