The Pinch That Stole Christmas

Kwameghana, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

“All you’ll feel is just a little pinch,” said the friendly nurse as she injected one of the world’s new favorite vaccines into a child’s arm.

The WHOs in COVID-impoverished WHOvilles could be heard all over the world joining in chorus to sing, “We wish you a weary Christmas” as they laid out their Christmas booster campaigns and ordered shops in towns and villages from Austria to Australia to lockdown before presents could be bought and placed under trees. Then, just before Christmas arrived, they rolled up the sidewalks and shut down plays and restaurants, too, to make sure no fun was had. They even shut down airlines with strikingly thematic names like “Delta” so that families could not travel for the holidays.

“If you have any people in your family who are unvaccinated,” warned Dr. Grauci, “Be sure to order them not to come over for Christmas dinner. Relatives hang around worse than viruses.”

This is a tale of Christmas stolen — again — around the world just as a particularly social little virus was going around from house to house to give the world free herd immunity and would have succeeded if everyone had not retreated to their grinch caves before the unwanted little guest arrived.

There will be breakthrough infections…. It’s bad news that we’re dealing with such an extraordinary virus and its ability to essentially surge through the country the way it’s doing right now. 73% of the isolates are now Omicron when just a week and a half ago there was just literally a few percent…. If there’s an unvaccinated person, I would say, “I’m very sorry, but not this time. Maybe another time.”

Dr. Grauci from the video above

In other words, “Shut your family out for Christmas and beyond if they are part of the Great Unwashed, reprehensible as such family members are for refusing social orders. Though you’ve been vaccinated, clearly they present a special risk to you and should be ostracized for not making the smart choice you did. Knowing the vaccines work so well (especially if you’ve had a third poke in the arm after the first two started to rapidly fail), it only makes sense that the Vaxxed should be more afraid than anyone of being around the Unvaxxed. So, by all means, do not trust your vaccine enough to enjoy Christmas with family. To destroy Christmas, we must first break down the family unit.”

With that, Dr. Grauci put the final damper on Christmas spirits around the nation. Little cousins didn’t get to meet with other little cousins on Christmas Day, because the family was kept at bay to avoid spreading a cold, for that appears to be all little Omicron can deliver even to the unvaccinated who don’t catch or carry it any worse than the vaccinated if they’ve already had Covid, a common situation for which no exceptions have been allowed.

In fact, hospitals filled almost entirely with the vaccinated seem to be having the worst time with spreading COVID from the vaccinated to the vaccinated right now:

70 Per Cent of London’s COVID Hospitalisations Diagnosed After Being Admitted For Other Ailments

…A so-called ‘surge’ in London hospitalisations for COVID is being used as a justification to lobby for further lockdown restrictions on the British public…. Much of the panic is being driven by cases being counted as COVID despite the patient being admitted for other reasons.

“Astonishing fact. 70% of London’s so-called ‘COVID hospitalizations’ are diagnosed several days after admission for other ailments…. They are NOT COVID patients. A positive test 8 days after admission means the hospital basically gave the patient COVID….”

Only 5 per cent of hospital beds are occupied by COVID patients in England and … “overall hospital occupancy currently stands at 89 per cent,” which is a decent figure for the NHS in winter…. Admissions with Covid have actually been declining for the past week….

The number of patients in hospital for other ailments who test positive for Covid – but are sneakily counted as “Covid admissions” – is rising slightly but most of the increase is seen among those who have been in hospital for more than eight days. So — brace yourselves — those poor sick people have been given Covid by the very hospital where they went to get better.

Summit News

With 90% of the UK having been vaccinated (80% fully vaccinated) and all hospital staff fully vaccinated and only 5% of beds being occupied by people (either vaxxed or unvaxxed) who have COVID, it is pretty clear that this is almost entirely a problem of the vaccinated infecting the vaccinated.

In a nation as fully vaccinated as the UK, the new case count is higher than ever before:

CLEARLY, this is mostly the Vaxxed infecting mostly the Vaxxed, and it is worse than it’s ever been, at a level that makes the original COVID outbreak at the start of the graph look like a hiccup that barely even existed.

