The Zombie Apocalypse Now

Zombie economists create US 20116 recession

I’ve just written a Patron Post that lays out the enormous scope and serious ramifications of the corporate zombie bubble that will likely blow up as part of the bond bubble that is now ready to supernova, but here is a video by CNBC that does a good job of laying out the basic problem so that you’ll know it is not just me, prophet of doom and gloom, hyperventilating about it:

The video concludes, this is “something that everybody should be thinking about.” The problem is much bigger than this year-old video describes and is now teetering over the edge of the precipice. If you want to think more about how serious this problem is, I’ve laid that out in a Patron Post for those who help me help everyone here with their support as patrons at the $5 level or above. They are the reason most of my articles remain available to all. The article lays out how serious this problem may soon become as revealed in studies by the world’s largest central banks and other economists.

And thank you to those who even just kindly tip a dollar each month. Though they don’t get the Patron Posts, I appreciate that they are willing to, at least, say, “Thanks, keep it up.” So, just to express my appreciation back after all these years, I plan to open the availability of my next Patron Post for once even to the $1 supporters as a thank-you for the tips because the bursting of the bond bubble is really the biggest part of everything economic to come. (If you are currently a $1 patron, you should get an email from Patreon when that article goes out along with all other patrons.) That will be “The Everything Bubble Bust Pt. 3: The Big Bond Blowup,” which I plan to published tomorrow.

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