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Epocalypse: Is the Perfect Economic Storm on the Horizon?

Retail is way down. New jobs are way down. Corporate debt has never been higher. Interest is rising ahead of the Fed. The pile of junk bonds is starting to waver. Investors are moving to gold and cash. Are these the emerging indicators of a perfect economic storm?     US Investors – Risk-Off   […]


Epocalypse: What Trends Shape the World after Global Economic Collapse?

To divine the direction the world will take after global economic collapse, you have to understand the prevailing winds and the underlying tides. Look for the megatrends that are influences against which all other forces have minor affect. In predicting that global economic collapse would happen this fall, I pointed out the headwinds that would continue to grow in […]


Bank of America Finally Catches on to Global Economic Collapse

News that we are sliding into global economic collapse is building every day. It intrigues me that it is now coming from the least-expected sources — from those who were the true believers in the Fed’s recovery and who have profited off the bull market so that they never spoke against the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing and low-interest-rate policy … […]


Big names weigh in on big risks of global economic collapse

The chorus of voices now crying out about the high risk of global economic collapse is growing more diverse every day. Today I have Nobel laureates and a disgusting Harvard president who are joining me in my observations of a rapidly increasing likelihood for global economic collapse.   Larry Summers on likelihood of global economic collapse   There […]


Economic Collapse — The Train Wreck that is Happening Now!

Even the Tweedledumbs of Wall Street are finally catching on to the fact that global economic collapse is happening all around them. Two weeks ago, they could have stood inside the building shown on the left with their nicely polished, rose-colored glasses and seen only signs of an improving housing market. Now enough shingles are falling on their […]


A Simple List of Current Causes of Global Economic Collapse

Here is a clear and simple list of the pressures that are building toward global economic collapse. All of the following toxic elements are pouring into the global economic mix at the same time to where I am certain this toxic brew will blow up this fall. The foreshocks are already being felt.   Shrinkage in production and consumption […]


How the Coming Global Economic Collapse will Play Out

I feel like David versus Goliath. The Goliaths are the fantasy fund managers, the T.V. economists and the centrally bloated bankers that nearly the entire world listens to, even though they were gravely wrong in not seeing the Great Recession coming. Far more people listen to their aspirations than listen to my beliefs about a coming global economic […]