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CASHLESS SOCIETY 2020: Central Banks Exploit the Coronacrash to Bring on Coronacash

Central banks, as I’ve laid out in past months of Patron Posts, have been publicly laying the road for a transition to digital currency for many months. Now the coronacrisis is playing directly into their hands. Central banks conduct germ warfare on dirty cash The war on cash has gone viral. Early in March, Zero […]


CASHLESS SOCIETY 2020: How Banks Mint Money and What’s Restraining Digital Currency

Bill Gates, a plague and central banks have converged like the perfect storm to propel the US toward becoming a cashless society and toward using digital ID’s for all personal financial transactions. The coronavirus bound these forces together, compounded them with fear to overcome inertia, and is accelerating society down the digital-currency highway.


What Will the Fed Do, Part Two

That didn’t take long! After posting yesterday that the Fed would try to save the stock market with more rate cuts and more QE that wouldn’t work, the Fed overnight seriously upped the amperage on its QE repos. And it didn’t work spectacularly! That is to say, it was a total face plant in terms […]


DIGITAL CURRENCY: Cashless Conclusion

I’ve spent the year in these Patron Posts largely looking at the big action ahead — where are central bankers taking money. I’ve avoided conspiracy theories and looked only at the words of central bankers, themselves, as they speak quite openly now and reveal clearly where banks are heading and what is holding them back. […]


DIGITAL CURRENCY: The Central Bank Rush toward a Global Cashless Society is on and Very Public!

This Premium Post continues where my last one, “Teasing out the Fed’s Big Plan for our Future,” left off. As a refresher, I noted in that article 1) the Fed Chair’s concern that the Fed is losing public trust and 2) that its monetary policy independence (its monopoly on money) is at risk along with […]