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2013 Economic Predictions

As I consider my 2013 Economic Predictions, I have to take a lesson from my “Economic Predictions for 2012.” I was right in all the trends, because economic fundamentals drive the trends, but I was wrong in not seeing how denial of economic reality could maintain itself longer than I thought, slowing the speed and […]


Israel-Iran war: When will Israel attack Iran? When will America? (2012 Predictions)

Will an Iran war with Israel and/or America happen in 2012 before the U.S. presidential elections or after? When will Israel attack Iran? What is the key factor that could change Obama’s timing that no one is thinking about … except maybe Obama.


Nuclear Iran not to be feared as much as Islamic Iran, says Ayatollah Khamenei

This revealing article about the threat of a nuclear Iran is sourced directly from Iran’s own FARS news agency, quoting Iran’s “Supreme Leader” as to what the West must fear. While it was part of my recap of the weekly news, I felt the quotes from Ayatollah Khamenei divulge intentions that should not remain buried in […]


Economic News Articles in The Great Recession Blog, week of 07/08/2012

China brings its big bird in for an easing landing • Europe founders in the doldrums of its own making • The early-winter warmth that appeared to thaw the U.S. economy has turned into an economic drought • while Iran keeps the heat on from the Middle East.


Are My 2012 Economic Predictions for the Great Recession in Recess … or are they just about to mature?

I started the following update on my predictions a few weeks ago, but didn’t have time to finish it. It is interesting now to see how the update is already being fulfilled in the news this week. I finished it today, realizing I’d better get it posted before everything it says looks like hindsight.


THE IRANIUM REACTION: Is Jihad Rising? (Includes a reading list on Islamic Fundamentalism, Ahmadinejad, the twelfth imam (the Mahdi), and a nuclear Iran)

This may seem an esoteric or conspiratorial topic for a web site about economics during the Great Recession, but no human event has greater economic impact than war. One cannot make reasonable economic predictions — especially in 2012 when Iran is under the heaviest sanctions the world has ever imposed on another nation — without […]


Economic Predictions for the Great Recession in 2012

In making 2012 predictions, I cannot do worse than Harold Camping did in 2011. He missed the end of the world entirely — THREE times — yet he still kept his followers and collects millions! He may head a non-prophet organization, but he sure knows how to turn a profit. Let me start by predicting […]