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What are the current economic headwinds?

A cold reality has been blowing into the U.S. since last winter, and it has nothing to do with snow. During a balmy spring one year ago when people were feeling cozy about economic recovery, I said that economic headwinds would build over the summer until they dominated the economy by fall, ending all hopes of recovery.   […]


Stock Market Crash 2014 and the Blindness of the Bulls

While I bet my blog on my economic predictions for this fall, it looks like I’ll be continuing to write the Great Recession Blog. What I’ve started calling Stock Market Crash 2014 uncloaked this past week in the market news. It suddenly became visible to many for the reasons I’ll list, and yet the biggest bulls still […]


The Second Dip of the Great Recession is Coming Soon

When you look at numerous key sectors of the economy, they hang together like the bones of a rickety skeleton. Here is a list in bullet points of some economic bones to pick over. When viewed altogether, they indicate the next dip of the Great Recession is likely near and severe:   “There are more obvious light switches today or […]


Will there be a 2014 stock market crash?

I’m not going to go so far as to say there will be a 2014 stock market crash this fall, but there are some concerning forces building up to where I can lay out an argument for the risk in simple bullet points. I think anyone will see from these that no serious lessons have been learned fro […]


More 2012 economic predictions

The U.S. stock market lurched up and down, twice each way, last week, closing at its worst so far this year. Then bad news at the first of this week, boosted the Dow above 13,000 again, merely because the news wasn’t as bad as expected.  Then


Tiny Bubbles Make Me Warm All Over – European housing bubbles, student loan bubbles, even China bubbles

Actually, these bubbles aren’t tiny like the ones Don Ho sang about, and they don’t make me feel warm and fuzzy either. They’re great big bubbles that make me pop….


The Great Ponzi Scheme

The economy collapsed into a great recession because it was fundamentally flawed in the first place. The U.S. housing market, which underpinned the old economy, boomed because the government deregulated banks. The deregulation that began with Reagan widened under George Bush the First. It widened a little more under William Jefferson Clinton, and it broadened even further […]


Great Recession or Great Depression?

The U.S. government says the recession ended in June of 2009. The economic gurus of our time parrot this proclamation in complete belief, but how has that recession ended when the unemployment that it caused never improved for those who lost their jobs? How is it that the experts and government officials ALL say the […]


DOWNTIME Part 5 – The Great Snow Job

The Congressional Budget Office recently announced that the United States will be running its first trillion-dollar deficit this year — $1.2 Trillion if we count the pocket change. That’s about three times more than it’s been in any other year. Most Americans seem ready to agree with congress that this is necessary in order to […]