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Banking doom is in the air everywhere. Credit Suisse got another harsh kick in the butt when its top principle investor said, “No more.” The stock crashed to a new low, low and took European stock markets and the US stock market into an all-out nose dive with the Dow down more than 500 points at the writing of this article. Credit Suisse also took European currencies down with it, but buoyed the US dollar.

Moody’s downgraded the ENTIRE US banking industry to negative and downgraded First Republic to “junk.” US Treasury yields collapsed, and major investment leaders whose opinions seem to matter to a lot of people gave truly dire warnings about the overall US economy. BlackRock’s blackhearted CEO, Larry the Fink, said the collapse of SVB reveals cracks in the US financial system, affirming Moody’s downgrade of the entire US banking industry; and Carl Icahn said, “Our system is breaking down…. We absolutely have a major problem in our economy today!

(See headlines in boldface below covering these lead stories.)

economic news of our troubled times

Economica (stocks in bondage, bonds in the stockade, market madness, etc.)

“The Market Is Being Brutal”: Futures Crash Hard as Banks Crisis Slams Europe, Credit Suisse Craters

Credit Suisse woes knock euro, sterling, Swiss Franc. Dollar up.

Moody’s Downgrades ENTIRE US Banking System Outlook to ‘Negative’

Treasury Yields Collapse After First Republic Downgrade To ‘Junk’

Carl Icahn: ‘Our System Is Breaking Down,’ ‘We Absolutely Have A Major Problem In Our Economy Today’

BlackRock’s Fink Says SVB Failure Shows Cracks in Finance System

Timeline of the Initial Collapse

Timeline at SVB

SVB says Goldman Sachs was the buyer of portfolio it booked losses on

Signature Bank Faced Money-Laundering Probe ahead of Firm’s Collapse

BofA Rakes in $15B in Deposits After Collapse

The unexpected American shopping spree seems to have cooled

Exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui is arrested on $1BN fake-investment fraud charges by FBI

Money Matters (monetary policy, gold, silver, cryptos & currency wars)

Bitcoin is already up 50% this year — beating stocks and gold

Most big cryptocurrencies decline as Litecoin declines

Gold bounces back as Credit Suisse compounds banking woes

Money Troubles

Banks, Banks, Banks: The Elephant Nobody Even Sees

How the Fed Broke Silicon Valley Bank

Overinflated (too much money chasing too few goods)

Services Inflation Rages at Four-Decade High: Fueled by Rents, Auto Insurance, Repairs, Airfares, Hotels, Pet Services, Food Services, Delivery

Retail egg prices fell in February — but the price drop may not last long

Oil Nosedives After SVB Collapse

100% Inflation in Argentina Opens Door for Presidential Upset

War, Cyberattacks, Civil Conflicts & Unrest

AF Typhoon scrambled to intercept Russian warplane as Brit ace takes to skies alongside German jet in tense standoff

Russian ambassador accuses U.S. of ‘act of provocation’ and claims its fighter did NOT knock Reaper out of sky

Russia & Pentagon Racing To Retrieve US Drone Wreckage In Black Sea

Why It’s Still Not Clear Who’s Behind The Nord Stream Blasts

We’re One Step Closer to Putin’s Crimea Nightmare

Politics & Social Decay

SC women who get abortions would be eligible for death penalty under proposed bill

Pro-life forces targeting the prescription drug involved in 53% of abortions

All-woman Wellesley College votes to allow trans men & non-binaries

Globalism, Authoritarianism, Invasive Government & Censorship

Experts say attacks on free speech are rising across the US

Winds of Change (extreme weather, climate change & green energy)

California drowns as 27,000 residents are told to evacuate and 330,000 are left without power due to another atmospheric river

Off-the-Beat or Just Plain Offbeat News

‘Truly extraordinary’: Remains of Roman aristocrat found in lead coffin buried in 1,600-year-old cemetery

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