And, yet, the daily death count looks like this:

You can argue the low death count in the face of an extremely high new-case count is because the vaccines are, at least, protecting from death, but then you would also have to also argue the vaccines clearly are not protecting from infection anymore. It is more likely that Omicron simply is not, as many doctors have now said, nearly as deadly as other variants of COVID, and the vaccines are not protecting people from getting it, given that daily new cases are twice as high as the last peak, and were never this high during the entire time prior to the existence of COVID vaccines.

Deck the halls with cries of folly

And, yet, the calls for lockdowns echo through the halls of Westminster and #10 Downing Street more now than at any time before as do the cries for vaccines. The UK’s COVID case rate has climbed higher than ever before. One model estimates 600,000 people in the UK came down with COVID in just five days, yet hospitalizations remain the same and deaths remain flat, even as yet more studies around the world have declared Omicron to be a fairly benign little virus compared to all his relatives, albeit much more social and inclined to become known by all. Clearly, if Omicron is spreading that quickly, all the containment efforts in the world are like trying to hold back the tide — utterly futile.

So inclined to become acquainted with everyone is this little elf that the Brownstone Institute has said,

We Cannot Stop the Spread of COVID, But We Can End the Pandemic

The arrival of the omicron variant has led some politicians and public health grandees to call for a return to business closures and ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdowns…. The variant has already surpassed delta – dominant before omicron – in the UK.

Early reports from South Africa confirm that the variant is more transmissible but produces a milder disease, with a lower chance of hospitalization and death upon infection….

It is now abundantly clear that [lockdowns] have failed to contain the virus while wreaking enormous collateral damage worldwide…. Will the same policies that failed against a more virulent strain succeed in containing a more transmissible strain? The answer is self-evidently no. The harms of lockdown on children and the non-elderly are catastrophic, including worse physical and mental health and irretrievably lost life opportunities….

In Sweden and many US states that have eschewed lockdowns, the pandemic is effectively over, even as the virus continues to circulate.

Brownstone Institute

And, yet, lockdown we continue to do … in Britain … in New York City … in Austria and Australia … all over the world, endlessly repeating something that clearly will do nothing to stop Omicron when it barely stalled Delta. It’s going to break through the ranks anyway. So, end Christmas again if you want, but, if you breathe, you’ll get it. A number of doctors have even said that Omicron, itself, could end the pandemic. The way deaths are trailing off to almost nothing in the graph above would seem to indicate the disease is turning into a normal endemic flu at this point in terms of total deaths. (See “Could Omicron save us from COVID?“)

Herd immunity can be upon us if you don’t get in the way of it with a redonkulous, blunt force instrument, which is mass vaccinations.

Steve Bannon in the video above

Kamala “didn’t see it coming,” and Crazy Cramer is railing against Dr. Grauci for not getting grouchier, so …

It’s going to get worse. The war on the unvaccinated is about to commence, and I mean war…. It’s all getting shut down.

Steve Bannon

New York’s Broadway theaters are closed to Christmas travelers (and everyone else) because we must kill our economies while we can to keep the mass hysteria alive. Its world-famous New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square, which Dem de Blasio promised not to close this year, will be scaled back 75% in permitted attendance to allow for more social distancing with masks and will require proof of vaccination. (In other words, almost closed.) The Great Unwashed can just stay away, even if they already had COVID and are scientifically proven to be less likely to spread COVID than the vaccinated. Los Angeles has shut down its New Year’s Eve celebration entirely. Boston’s Democratic mayor, Michelle Wu, just imposed vaccine mandates for all restaurant “privileges.” (Dems love this sort of Big-Brotherly-love government intervention!)

“There is nothing more American than coming together to ensure that we’re taking care of each other,” Mayor Michelle Wu said at City Hall as protesters loudly blew whistles and shouted “Shame on Wu.”


