The Big Reveal is Here!

The day has come, and I am doing as I promised by opening up my most important (in my view) Patron Post for everyone because I want you to understand the key economic event of the next three months.

(Patrons at the $5 level and above got to understand what was coming a couple of months ago, but the reason they provide patronage is so that I can justify continuing to write on economics for what I hope will be the benefit of many. They are the ones who don’t just take, so that I can give as much as I can freely.)

As my belated Christmas present to all, I’ve unlocked that post now here on my site at this link: “The Big Blindspot That Will Bite Bonds and Stocks in the Butt.”

As I said in my promise of the “Big Reveal Coming,”

Don’t expect to read a big secret. It’s not! It is a factor so small that it has been overlooked by nearly all … and in such plain sight, but that is exactly what makes it both critical and easy to understand. It may already be starting to become clear to some here because of my hints all around it in recent posts or because the market is starting to show signs of it.

It’s merely a little key that turns a big lock for understanding the significance of the Fed’s taper. It is important precisely because

financial news in the mainstream media is still not seeing how important this little factor will be in changing markets. I believe it is the fulcrum around which financial markets will turn in the first quarter of 2020.

And it is hidden in plain site to where it is inexcusable that so many in the financial media have not seen it.

If they saw it, it would be priced in already.

(I’ve added a few updates to that original post in brackets so you can distinguish the update from the original post and see the updates do not change the meaning, but emphasize just who quickly everyone in that post is coming about or are simply to clarify a point.)

As I said in my promise this was coming, I’ve hinted around this point so much in regular posts, you may have already figured it out on your own; but I want to make sure everyone is watching out for it now that we have arrived at that time. In short, over the next three months we will be entering the time when I said inflation would become hot enough to start to kill the stock market by forcing the Fed to taper and then to taper faster. (The “then” has already happened.)

Patronage is what keeps these writings flowing as I do try to help out everyone, whether they are patrons or not, but patrons say there is enough interest to make it worth my while. So, thank you again, to those who say it is worthwhile and who make articles like the Patron Post that I have now unlocked available in the first place.

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