The Epocalypse Interview with Tom Bodrovics

Here is my recent interview with Tom Bodrovics of Palisades Gold Radio. I think it gives the broadest and easiest-to-understand overview of how the Federal Reserve has delivered us into a catastrophic situation for which the Fed truly has no answers that will do anything, except make everything worse:

(In summary: The coronacrisis brought massive amounts of money printing and longterm economic damage. The Fed can no longer print enough to support the equity, bond and housing markets due to inflation forcing its hand to tighten. Therefore, we’re going to experience many and significant economic breakdowns in all of those markets in many nations, including likely damage to global banks. It’s hard for people to grasp the rate of change that is occurring throughout the world and particularly the chronic damage that has happened in the phantom job market that I recently wrote about, so they don’t see what is coming, even as recession envelops us. Neither does the Fed. We’re heading into The Great Recession 2.0 or The Great Depression II or, as I call it, The Epocalypse.)

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