I guess this is the Democrats’ idea of “coming together” for Christmas. Shut out the Unvaxxed from restaurants to protect the Vaxxed, and turn away all the Unvaxxed from the Christmas table. That’s “we’re coming together” Democrat style while those who are unvaccinated quiver in fear around the table in masks and gossip about the family members who were so disloyal to the family as to not vax up for Christmas because, obviously, they don’t care about gramma.

So, yes, the war is about to commence, and everything is shutting down all over again.

“The past week or so we’ve really just shut things down. It’s just not worth it,” Rusley said. “We’re back to where we were pre-summer, pre-vaccine. It’s square one, almost.”

I thought the vaccines were supposed to end the need to do all this stuff for those who chose to benefit by getting the pinch. Yet, this is our response in the face of a virus that is now causing almost no deaths but is infecting almost every person, vaccinated or unvaccinated, who looks at someone who has it. Omicron has been rated the second-most contagious disease in human history — measles being the most contagious. So, it is highly doubtful that taking a wrecking ball to badly damaged economies everywhere is going to stop its spread. In some parts of the US it already makes up 90% of all new cases, and it only arrived on these shores about two weeks ago! It was first reported in South Africa where it originated barely a month ago!

If you’re vaccinated, enjoy a COVID Christmas cruise

While President Biden has made clear that none of this is his fault but all of it is the fault of the unvaccinated — that this is “the pandemic of the unvaccinated,” a plague upon us all — most of the hospitals that are actively spreading the disease have staffs that are wholly vaccinate twice or thrice and are mostly full of patients who are vaccinated. Even isolated cruise ships that require ALL crew and ALL passengers to be fully vaccinated before voyage are sailing around riddled with this plague:

Second Royal Caribbean ship has COVID-19 outbreak and is denied entry to Curacao and Aruba

In a second coronavirus outbreak in less than a week, 55 fully vaccinated crew members and passengers on Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas ship that set sail Saturday from Fort Lauderdale have contracted the pandemic disease, the cruise line confirmed late Wednesday…. On Saturday, another Royal Caribbean ship, Symphony of the Seas, had docked in PortMiami with at least 48 cases of COVID-19 among passengers and crew….

The spike of cases of COVID-19 in Florida comes as the omicron variant is spreading rapidly around the world, causing a worrying number of breakthrough infections among the fully vaccinated. The latest variant, which only emerged in America on Nov. 22, is now the dominant strain.

Royal Caribbean requires all crew members to be fully vaccinated. And passengers 12 and over also must be inoculated, with limited exceptions for medical and religious reasons.

The Miami Herald

Yet more proof that this has evolved into a disease where sometimes only the vaccinated are infecting only the vaccinated. Still, Booster Biden maintains in speeches like his weary Christmas address that this is a “pandemic of the UNVACCINATED” — that it is THEIR fault the disease is still spreading to the vaccinated. No one in the mainstream media holds him to account for such blatant lies that are creating deep divisions between family members and an “us versus them” divide throughout society even though stories like those above now show that simply isn’t true.

Can’t boost your way out, argues the WHO

While the WHO likes nothing more than a broad vaccination program covered by a single-payer system in order to ram through the maximum doses for maximum profits to the companies WHO members invest in, they are concerned that the people whose taxes (and central banks) paid to develop the program are the only ones getting the benefit. The booster that these same WHOs sang about so loudly, the WHO now says are not so worthwhile as to make wasting vaccines on wealthier people with booster shots worth keeping those same vaccine out of the hands of poorer nations.

So, skip the booster, cried the WHO. And those in WHOville nations around the world shuddered (and shuttered) at the thought of taking a risk by skipping their third dose just as Omicron was threatening them all by skirting their first two vaccines on cruise ships and in hospitals filled almost exclusively with vaxxed-up WHOs, who still claim the unvaccinated are stealing all their hospital beds at Christmas, so they should be shut out of hospitals, too.

SAGE expressed concern that “broad-based administration of booster doses risks exacerbating vaccine access” by diverting supply from under-vaccinated countries to ones with already high percentages of vaccinated people.

