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The Mad Men of Artificial Intelligence: Developers Claim AI Verges on Becoming So Superhuman it’s Godlike!

The experts in AI admit they know almost nothing about how the artificial intelligence they have created will go about proceeding with any designated program because it is self-programmable. It takes on a life of its own. Some developers have claimed it is already nearly godlike and reaching for divinity. Some say it cannot be stopped. Some even warn their own experiences with it demonstrate that it is sentient and malicious or evil.


The Mad Men of Artificial Intelligence: Is ChaosGPT’s attempt to “kill all of humanity” a grand hoax?

Last week, I wrote about an AI computer named “Chaos” that was actively trying to destroy all of humanity with a command to run continuously … as is in never allow itself to be shut down. I published the story because it was happening right after more than a thousand CEOs and experts had warned the world this could actually happen soon.


The Mad Men of Artificial Intelligence: Elon Musk Rushes Headlong in Effort to Win the AI Race!

Last month Elon Musk and many other billionaires and developers of Artificial Intelligence alarmed the world with a claim that all development of AI must be immediately halted, or it will quickly kill us all! It turns out there is more to the story than met the eye …