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Will We be Force-Fed Fedbucks, or Will the Frogs Gladly Be Boiled Alive?

I was recently asked how on earth the Federal Reserve will get US citizens to convert to the purely digital currency the Fed has been talking about for a few years now. That’s a good question that I’ve dealt with a little in the past; and, since the Fed’s public rollout of its premier first step in that direction is scheduled for this July, now seems like a good time to recap all of that.


Fedbucks Coming to a Theater Near You This Summer!

We are nearing the time in early summer when the entertainment industry rolls out its new blockbusters and flops. June is also that time when the Fed had said it will roll-out its own special feature (and likely future box-office flop) — the platform that will likely be used as part of its eventual central bank digital currency …


The Outer Limits of Central Banking: “We Will Control the Horizontal. We Will Control the Vertical.”

Back in the distant days of black-and-white television, when you had to get up periodically in the middle of your show to turn a little knob labeled “vertical hold” or another called “horizontal hold” to stop the flippin’ picture on the tube from rolling by, a fringy show called The Outer Limits …