Zero Hedge

“You really need this booster, even if you’ve already had two shots,” argued Dr. Grauci in the first video.

“You don’t need it that bad,” the big WHO heads argued back. “Taking it would just be luxurious vaccine self-indulgence for the rich.”

Dr. Tedros said that with 20% of vaccine supplies going toward boosters, “blanket booster programs are likely to prolong the pandemic rather than ending it.” By diverting the vaccine supply to countries with high levels of immunity, vaccine producers and those buying boosters from them are giving the virus “more opportunity to spread and mutate.”

No country can boost its way out of the pandemic,” he added.

Israel, meanwhile, is ordering a fourth round (second booster) for all because rounds one and two plus booster aren’t fully doing the job anymore.

A tale of two nations

Yet, Sweden, which has done the least of all nations on earth to follow WHO protocols, is fairing better than nearby Austria, which has taken the most austere actions of all nations to mandate away the dire disease.

Austria, one of the most repressive European countries during the coronavirus pandemic, has recently overtaken Sweden in terms of total covid mortality, showing that almost all government interventions have been ineffective and unjustified.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Austria has been one of the most repressive European countries, implementing several lockdowns, school closures, far-reaching mask mandates and even an N95/FFP2 mask mandate, record-setting mass PCR testing and contact tracing, as well as early “vaccine passports”. Austria was also the first Western country to impose a “lockdown for the unvaccinated” and the first Western country to announce a general “vaccine mandate.”

In contrast, Sweden has widely been regarded, or indeed criticized, as the least repressive Western country during the coronavirus pandemic, having imposed no lockdowns, no elementary school closures, no mask mandates, no “vaccine passport” (yet), and very limited testing and contact tracing compared to Austria and most other Western countries.

And yet, in December 2021, Austria overtook Sweden in terms of total covid mortality (see chart above). This comes after Austria had reached, in late November, the highest seven-day covid infection rate in the world. The European average covid mortality had already overtaken Swedish covid mortality back in March 2021….

Sweden has already crossed the “pandemic finish line….” Sweden has achieved a high population infection rate (about 60% to 75%) and has entered the endemic phase….

Thus, the fact that Austria has now overtaken Sweden in terms of total covid mortality really means that almost every single government intervention in Austria – and almost everywhere else – has been entirely ineffective from an epidemiological and medical perspective, while having caused almost unprecedented social and economic harm.

Swiss Policy Research

Thank goodness we have those stubborn Swedes willing to risk infection by holding out on the WHO in order to test a different route. At first, you can see they faired a lot worse and bore global scorn for it. In the next wave, they faired only a little worse, and now they’re doing a little better under herd immunity in the third wave. With only 48% of its population vaccinated, you can see that Sweden is now doing even better than the highly vaccinated UK: (Compare Sweden’s graph below to the UK death graph near the top.)

So much for the faint notion that the UK death count is down even though the case count is way up because their vaccines are protecting them from COVID deaths. As you can see, Sweden is experiencing a joyous Christmas with ZERO new deaths for Christmas Eve Day! Less than half vaxxed, those Swedes know how to celebrate Christmas.

Sitting between Sweden and Austria, we have Germany, which has finally declared its first Omicron death. As usual, it is not entirely clear whether this solitary person died FROM Omicron or died WITH Omicron from something else. BUT IT STRUCK TERROR ACROSS THE NATION:

As a reminder, Germany, Ireland, and The Netherlands have reimposed partial or full lockdowns and measures in recent days, citing the surging winter caseload and warnings from the scientific community about the threat posed by omicron (a strain that, although it appears to spread more quickly, is clearly causing fewer hospitalizations and deaths, according to research published by several different sources yesterday). Germany’s health minister said Wednesday he had not ruled out a full lockdown to suppress Omircon’s spread.

