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Economic Forecast 2014: Strong Headwinds Face Global Economy

My “Economic Forecast 2014” starts with Russia. The first breezes of coming turbulence are already blowing in on the U.S. as a storm I’ll name “the Russian Rampage” hits Crimea and Russia braces for the the U.S. response. Foreign-owned U.S. bonds held in custody of the Federal Reserve took their largest drop on record last […]


Economic News Articles in The Great Recession Blog, week of 05/06/2012

The news of the week centered on Europe where no one knows how to clean up the Greece stain that smears the euro image. Greece ironically elected Nazis to fight German austerity last week. France joined in the fight with a hard left-wing punch to Sarkozy, knocking him flat on his French derriere and replacing him with […]


Hard landing for China’s economy not in the tea leaves

A year ago, the news was full of articles about China trying to slow down its growth to align its speed with that of the rest of the world and to keep inflation in check. Now, everywhere in the press you read concerns about China’s slowdown. How fickle can the press and market investors be? […]


China Teaches Europe about Capitalism and Trade

“Everybody has an opinion about trade with China, and here is mine: let’s trade ‘em Ben Bernanke for Fu Ying [China’s Vice Foreign Minister]. Throw in a minor league pitcher if we have to – President Obama comes immediately to mind.” (The following is a guest editorial from Tim Nerenz, traveling in China on business)   […]


Europe Seeks to Copy U.S. Plan of Solving Debt Crisis with Quantitative Easing

Europe is looking at solving the European debt crisis by creating more debt, which has been the U.S. master plan all along. “European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi told euro zone governments on Friday to act fast to get their rescue fund up and running, expressing exasperation at their lack of progress in response to […]


The China Syndrome – A Meltdown in American Employment

On Jan 19, 2011,  Stan wrote: A strange statement from [a writer I just read]:  “China needs to bring more jobs to the United States…….” ….Who ???   And this is even stranger ? “Until China figures out a way to link itself to the idea of job creation . . . you are always going to […]


DOWNTIME Part 15 – Bailout Bonanza Gone Bananas

American International Group has received to date $170,000,000,000 of U.S. tax-payer’s money. The zeroes start swimming in my vision with numbers like that, as my eyes cannot focus on numbers so wide. If the numerals were letters, that’d be enough letters for three four-letter words. Don’t know why I think of four-letter words in the […]


DOWNTIME Part 14 – It’s Up, It’s Down for the Count

The fickleness of the stock market as a predictor of the economy versus just a responder to the economy played out clearly in the past week. On March 5th, CNN reported that the market had broken a five-day losing streak, bouncing off of twelve-year lows. “The markets opened higher and never looked back, following reports […]