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Great Recession job loss continues as predicted here

This is a drum I’m going to beat for awhile: People need to stop listening to economists who are fixated on statistics like Gross Domestic Product or job gains as an indicator of where the economy is going. People need, instead, to read this blog if they want to know where the global economy is going. […]


Why Economists Don’t Know Their Ass from a Donkey or a Recession from a Depression in the ground

Someone needs to put the nail in Coffin: “Another recession is pretty unlikely,” said Samuel Coffin, an economist at UBS Securities in Stamford, Connecticut, who correctly predicted the gain in retail sales. The report “suggests a very strong start to the quarter. We’ll continue expanding at a better pace.” (Bloomberg) Here is an economist so […]


Great Recession or Great Depression?

The U.S. government says the recession ended in June of 2009. The economic gurus of our time parrot this proclamation in complete belief, but how has that recession ended when the unemployment that it caused never improved for those who lost their jobs? How is it that the experts and government officials ALL say the […]


DOWNTIME Part 9 – What Works for Economic Recovery?

The word “depression,” which I was using a year ago, is the only thing about the economy that is gaining currency. This dismal word has now flopped off the lips of General Electric’s CEO and Great Britain’s Prime Minister like a dead fish. Another D-word, “denial,” still holds the teeth clenched when it comes to […]