Zero Hedge

Because God forbid even one person should die from comorbidity causes among the tens of thousands who now have Omicron in Germany, especially if that one death might have been prevented by keeping all the Unvaxxed under house arrest and closing businesses or by mandating that the Unvaxxed lose their livelihoods and starve their children and deprive them of medical care as is inevitable in the US where Democrats alone have forced people to stop working and deprived them of unemployment benefits for not abiding by the Democrat’s agenda.

Dems should own their evil, for such actions are truly evil on a nearly Nazi level. (Remember, I am an equal-opportunity critic who gave up literally thousands of readers by criticizing Trump, too.) Shutting down livelihoods, forcing families into starvation mode (because that is what happens when you are outlawed from employment) and causing their children to lose all the health benefits those jobs provided is just plain evil! And the general populace is going along with it with a shrug because of their fear. All to force a vaccine that is already barely even working anymore! Like Nazis, they took such draconian measure when the vaccine was totally experimental medicine where NO ONE knew the long-term side effects that might emerge! That last part, we still don’t know.

Sweden, meanwhile, is doing far better than the US during its snowy northern Christmas without any vaccine mandate, where Swedish families remain free to join each other at Christmas and continue to have incomes to feed themselves and others, and can still send their children to bed knowing they have medical protection so they can dream of sugar plums dancing in their heads.

Because we care about the children, especially at Christmastime

The cute little WHO children, on the other hand, are all being protected now by the WHO and the CDC and Dr. Grauci and national governments and other health organizations, all of which are coercing or even mandating their vaccination, even though children have proven to be the least affected by all strains of the virus, albeit somewhat more affected by the now subsiding Delta than the others. A vaccine that will do most of them no good because they don’t need it is being forced upon them … so for whose good?

“Vaccination of children is a necessity,” said French Prime Minister Jean Castex a month ago. “It was my 11-year-old daughter who gave me the virus a few weeks ago.”

Ahh! In other words, save yourselves from your children since the disease is of relatively small risk to the children while risks from the vaccine to developing children are poorly known. Save yourselves from your unvaccinated children and other relatives. Perhaps if your children refuse the vaccine, you shouldn’t let them stay around for Christmas either. Send them off to your unvaccinated relatives to protect yourselves. Never mind that the number of children injured or killed by all forms of coronavirus together would appear to be lower than the number injured and killed by colds and flus each year. It is a “necessity” they be vaccinated to protect yourself from them.

Ring the bells at Christmastime and spread the panic; sing out mass hysteria; and deprive people of their livelihoods to assure their children starve. Soon the woke will be seizing children from the Unvaxxed to put them in properly vaccinated homes … for the sake of the children, or course, who rarely succumb to the disease anyway because they must be protected by well-meaning Democrats with vaccines already shown not to work well against COVID unless you have, at minimum, three of them and avoid cruise ships or hospitals in merry ol’ England.

You always thought the following was an image of the food lines during the Great Depression:

Nay. It is an image of the vax lines during the Great Oppression, eventually to become known as the “Panicdemic.”

No Christmas in China

They don’t believe in Christmas much anyway. The Grinch has lived in China forever, and the rest of the world is racing to catch up with their God-hating grinchiness.

Rising COVID-19 infections in China’s city of Xian have spurred a lockdown of its 13 million residents, with stretches of highway eerily bare on Thursday, as many people queued in the cold to get their noses swabbed at testing sites….

That takes the tally of local cases to more than 200 over the period from Dec. 9 to 22, smaller than many outbreaks outside China. No Omicron infection has yet been found in Xian, capital of the northwestern province of Shaanxi.


Still, better safe than sorry. So, lock off 13-million residents because about 200 of their fellow citizens have COVID. Best to shut down the whole city to avoid catching a winter flu named Omicron.

Consistent with Beijing’s stance that no flare-up can be allowed to spread, Xian has made it hard for residents to leave…. From Thursday, each household may send only one person to shop for necessities every two days, while others may not leave unless they have essential jobs…. Video images livestreamed by traffic police on social media showed some stretches of highway in Xian were nearly deserted.

House arrest for everyone! Yay!

