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MN Gordon: Gold Shines Bright

Most investments have fallen all year. When they did rise, it was only to bait the bulls and then fall further once again. All assets are adjusting to a world where money is no longer free, so corporations must now earn their way. Gold has taken a more gentle path, and in recent months has […]


The Russians (Propaganda) Are Coming!

The headline reads “Moscow World Standard to Destroy LBMA’s Monopoly in Precious Metals Pricing”. Wow! Could it be? Is this it?! The gold revaluation we’ve all been waiting for! Someone, who has the power, will give us a venue in which we can sell our gold at its true price… how does $50,000 sound, eh?


Economic Predictions for H2 2022, Part 2: The Great Currency War for Global Dominance

This article is part of series of economic predictions I am making about the remainder of the year. My patrons got the first part of the series. I’m going to make every other part available to all readers as I lay out the trends I see happening in the economic news that I read daily, […]