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Sudden Russian Death Syndrome PLAGUES Russia, Exhibits Peculiar Symptoms

Russian leaders keep dying from a peculiar Russian variant of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS), known as Sudden Russian Death Syndrome. SRDS causes a critical loss of balance when high ranking Russian officials close to Putin are standing in high or dangerous places. Several deaths have been recorded in recent days alone. People who are […]


American Wars, Warmongers and War Criminals v. St. Putin and the Russian Desire for Global Harmony

I want to share the following funny video by Russell Brand, which was in today’s Daily Doom, because it well expresses my overall and longstanding view on America’s endless imperial pursuit of neocon wars around the world in recent decades. Enjoy it before reading on about my views on Putin’s War, because this really is […]


Independence for America and none for Ukraine? (Part Two) Who’s the Nazi Now?

Putin just demonstrated his war in Ukraine has nothing to do with defensive concerns that NATO will attack Russia, upon which he has staked most of his case for his war in Ukraine, though his stated justifications have changed over time along with his goals. His statement this week reveals his war has far more […]


Independence for America and None for Ukraine? (Part One) 

Where is the alternative press’s usual righteous indignation over censorship, imperialism and unjust war? Why so many apologists for Imperial Putin? I am deeply troubled by what I see in the alternative media in the US right now. It looks to me like loathing for the US government has become so blinding in its white-hot […]