That’s because you wouldn’t want a single case of Omicron scaring away hundreds of thousands of international tourists from the Winter Olympics who may want to travel to the world’s COVID spawning ground.

The Omicron MASHup in the US

Not to worry in the US, though, because Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden is going to mobilize 1,000 medical personnel from the military to badly understaffed hospitals to assist with the looming medical crisis. Of course, there would not be a looming crisis if his policies and those of many other Democrats had not mandated that already poorly staffed hospitals fire all their unvaccinated workers because the new dominant COVID variant ignores vaccines anyway and rarely hurts anyone seriously! Because that all makes sense!

Thank goodness Big Brother Biden heard Crazy Cramer’s plea a couple of weeks ago to deploy the military to press vaccination:

U.S. will deploy troops to help hospitals during omicron wave, distribute free Covid tests starting in January

The administration is preparing for the highly contagious omicron variant of Covid-19. Biden warned last week that the unvaccinated face a winter of “severe illness and death,” calling on them to get immunized and to receive a booster shot to protect their health.


We’ve moved from a war against disease to a war against humanity. Sweden knows winter better than almost any nation. They don’t seem to be suffering a winter of death among their multitude of unvaccinated, having been given a present of zero deaths on Christmas Eve! But, above all else, PANIC! SEVERE ILLNESS AND DEATH is coming from the least virulent form of COVID yet known to mankind, according to Blustering Biden. Could arrive soon and hit you like the common flu! So wrap up in heavy blankets, hidden away from dangerous family, and sip warm vaccine cocktails.

No one in the merrily manipulated media, of course, even thinks to mention that WHOverville hospitals are understaffed in good part because they fired literally THOUSANDS of medically trained “veterans” of the healthcare industry who know enough medically to know to refuse the mandatory vaccine even at the cost of their livelihoods.

(If you haven’t yet, you can listen to my personal account of my mandatory termination from the education system and of my daughter-in-law from the medical system here. And, no, I’m not a truck driver as mistakenly noted at the beginning, which was said because I said I might have to return to the profession I took up during the summers of my college days now that I’ve been fired for not getting the vaccine.)

The U.S. health-care profession is suffering its own Great Resignation, pushing more hospitals into financial distress just as a winter surge of the coronavirus hits. Across the country, hospitals are buckling under the strain of nursing shortfalls and the spiraling cost of hiring replacements.


Just in time for Christmas!

And the feared and predictable winter surge.

That is WHEN the Democrat president, Democrat governors and Democrat mayors all over the nation did their part to force the termination of medical staff — just ahead of the winter surge. Brilliant plan. (If you know of Republican mayors or governors who have done that, by all means report them in the comments below because I am an equal-opportunity source for your criticism of Republicans, too. I criticize stupidity wherever it emerges.)

For Watsonville Community Hospital on California’s Central Coast, those costs became too much to bear, and contributed to the facility’s bankruptcy this month, according to a person familiar with the situation…. The situation adds to the stress facilities have already experienced responding to the early onset of the virus, just as the last of federal aid is being doled out.

Nowhere does that almost farcically flimsy article note that the Great Resignation is a FORCED resignation as governments and healthcare corporations have mandated the termination of all unvaccinated workers. Instead, the article is about the need for more federal aid (always the Dem’s approach) to assist with the problem that the federal government created with its firing mandate in the first place, which was carried by numerous corporations that cowardly acceded to what they saw coming even before it came and by state and local governments in anticipation of the federal undemocratic Democrat dictate.

“This is like survival stakes,” said Steven Shill, head of the health-care practice at advisory firm BDO USA. Winners are “whoever’s highest on the food chain and who has the biggest checkbook.” The staffing companies — agencies that provide nurses and other staff on a temporary basis — are “really, really, really gouging hospitals.”

What a perfect time for corporations to fire their own healthcare workers then and play into the hands of the Temp staffing agencies! Talk about people whining about their own self-imposed afflictions!

