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Retail Tales Tell a Sad Story about the Economy

December is supposed to be the month when retails sales flourish. Instead, retail sales came in way below expectations. Retailers were left with warehouses full of overstock, and this situation has been dragging on for about a year now with little sign that it is getting any better.


It’s Worse Than it Looks: Beneath the Surface the Bottom is Falling Out, and People are Jumping out of Windows

Surveying just the news that started this year in The Daily Doom, things look bad for the US economy. Worse still, if you dig beneath the few rosy headlines that did greet the year in lighter tones, the bottom falls out quickly, as it does when stepping out of a high-rise window.


Protected: How Black Was Friday, Really?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


A Storm of Indicators Show the US Consumer Is Tapped Out

Zero Hedge lays out the widespread dishonesty (or lame stupidity) in mainstream financial media when glibly reporting things like sales increases as if they are actually positive during times when inflation is the sole reason for the rise in sales (because sales are measured in dollars and prices are soaring). While I’ll note that ZH […]