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Why M1 Money Supply (Cash) is Skyrocketing Like No Time in History

In my last Patron Post, which I eventually made available to everyone, I revealed a little-known (at the time) fact that M1 money supply (the most liquid forms of cash — bills, checks and basic savings accounts) had grown faster than any time in history. I showed that using a graph like the following, which […]


Crazy Cramer and Kookoo Kudlow Hatch Coronavirus War Bond Goose Egg

Ron Insana, whom I’ve always thought was well named due to the funny way his brain works and the way he smiles even when nothing is happening, has just melded minds with Kudlow & Cramer to support a coronavirus war bond: My colleague, Jim Cramer, made a very interesting recommendation Monday morning, calling on the U.S. Treasury […]


Lunatic Larry Promises Trump Candyland for Election Year

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow, a top economic adviser to President Donald Trump, said Wednesday that the White House plans to unveil a plan for additional tax cuts later in 2020. “I am still running a process of Tax Cuts 2.0. We’re many months away – it’ll come out sometime later during the campaign,” […]


Protected: The Whacky Wonderland of Sovereign Debtors and their Central Banksters

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


GDP Ain’t What it Used to Be!

Let me help remove the rose-colored glasses for anyone who still thinks GDP this year is good.  First, GDP growth in the first quarter was not “great” as I’ve heard some claiming. It was, by US historical standards, a little lower than mediocre. Second, the biggest tax cuts in history only got us down to […]


Bubble Bubba Isn’t Doing Fine Anymore

Let’s take a look at how the average consumer is doing. I’ll call this typical consumer “Bubba” because I just read an article that claimed “Bubba’s doing better today than at any time since before the Korean War.” It disgusted me because I found it to be such a disingenuous set of lies wrapped in […]


Larry Kudlow is Still an Idiot

One Loonie fell today, and another rose. The Canadian “Loonie” tested 2018 lows against the dollar when existing Canadian home sales crashed to their lowest in five years. On the same day Loony Larry Kudlow rose to a new chief position at the White House, more than justifying recirculation of the following article:


Liberals Scared to Death by Their Own Caricature of Trumpettes

  Everyone must stop saying they are “stunned” and “shocked.” What you mean to say is that you were in a bubble and weren’t paying attention to your fellow Americans and their despair. YEARS of being neglected by both parties, the anger and the need for revenge against the system only grew. Along came a […]


Trump’s Mirage of Spending Cuts Will Make America’s Collapse Great

In the first debate, Hillary Clinton called Trump’s tax plan “trumped-up, trickle-down” economics. It’s the one thing that came out of her mouth that I had to entirely agree with. Many others are saying it, too:   New analysis from a nonpartisan group finds that Donald Trump’s latest tax proposals would increase the federal debt […]


Trump Tax Plan Turns the Donald into Trickle-Down King

If George Bush Senior thought Reaganomics was “voodoo economics,” he’d think the Trump tax plan was its kachina doll, and if GB Minor had been smoking weed while popping magic mushrooms when he made his eponymous tax cuts, the Bush Tax Cuts might have come out looking like the Wall-Street tax Fantasia that Trump’s peeps have brewed up — a […]


Trump: Trojan Horse for the Establishment or Mighty Mouth for Mankind?

I crave the opportunity to see an anti-establishment candidate win the election. I would exult in seeing our corrupt establishment shattered. So, while I do not like Trump the man (as it would appear he has never done anything that didn’t entirely serve his own self-interest and pompous ego), I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing him upset establishment Republicans and establishment […]


Wealth Inequality in America Funded by Federal Reserve

When Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen worries about growing wealth inequality in America, I wonder if she’s truly unaware of how she creates this disparity. All of the Fed’s efforts at economic recovery have been directly applied toward helping the America’s most wealthy recover first. How can you not create greater wealth inequality in America when the recovery program for the Great Recession […]


2013 Economic Predictions Revisited

It’s time for the mid-year audit of my 2013 economic predictions. I learned from last year and throttled back a little this year. While luminaries like Marc Faber predicted a great economic collapse in 2013, I decided the government has a lot of energy to keep powering through a bad plan. It would be almost […]


An economic plan that might have brought recovery from depression

Anyone can criticize while having no better ideas.  In fact, I would argue that, if you cannot put forward reasonable alternatives, you might not be qualified to criticize those who are, at least, trying something. In that spirit, I want to scope out a new economic recovery program vastly different from the economic plan the U.S. adopted […]