Saint John’s Episcopal Hospital Chief Executive Officer Jerry Walsh has been on the losing side of those battles, beat out by larger, wealthier systems while laying out thousands of dollars a week more to pay what he calls “exorbitant” rates to outside agencies to keep his hospital properly staffed.

Of course. The very kind of stressed worker shortage you are likely to create when hospitals are already overworked and nurses already underpaid, and then you fire 2-5% of the skeleton crew that remained after that early COVID fatigue.

So, now replace the fatigued workers with people actually wearing fatigues under the Biden Military Medical Plan because, wow, for some reason you just can’t find good help these days!

Who could have seen that coming? Oh, me, right here the second Biden spoke about establishing vaccine mandates for all hospital employees. And you if you read here because smart people do. Two months ago I said this is exactly where we would end up before the end of the year.

“This is the worst nursing shortage that I have witnessed in my career,” Maureen May, a 30-year veteran of the pediatric ICU and the president of the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals, a union, said in an interview.

“I have a solution!” says Biden. “Let’s start by firing the nursing staff and surgical techs!”


The issue is emerging in the capital markets, too. Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. went public in April in an effort to expand beyond its leading position in pediatric home health services. But a shortage of caregivers has pummeled its stock, while credit raters gave a debt issue to fund acquisitions low-tier junk level assessments.

That’s what big, dumb corporations get for firing their nursing staff. Who coulda seen that coming? Not big, dumb corporations; that’s for sure. So, now they want the government to bail them out by deploying military medics.

Insurers are trying to move patients out of hospitals more quickly due to the staffing shortages.

It was so obvious we’d end up here by Christmas two months ago, and still articles like the one just quoted cannot figure out how this happened in an environment where workers of all kinds were already in critical short supply when everyone went and fired another 2-5%! My gosh, we must truly be the dumbest animals on the planet! We certainly shoot our own wounded in order to win the war.

Unlike some other areas of the economy, in hospitals and other care facilities, staffing crunches have been a longstanding problem that the pandemic and its fallout have exacerbated.

“Fallout” being a euphemism for the effects of all the human choices that were made that have caused 95% of our COVID problems, such as firing the necessary workers right before you know you will be needing a lot more of them because colds and flus are always worse this time of year. So, let’s fire the help just as we head into winter to make everyone safer! Have dumber people ever lived? These ones won’t live long with choices like that.

So, that is why Biden wants to bring the troops home — to your hometown — for Christmas, demonstrating he believes a mere 1,000 will help a great deal even though he insists that the TENS OF THOUSANDS he fired made no difference at all. Because that makes sense!

This is the greatest war on sanity the US has ever fought; and, still, the press doesn’t question any of this nonsense. Well, it makes sense if you don’t want to admit — God forbid — that you made a colossal mistake. I mean, if a mere thousand troops will help, imagin how much bringing back those TENS OF THOUSANDS of fired healthcare workers to the positions they are most familiar with would help! Imagine how much we would not even be having this problem if you hadn’t fired them in the first place … if a mere thousand troops will help.

But why talk sense?

Here’s the biggest swing-and-a-miss in that article:

“Permanent jobs aren’t compelling enough for people to stay,” said Parth Bhakta, chief executive officer of digital health-care staffing company Vivian

Or maybe it’s because “permanent jobs” weren’t permanent enough to ALLOW people to stay???

What a nation of idiots we’ve become.

Tests that were coming over a year ago are about to start to commence to begin coming!

Just like the permanent jobs were not permanent, the expediting of COVID tests that was promised a year ago is still about to start to be expedited.

Apparently, all of this is so important that the Biden administration has failed after almost a year to make basic COVID tests widely available, even though his administration now mandates you take those same unavailable tests before you travel anywhere or attend anything. In the face of many complaints about test scarcity, especially for those who present no symptoms or have had no contact with those who have COVID, the Biden Admin. is just now bragging that it is going to get right on that. It would have all been ready earlier, the administration claims, except no one could have seen the present Omicrisis coming because, Lord knows, COVID never throws us a new and more contagious surge, especially during the winter holiday season!

