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The Senate Inquisition Fried the Bank Regulators Over EASY

Pull up a lawn chair to watch our head regulators get their butts chewed off by a congress that has let the Fed slide on regulation for years. In this grand game of CYA, the inquisitors tread artfully because they are as much responsible for oversight failures as the regulators.


The Great Bond Bomb was Ticking So Loudly No One Could Hear it over its Own Noise

Now that the Big Bond Bust has happened, as promised here, everyone wants to know how it happened. I want to know how on earth so many of them didn’t know it was going to happen — especially those who were supposed to be watching for this … including the regulators who were actively causing it?


How Picking a Soviet-Born Radical for a Treasury Post Backfired on Biden

Radical, reformer or outright red? Saule Omarova came under intense scrutiny when she appeared before the senate for the post of Comptroller of the Currency, drawing fire from Republicans, banks and even some Democrats. She was called by some â€œJoe Biden’s most dangerous nominee.” Saule Omarova, the president’s pick for one of the US Treasury’s top posts, was […]


Banksters Admit Guilt to Bank Crimes, Get Away With Murder!

Never in the history of mankind have so few stolen so much from so many and gotten away with it Scott free.  Five major banks pled guilty to criminal manipulation of foreign currency exchange rates. Banksters at Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland and Swiss giant UBS all used online chat rooms to rig prices.