And these dumb people believe you’re dumb enough to believe that lame excuse, which they’ve used multiple times, so apparently many people do believe it!

(The only time you can’t see these things coming is when you’re sitting on your eyeballs.)

Here is their answer to the shortage of test kits:

The Biden administration will set up a website where Americans can order free at-home tests for delivery to their residences, but those kits will not be ready for delivery until January [when our holiday revels have all ended (if there were any allowed)]. A senior administration official said the White House is still finalizing the details.


Wooo! A website! They’re on it. Finalizing the details now. We are with the times, claimed the old president in diapers. I just hope it works better than Biden’s boss’s health insurance website did back when Biden was playing second fiddle in a different Nutcracker Suite.

“We’re actively working to finalize those distribution mechanisms, and we’ll share more details in the weeks ahead on that….” The White House said Biden has already invoked the Defense Production Act to increase the manufacture of at-home tests and will continue to use it to produce as many kits as possible.

Hence the deployment of the military.

Toy soldiers by next year and tests, too! (“Toys” only in that Biden is now toying with the military to solve a problem he created that could be solved even now without deploying a thousand troops to conduct normally civilian operations by just hiring back the past years tens of thousands of health-care heroes that he fired.) Two years after this COVID Pandemonium began we’ll be rolling out those test kits we promised to expedite for you back in the Trumpian days of May, 2020. We’re on it now! This is important. Oh, and take the vaccine, or we may have to kill you via starvation. No restaurants for you, and no work so you can buy groceries to eat at home either! AND MOST OF ALL, NO GOING TO THE RELATIVES TO SPONGE A MEAL OFF THEM AT CHRISTMASTIME!

(Did you question my claim that the Dems are forcing Nazi-like starvation? Then which of the above statements about where you CANNOT eat if unvaccinated is untrue?)

And shut up about it! (I’ve now been told I cannot publish articles like this by two publishers, each with daily audiences of more than a million readers. One of them said its site was being removed from search-engine results by Google for publishing my COVID articles and others like them, which is one reason I need patron support; I’m not going to find any financial sustenance among capitulating capitalist corporations. The other publisher hasn’t given a reason, but I’m sure it has something to do with mainstream acceptance, too.)

We are doing this because we love and care about humanity, and starving people into compliance with forced unemployment and deprivation of medical benefits is the only humane thing to do if we are going to save humanity from the new winter flu!

Said Mayor de Blasio of New York,

We’re finding the supplies are becoming a challenge because all over the country, testing is going up suddenly and we’re seeing a supply problem that needs to be addressed.

Imagine that! A supply shortage of urgently needed, more-important-than-anything-in-the-world-including-Christmas COVID tests happening under the president who just gave a pre-Christmas speech bragging about how he has alleviated the supply crisis in America — well, apparently, for everything except COVID supplies.

But vax or starve for Christmas! And warm up those ventilators because they’ve been shown to kill people by cramming the virus further down their throats and deeper into their lungs.

We’ll also be opening up new “pop-up clinics” to dole out the vaccines that we just told you are barely effective against Omicron, even though Omicron appears unlikely to hurt you … even without the vaccine.

The initial vaccination series only offers 33% protection against infection by omicron, according to the data.

Thank goodness Big Brother Biden is looking out for us.

A classic Christmas conclusion

All this because large corporations have filled the WHOs and CDCs and other government organizations with their own grinchy and grauci operatives to make sure to combat innocuous little elves like Omicron delivering his Christmas packages through the snow even as he’s attacked by the greatest inoculations on Earth all over the Earth. All, regardless of the social cost in order to put plummy profits in the pockets of rich shareholders who also pocket the politicians with some of their profits. For the Unvaxxed, however, there is only the ghost of Christmas presents.

So, Christmas has been largely cancelled this year by Western cultures that now thrive on canceling anything that evokes fear for them or negative feelings. The only snowflakes that are melting are the ones we raised ourselves.

Merry Christmas from me, but a very weary Christmas from Dr. Grauci and his grinchy, pinchy crew of medics:

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